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Giveaways Use this category to post giveaways for things related to gaming. Personal giveaways are encouraged, 3rd party giveaways are acceptable as long as they aren’t sketchy.*

Rules [Other Deals] (2)
FREE GRID 2 for 24h (Steam) [Other Deals] (5)
Raffle 5: In the name of the mother... ( 2 3 ) [Giveaways] (56)
Tiny Build Bundle (Humble) [Other Deals] (13)
FREE The Sims 4 (Origin) [Other Deals] (15)
Guacamelee Super Turbo free on steam ends may 22 [Other Deals] (10)
[Update: Available Now] Free $10 to spend in Epic Games Store ( 2 3 ) [Other Deals] (59)
Ball Lab free on steam ends may 21 [Other Deals] (1)
Guacamelee! FREE on Humble (until May 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific time) [Giveaways] (12)
AppGameKit: Easy Game Development - Free Steam [Giveaways] (6)
New Free game from Epic Game Store 'Stories Untold' get it now until May 30th. [Other Deals] (8)
Epic Games Store has Unreal Tournament for free. Not sure for how long. [Other Deals] (5)
GUACAMELEE GRATIS GRATIS GRATIIIIS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ [Giveaways] (5)
[Update: Confirmed] Get Steep for FREE on US Ubisoft Store [Other Deals] (9)
Fanatical Flash Sale! It changes Every Day! [Other Deals] (8)
Autonomous by Annalee Newitz is Free [Giveaways] (4)
Faraway Bundle--Fanatical [Other Deals] (4)
A Stellar Weekend and Giveaway! [Ended] ( 2 ) [Other Deals] (27)
Got Another [Giveaways] (3)
@hivefleetbothan 's Newest Giveaway! (Soooo tired) ( 2 3 ) [Giveaways] (45)
Artifex Mundi Bundle at Indiegala! [Giveaways] (8)
[CLOSED] Puyo Puyo Champions Giveaway :) ( 2 ) [Giveaways] (28)
Divide By Sheep (Free on Steam!) [Giveaways] (18)
Age of Wonders III Free on Humble Bundle (48 hours or until out) [Giveaways] (12)
[Free] Divided by Sheep [Giveaways] (3)
[Free] Fearless Fantasy [Giveaways] (3)
Fearless Fantasy is Free on Steam for a limited time [Other Deals] (3)
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Free for LESS than a WEEK! [Giveaways] (5)
(OUT OF STOCK) [GAMIVO] Massive Clearance - Free random keys [Other Deals] (9)
Kathy Rain Free on Steam (Next 24 Hours) [Giveaways] (11)