Explain Your Username!

So I want to piggyback a bit off of the Explain your Icon thread.

I was sitting here during lunch and wondering what @EMCL’s username is from.
Yes, I could just ask directly in a DM or something, but where’s the fun in that!?

Then I figured, why not just get everyone’s backstory on their username. Tell us all about your username!

Where did you come up with it? Game related? IRL related? Did you maybe use a name generator, or maybe it’s related to your avatar? How do you pronounce it?

Don’t feel limited by just the above. Gimme those sweet backstory deets :smiley:

I’m also hoping the rest of the staff will chime in because I want to know where names like “DustyWusty” comes from :slight_smile:

My current one is pretty boring it’s just parts of by name smooshed together. The username I used to use everywhere was “XZero” because I was such a big Megaman X and Zero fan. (Surprising, right? :P) Eventually, I decided it was time to have a different username because hearing people say my username in Ventrilo started to eventually sound too weird for me so now I’m just plain, old, 4 letters “KSib”


RumbleFrog was derived from the time I’m playing Clash of Clans, I thought it’d be funny that someone named “RumbleFrog” 3 stars your base, and Fishy was derived from times from when I was a little kid and keep looking at the fish tank at my dad’s work; so now I have a mix of both.


When I was a kid, I used to draw these horrible ninja comics and try to sell them for cash.
The main character’s name was Rykos, and even though I gave up on the comic pretty quickly, the name stuck.


My username, nothing fancy, it’s just the acronyms of my real name and the “100” comes from the requirements of a username being at least 6 characters long in a lot of sites, sooo this is how DSF100 was born!


That’s adorable, do you remember any adventure in particular??


Well I had an old username that I had to ditch so I was trying to think of a name for a while. I liked Matt Gray’s username (unnamedculprit) so I knew I was looking for the adjective-noun . I was talking to a friend and he was ranting about someone else and used the phrase “he’s like some kind of childish giant”. So I took it.


I’m actually quite proud of my username :relieved:

It’s supossed to sound like my surname phonetically In English, but with the strong R of Spanish, It has flaws, I’m aware.

Everybody calls me Rilova IRL so… Yeah and nobody gets It and It doesn’t work but It goes way back and I though It was suuuper clever.

People just pronounce It as It’s read in Spanish and I’ve accepted that.

I also use BigRilo/BigRi bc I’m not big at all and I like the sound of It from BigSmoke on GTA San Andreas, never finished that game btw :joy: :joy:


Well, my name is Dan. Some people call me Dan-o. An ex-girlfriend once called me her little Danosaur, which sounded like it would make a cute username for various places. Sometimes Danosaur is not available, so I add Jr (Junior) on the end - which is kind of a spoof on a 90s alt rock band Dinosaur Jr. (which I am not necessarily a fan of, btw). Not that complicated really :smile:


Rye-lover? Ree-lover? Rye-luva? Ree-luva?


anyamtikja was my first e-mail and it became my steam name so i kind of identify as anyamtikja on the internet
anyám tyúkja means ‘my mother’s hen’, there is a hungarian poem whit this title [PETÕFI SÁNDOR] ANYÁM TYÚKJA



Ree-lober hahaha strong R and like Lover as in google translator but with a B sound :joy: :joy:

It so doesn’t work without an explanation :sweat_smile:


All my names have a lot of history with Shalandir being one of the oldest. A couple decades ago, in my early RPG-era (because what better delineation do you have for your lifetime, hmmmm?), I was requesting the option to stay after school to play D&D with friends, a friend of mine bought Daggerfall (Elder Scrolls 2 for the young and uninitiated), and I was beginning to create elaborate stories for fictional characters to fit those games. I gravitated towards casters (mages, wizards, sorcerers, etc.) for two major reasons: because as a kid I’d loved Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series with Gandalf and the deeper lore behind the Maiar (the Silmarillion is dry, but detailed), plus I didn’t feel like I knew what was going on and wanted to stay in the backline protected by the meatshields that had played before. Rearranging [Gandalf]'s letters gave some weird names that I wasn’t fond of, so I started rearranging with [Maiar] letters included.

Ultimately, the permutation that everyone liked and stuck was Shalandir, but not before creating my Shakespeare-influenced Dunsinaine that became my meatshield (warriors, bodyguards, berserkers, i.e. big dumb brutes) for those types of games. If you’re curious, it’s lifted whole-cloth from Macbeth with an extra ‘i’ just to avoid anyone online that had the same idea. I still use both quite liberally, along with a cadre of ~30-40 other specialized names but typically for single-player games or account names I’ve fallen into the habit of using Shalandir (it’s never taken, yay), while multiplayer games that require me to voice chat with others I tend to use Rhovina (male elf archer/ranger backstory).

TL;DR - Massive LOTR fan, as a kid experimented with variations of Gandalf the Maiar, also wrote small-medium backstories at home for every character type because that’s the only D&D-related thing I was allowed to sneak past my parents in a very conservative childhood upbringing. Eventually all of those characters were codified into my own collection of about three dozen archetypes that I reuse.


I was playing one of my favorite games, and an NPC in a random encounter had this name, so I just stick to it, try figure where it came from.

By the way, I thought it would be a good username because it sounded cool but still weird enough that nobody would use it, I was wrong, so sometimes, like on Twitter, I’m actually Inferryu.


Brilliant! haha lovely username. Sounds very magical indeed for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on. (:

Which one? If I may ask.

About mine:

I like this dude


he write stuff some times


and one day I was in my early teens, also known as the worst possible age to be alive, and there was a pencil case on my arts class laying down on the table like

and I went like




Lonin is the randomly generated name of my first EverQuest character (a half-elf warrior) from 1999.


My name is merely a slight modification of my real name… I am just not original enough for you guys…



Also, that’s a nice user-name you have.
Also, that first gif is messing with me.




Nope, I’ve never played WoW.

Here’s a hint, the story takes place amidst the conflict between Scar and Mufasa.


Slight detour of this topic, but are you actually able to change your username?

HouGuard, just change the ‘u’ in guard into an ‘a’ and you have my IRL middle name. 15 yr old me thought it sounded rad. :confounded: