Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



I know I want Shadow of War, Graveyard Keeper, 2PH, Dirt, Street Fighter, Bad North, Whispers, Mages and Grip. That makes 9. Why can’t I have them all? This really sux. I don’t want to pick 10. I am leaning towards Trailmakers…any suggestions? What are you getting??

We should probably make this a monthly thing.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Humble Choice September 2020

Nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Got Blasphemous,Phantom Doctrine and Tomb Raider from the last month though.


I personally skipped this month, tryna save some cash, got a rather big backlog and would only have wanted Shadow of War


i recommend shadow of war and bad north
fortunately i already have them and have no temptation to buy the montly :blush:


My recommendation would be to skip Shadow of War as it’s not the definitive version (which goes on sale regularly)…don’t know about you but my DLC OCD kicks in in these sorts of circumstances where I know I’ll be missing out on a load of content.


I’m rather conflicted about this bundle myself, on one hand there’s a good number of games here that I’ve actually wanted to try out for some time. Mages of Mystralia, two point hospital, Graveyard keeper, Grip; I really loved Rollcage back in the day. Then there’s Dirt rally 2, which is giving me this weird sense of obligation, like I really should want this game due to having put so much time and effort into the first one.

Dirt rally 1 and 2 are rather different games and while I’m sure I can enjoy the sequel just as much if I put the same effort into it I’m really quite done with racing games at the moment and probably wouldn’t want to get into this one for maybe several years. But this is very likely going to be the cheapest it’ll be until it’s given away for free for some reason.

$1.2 per game is a silly low price tag, but $12 is not an insignificant amount of money.


Already have Bad North on Epic so thats a skip. Also, I’m not a huge fan of fighting games, so I’m not sure whether to skip Street Fighter or Them Fightin Herds.


Did anyone here end up picking up and claiming Middle-earth shadow of war?
I’d like to know if you can buy the “definitive edition” package at a sufficiently reduced price if you already own the base game or if getting it from the bundle just screws you over if you want the complete package.


I picked Shadow of War naturally (Im a huge fan of Shadow of Mordor).
The cost of Definitive edition is still 12,49€, expansion Pass 19,99€ (so no discount at all). The game in Humble Choice has no DLCs. Im not thinking taking them, but if you are inrested in game with all DLCs Ive seen a better price at Fanatical few months ago.
DE 9,99€ Fanatical 16.10.2019
DE 9,99€ Fanatical 8.11.2019
DE 9,37€ Greenmangaming 23.12.2019

and now on Greenmangaming Definitive Edition is for 10,25€ (25.1.2020) Why not save some money if you can…


Do note that if you decide to pick up SF 5 here, you will be able to get the upcoming Champions Edition DLC for 5 dollars less, aka for 25 bucks.

Other than that, I personally picked Two Point, Dirt Rally 2.0, Them Fighting Herds, GRIP, Mages of Mystralia, Bad Jotun, Graveyard keeper, Whispers of a Machine, Trailmakers and Bad Jotun (already had Shadow of War with all the dlc and I had not many care for Unrailed which seems to be mostly online focused)


I’ve picked up everything EXCEPT: Shadow of War, Street fighter V and Unrailed.

I have one choice left to pick. @Gnuffi did you ever manage to get some clarity about whether or not one has to pick or can you leave it sitting for later?

Anyone want to tell me which one of the remaining 3 I should pick up?


I ended up with Shadow…cause Mordor.

And I have a hoarding gaming sickness…:scream:


I still have 4 choices I can pick for December. So I think the answer is you can leave it.

And I personally would get Unrailed. Because i don’t get along with fighters and Shadow of War I refuse to buy.


Isn’t there a risk that one day you try to get your key and then they say they ran out of keys (but surely they’ll let you know when they get one, which is apparently never)


Only happens with new devs or low sales, like the originals because they can’t get that many keys from Valve. Other than that I have never had a problem getting old game keys/links saved on my humble account.


No SFV. They still haven’t added Dudley. That is all.


It happened again - thought I had paused. >> Picking everything but Trailmakers which I got by trading with an Indiegala friend and Them Fighting Herds (as much as I love cows) .

@M00 :heart:


Btw, guys, if anyone wants to trade or anything, just PM me. Only Dirt 2 and Unrailed are gone so far. Cheers.


For me the question is which racing game do I drop. I already own Graveyard keeper so that leaves Dirt Rally 2.0, Trailermakers, and Grip. I did some checking and it looks like trailer makers is a weak lego game and so I’m leaning to skipping that. I do have some other dirt games so I’m leaning towards that. But if one of my friends will respond and let me know they want Graveyard Keeper I’ll do that instead.


I think Dirt Rally 2.0 is definitely a keeper.

GRIP feels really strange for me, though I only played a little bit… Haven’t played trailmakers myself.