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Explain Your Username!


Yes, that’s how you pronounce it :slight_smile:


var mere et ordspil på “old danish”, (eftersom “olddansk” rent faktisk er/var et sprog for sig), men du mente sikkert bare almindeligt “gammeldags” dansk/“plain old danish” (som i “nudansk”)
bare sådan lidt ord/sprog sjov :smile: (men hvis du mente olddansk er det sgu blæret) :wink:

en kende mere sydpå; :denmark: :+1: :blush:


Well it was just pitched to me by a friend when making an account for Runescape and I kept using it for other stuff.


Er desvære ikke kultureret nok på noget olddansk(vidste ikke engang det var klassificeret som et sprog :drooling_face:)

Fedt. :+1:


ThIs Is An EnGlIsH fOrUm I’m GoNnA cAlL tHe MoDeRaToRs :angry::angry::angry::angry:

I’m joking guys love you

and yes please.

@Rilover you too dear I couldn’t understand a :poop: of how that’s supposed to be pronounced at all. 8D


Du bad om en moderator, der bruger google til at oversætte dette til, hvad jeg vil antage er meget dårlig dansk?


:smile: :+1:
single comma out of place;
-Grammar police fines you 500€



It’s basically perfect. Good on you google. :grin:


Der er ål i mit rumskib, send hjælp! :tired_face:
Rediger: Situationen er eskaleret. Ålene har indtalt blæksprutte blæk og spyt det i mit øje.

What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?

Not me hahaha :smiling_imp:

I’ll solve your doubts in the morning, he has no problem at all, evaluate yourself (Everybody)


An eel? Of all the animals in the entire animal kingdom you could possibly have gotten on the ship. An ell. I guess, lifting the eel with your nearest hook-shaped long shafted object on and then throwing it out the airlock.
Report if that helped the current situation.

Ohh boy, should probably get some sleep now.
See ya.


I think my username is pretty standard… I like insects,

when I played 40k I had these as my army. image

So I am The Hive in general.
The full username:
When I was younger I had a single bane:

So I had my favorite thing and the one thing I hated most…Seemed a natural fit.


Glacia = Glacier
Veu = Voice
i’m used to try create my own unique nickname since i read fiction quite a lot, sometime i write a few story too
therefore this isn’t the most unique username i have come up with, i kinda follow the japanese style since they use metaphor a lot… and as asian i used to hear folklore or read one so yeah
as for reason i use this one on this forum, i used to go with AelitaStarlite from one games to another but for some reason ppl will always try too engange with me on conversation (total stranger) since i used aelita name, ppl always think it come from Code Lyoko, while i watched it when i was a child it wasn’t the backstory of the name thus the name change

so Glacier define the characteristic of the name, a.k.a isolated, always moving on it own circumstance, and it’s cold thus unapproachable
Voice is just voice, therefore even if it never speak, the inner voice will keep echoed for eternity
just an username i make on whim when i tried to represent my own story main chara
so yeah there you go



(fried eel with potatoes and parsley sauce) :yum: -seriously yum good nomnom eatings


So convoluted, I’m gonna hire you for when I make a story for my game.


my name is from a toon during my WoW days,
(as previously established lore tells us);

i had/have a tendency to make weird character names when i can, and back then it was allowed in WoW char creation to pop all thesen types “accent”/symbols in ´^¨~` etc.,
-so i’d make a “fantasy” sounding name, add a bunch of weird signs or symbols i could get away with :crazy_face:
and, no surprise, no one, could ever remotely pronounce it on voip :smile:
i remember this lovely Nelf i had; Ӣévãrëîorù, or something…:thinking:(feels like i’m missing a couple of symbols here and there):laughing:


Is it Time Gnomes?


too bad WoW wasn’t all that popular on my place back in the day, at least WC3 is thou (around 12-14 year ago when i was still 8 year old)
used to go by FortunezZxD which if i think now is quite silly, i want to create username based of Fortuna and i never realized xD= is an emote xDD since yeah in asian we use something like :slight_smile: etc
and fortunezz which i use since my dad used to drive Fortuner car which i think ryhme with fortuna lol
such a silly username i had back then


more like totally random lol, though i will suggest anyone else other than me
i quick to lose interest on my stories if i hit an end as quick as i spam f5 thinking that my pc will run faster :rofl:


I tried to make it into story arcs, and it was a shameless rip-off of Naruto :joy:

Like instead of a nine-tailed fox, Rykos had a phoenix inside him