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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



Yeah honestly it looks like there is absolutely nothing else to do for the rest of the event unless stuff didn’t reset correctly. Not sure who came up with this idea but so far seems pretty terrible :frowning:


This is the first time in a while I can’t enjoy the Steam sale event. There are way too many rules and tasks to grasp at once, and there are no rewards to actually encourage me to do so. The whole thing constantly stops working, and even when it does, it fails to entertain because it won’t even reward me for the in-game stuff it specifically tells me to do. Also, there are those weird mainstream game recommendations that have little to do with the stuff I actually like to play. Though I dunno, maybe if I was a 12-years-old, this weird marketing would work on me (still not sure as I got preferred and disliked genres even back then).

I also guess it was inevitable that they would put an end to an opportunity to sell event backgrounds and emoticons \ turn them into crystals as there were many people who somehow managed to leech off the system. Still, it felt like a nice gesture, and also like a bonus gift for consumer loyalty.

I was the person who enjoyed Steam Spring Cleaning, Steam Awards and other events people massively disliked. And I’m happy to see that many people finally have fun with this event (for example, two of my close friends returned to Steam just to help PIGS win) but guess this time it’s just completely not my cup of tea.

Whatever, got Rime just like I wanted, and also Regions of Ruin because dwarves. Would’ve probably bought something else too, but Steam still doesn’t load all the pages for me. Maybe they didn’t know they were so popular :thinking:


i think that’s the case, because even if they permanently took our previous boost, it clearly says you should get at least 100 capacity each day… so something definitely didn’t reset right


I just want to say they made this event more complicated then it needed to be. i don’t fully understand how it all works even reading what info that they have given us, Like i used all my boost yesterday. then from spending money your boost capacity goes up & you also can get 100 capacity everyday but mine still says 0 capacity it could be there end since it does look like they are fixing stuff tho since when i check the Grand Prix page its bugging out but idk they should of made a video explaining all of it or something.


So it looks like not being in Team Corgi will net you the best chance of getting a free game. 300 people per day for First (corgi), 200 per day for second, 100 per day for third.


can confirm, 30min/"0.5"hours recenrtly seems to be the sweet-spot where it gets updated to tier 3,
just had another get added now
-not that it seems to matter much atm with the borked resetting of the boost :unamused:

simple explanation: it doesn’t :wink:
wonky, synonym: image :sweat_smile:


The other thing I don’t fully understand is how boost meter and tokens add up. Between the lunar sale and this summer sale I spent $126.40 but only have 3000 tokens. How did people get their badge level so high?


it didn’t calculate recent spend right, nor did it then add the ammount listed/calculated for all people to start with for one
seems might have taken “old” data straight from lunar sale instead, at least some people say they haven’t spent a dime for ages, and still got points, and people that said they did spend, didn’t get anything

other than that it’s a 1:1 conversion of boost point to tokens, and 100xp badge cost 100tokens, with no diminishing returns, so you had 15000 tokens, you could upgrade badge to 15000 worth of xp, which depending on your current lvl then would add a ton, at lvl 90 you need 1000xp per lvl, with ±100xp per lvl on each 10th lvl change above/below, so it quickly adds up

but it might have been an exploit too, an oversight, or bugs/wrong spend calculation, if not just whales getting tons recent/curent spend :man_shrugging:


oh ok thanks for the info, very bazaar event. Most of what I spent was in the lunar sale, you know tax season lol, so wasn’t sure exactly how it was calculated. Oh well I will just get what i can and try to forget this event :slight_smile:


ye I spent nothing afaik and I got like 150 tokens and zero capacity every day lol

I mean, given these programming skills by Valve, I’m not sure anybody would want whatever HL3 would look like then lmao


Its working now i think, i just received my free 100 capacity for today.


yup 100 here too, such a sad event lol


Thought the game was kinda cool at first, bit I still have no idea how it works and the grand prix quests don’t seem to be working. Also it seems like picking literally any team other than corgi is just shooting yourself in the foot. Also pretty neat that all that capacity I got from picking up a couple games yesterday just reset and now I’m back to 100 today :roll_eyes:.

Best course of action at this point is just claim my free daily boost and pray to Gaben that I get lucky enough to win a free game when team birb places (which is probably incredibly unlikely) and claim the gold I earn to get the $5 discount.


Oh no! I already picked tortoise. Is Corgi going to be the winner constantly? Is the community going to join a certain team? Can I change it to Corgi tomorrow?

And I see the list of participating games but can’t seem to play them. I’ll go through games I’ve played then. But I really wanted to try Wargroove.


corgi is likely to win races due to most players -unless steam changes something (which is unlikely)
but you should have a higher chance of reward on one of the other teams that places 2nd or 3rd due to lower pool to draw from
can’t switch teams, sry.
So far the chrono community is a bit here and there,
i picked pig because, and coraline picked turtle because, some thought the parrot looked cool, etc etc etc. aaand a bunch are ofc just onboard the doge meme train :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ahaha lol i completely forgot to even arrange my wishlist with some semblance of victory in mind :sweat_smile:, completely rectified that now -on the far faaaaar off chance of winning :grin:


If you pick up Xbox PC game pass that is one of the many awesome games on there right now

I picked cockatiel .because deleen13 and another friend where on it, no one else had picked a team yet at that point in time. Yeah one of the first things I did was rearrange my wishlist, probably won’t buy Cyberpunk unless/until it has co-op but I’ll sure take it for free lol


Still have 0 games with achievements available…oh well…


still 0 hours recently tho
maybe… :thinking: try going “online” a moment, no clue if they for some weird reason have connected some calls/online status with the changes in the chat status function, and needs it to “update”, kinda doubt it, but just on an off shoot, since i do ping forth and back by being “online”
-or your idler isn’t actually running them proper to get the continued duration


If that’s true then that means the 2nd and 3rd place are more likely to get you a game since Corgi is so crazy huge.
Not that it helps me.


thats really strange, think yours is broken :frowning: Although I have some available, there is absolutely nothing to do with them unless I spend much more. Really do not get why they would make an event that doesn’t keep people on the platform, previous events people would stay on there for quite some time everyday making sure to do their tasks, discovery queue etc… which can lead to more sales since you are constantly bombarded by games on sale, with this event you click 1 button and go on with your day off their platform.