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Explain Your Username!


Your middle name sounds like a wizardry school?.. cool!


My user name is from the 1995 sci-fi series…Babylon 5. The Minbari kick ass!:milky_way:

And 13 is my fav number.


Weird, in our native tongue it sounds like ‘‘opps’’ farm. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wha… what do you speak again?


Mine doesnt need an explanation look:

Name the Game

Delenn is a tough cookie!


dino butt :yum: :smile:
-can’t tell if dat yoshi is flirtin with us, or just tryin to dino twerk :thinking: :blush: :joy:


Yoshi is trying to be supercute :smiley:



Just plain old danish friendo.


awww thank you :sparkles:


^ this username: you’d never guess, oh actually, the numbers are interesting, they come from my legendary xbox 360 profile fatmanrunnin696, which I eventually wanted to put at the end of my email with my name, but 696 was taken, so I did 361. I N T E R E S T I N G.

my username everywhere else: (Kyleken) is, you’ll never guess, a pun on my name and ken, because I like dragon ball and when you say kyleken really fast it sounds like kaioken. which yes I know means that name is “Kyle fist”

and my username on discord: (scourge of humanity) is just a simple self description :wink:


would like to hear that “olddansk:wink: -rimelig blær hvis det er “det” :smile: :+1:


fanmanrunnin I lol’d


Mine is a naming convention I came up with when I join a new forum or community wherein I use the initials of my “Main” internet persona, which by the way is Cahos Rahne Veloza, plus the year I joined said community. So in the case of, I joined in 2017 so I chose CRV2017 :grin:


No I won’t explain it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Actually there’s no logical sense behind, that’s just something that crossed my mind a while ago and seems cool to me and it’s been my pseudo since for every thing ( if some trash fucker hasn’t stole it first).


Yeah, you are actually from around here in Scandinavia, forgot that. Norway?

What do you mean ‘hear’? Should i record something like @coralinecastell did that one time?


Ah… that explains a lot.
well, just this at least


@CRV2017 is that pronounced like Chaos?


Just parts of my name mashed together in a way that makes it confusing for most to pronounce