Free-to-Play Games Thread



Woa. Chinese game mastering making money in free game. I’ll steer clear of these kinds of games…


Some goodness for free:


Please guys I nicely ask you to add some description of games too, not only links. Thanks :slight_smile:


Both Steam and Itch’s links already come with a description, and those who don’t I add a video and a short text what the game is about.
But I’ll try posting some videos along with those games next time.


A game that is simply free to play.
Made by a friend of a friend. Please try it out.


Thanks for the suggestion, @Fraggles. I’ve added it to my Steam Library.

More Abandonware with useful advice in the comments of these pages: - LEGO Island Rebuilder, an essential tool for the first LEGO Island game.

Edit: I forgot to add some videos. Here they are.


it’s a short experience so I won’t spoil it with details, but if you have 15 minutes or so check it out. It’s a bit creepy, but it’s not scary.


I have a steam category for Free to play games with 215 games in it. I like scrolling through stuff a bit too much. and to be honest, those are only the installed games, all the other ones are just wishlisted.

For the sake of not posting everything at once i will just link 2 games I played and enjoyed.
That way you guys can enjoy the search just as I did :smiley:

  1. Mini Dead: a small boss rush game with a mouse only gimmick

  2. Shrouded in Sanity Freebirth: action adventure inspired by dark souls combat, and the free version comes with the complete story

Edit: Help I don’t know how to make it pop out struggling

Per @delenn13… The numbers are interfering with the format, I think…


This came out today:


Thanks @KittiBear @Riouz @delenn13 for the suggestions. :+1:


Thank you @delenn13 for fixing the steam links! :+1:


It’s one of those “clicker games” but you learn about animals so pretty cool.


Thanks @delenn13 :postal_horn:

… “animals”? What are those? Is that were people don’t go shopping, anti-Malls? :turkey:
(just teasing) :sheep:


Once again thanks for the suggestion @delenn13. :+1:


This game was brought to my attention yesterday by MandaloreGaming.

Here’s his video :


This one just released last month:


Thanks @DontBeSilly @delenn13 for the suggestions.

More free stuff:


Thanks @delenn13 and @carvalho20ptc :postal_horn::sparkles::postal_horn:


A spinoff of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate


Since the next Epic Games free game will be Cave Story +, It’d be interesting to post the original version here. - The original game is here, which’s pretty much a classic among indie games. It’s a side scroller platform game with hints of Metroidvania.

Below it’s one of its enhanced versions:

Epic Free: MudRunner