Free-to-Play Games Thread



So I’ve decided to dedicate a thread for games which are always free of charge which some may find to be interesting or are as a good as a paid game.
I’ll post some of them below and you can share your findings below. Feel free to tell me if there’s any problem with this thread so I can edit it or ask the mods to close it.



Abandonware: - “No One Lives Forever”: the complete franchise.

Epic Free: MudRunner
Epic Free: Cave Story+

Ref Skye:


@carvalho20ptc I think it might be a good idea to rename the thread, just to avoid any confusion down the line. Maybe something like Free-to-Play Games Thread could work.

Here’s a few that I’ve personally played myself:

Mabinogi: Steam or Official Site

Dungeon Fighter: Steam or Official Site

Phantasy Star Online 2: Steam or Official Site (Windows 10 and Xbox One via Microsoft Store)
A custom launcher, PSO2 Tweaker, is available for PC.

MapleStory: Steam or Official Site

Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! - Steam or Nintendo Switch

Neverwinter: Steam or Official Site

Genshin Impact: (Available on PC, Mobile, and PS4; TBD: Nintendo Switch)
S4 League:


Thanks for your post, and I’ve edited the thread for the name you suggested. :+1:


Fuck genshin impact though. Filled to the brim with every type of cancer the asian mobile gaming market has ever invented. It’s apparent success has brought PC gaming that much closer to accepting this next level of straight up evil design principles.


Can you make a list to elaborate? I haven’t played many MMOs recently, so my cancer awareness is lacking right now. Or maybe I just need coffee.


I mean… It’s free…


i don’t know if you have heard of it but its a really fun tactical shooter developed by a small loving team


I’ve played some asian MMORPGs in the past and they’re mostly a pay-to-win and grinding madness, so I’ve learned to slide away from such games.
The last one I’ve played (LaTale) literally made me ill back in 2015, which to me is one of the worse years I’ve ever had in my life which would give 2020 a run for its money. I won’t go much into details but thanks to that game I’ve spent almost the entire year dealing with a rare disease. And you’ve thought that coronavirus was bad.
After this event I’ve literally stopped playing MMOs until Wildstar (which didn’t last too long since I’ve joined it when the devs were closing it for good) and then Warframe, which I’ll take a break from in December since I can’t stand DE’s BS and that game anymore.


Some Sonic games: - Open Sonic - Open Surge

And also GOG’s full list of freebies:


These three are fully free and have no things to purchase whatsoever (the third doesn’t load, no idea why, but it’s called Yume Nikki)

This has a DLC, but it’s Frog Fractions and you should play it


@anyamtikja @DecadentHamster

Thanks for your contributions. :+1:
I forgot to put CS in the main post (at least I’ve put the 2D one there), and this Frog Fractions game looks interesting.


Looks interesting


Thanks, @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Some few free games: - Nitronic Rush, a free racing game. - Typhoon 2001, a Tempest clone for PC. - FreeDoom, a free and open source DOOM inspired game split into two parts.

And thanks @Donluis524 for the post. :+1:


Ooh, I own Distance, the follow-up to that.


Yeah, this game is on my wishlist. I have yet to play the first properly, though.


Online Free Games:

More Abandonware a.k.a. old and forgotten games: - You Are Empty, a FPS horror game made in Russia.


More free games from Steam:


Some free open source games: - SuperTuxKart, a good Mario Kart clone. - World of Padman, a single and multiplayer game based on an indie comic book. - Warsow, a Quake 3 Arena clone with cel-shaded graphics like the Borderlands franchise.