Indie Gala FREE Downloads



Maybe we should start a thread with ALL the Indie Gala Free Downloadable Games here, instead of all over the forum because some stay free longer than others. It will make them easier to find if we keep them in ONE place.

Here are the basic sites for the freebies:



DRM-Free game on Indiegala
INDIEGALA: Glorkian Warrior - The trials of Glork
The Deed (Free on indigalla)
[IndieGala] (Game) Malevolence
Indiegala Free: Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade
Watch Dogs 2 FREE on Epic Games

It s free… i forgot to post about it


Good idea so many freebies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good game! Very fun and lovely art. A few of the achievements are ??? but it’s really fun if you’re into arcade-like shot-em-ups! :butterfly:


Hello Guys, another freebie has been posted


Last Horizon


Here’s the link for Rex: Another Island


Snowball has been released



Did a quick try out of Word Shot. Yup, gotta be fast. KO on round 8, lol. Good share @GeekInUndies.



Another freebie released, Defence.


Get Welcome To… Chichester OVN : The Beach for free




Get The deed


Currently only available for Linux



The new installments are coming out quickly, cool. Ty @GeekInUndies