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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



Hey, just so you know.

Be sure to share any good deals you find as well.

Edit: Yeah it’s over now.

Hopes and dreams for the steam summer sale

I’m getting a


well it came up for a bit for me, give it time


Judging from the previous years that’s the way it usually goes at the start


Now we wait until the store starts working again.


I was able to view about 1/3 of my wishlist and that’s it


writhes in excitement ready to buy more games I have no time to play


I was getting error 502 before, now it’s just error 500… Happens every single sale… lol


Yup, my Wishlist screen is just circling. shrugs Just wondering what they’ll get up to, but so far - server overload.


Hey, I got the main page to load… of course not my WL:


been checking out the new game
… meh :confused:, i’m not fancying the stress of getting “forced” to play XYZ game each day :man_shrugging:


This sucks… pardon me for not having a better euphemism, at least I emotionally toned it down…


I hate this part as well…

Well at least i could join Pig team which is nice.


just looking at some of the tasks seems “insane”… if not at least somewhat potential time consuming/rng dependent, for some mp stuff i guess…
and ofc there is the "participating games"section, which i don’t know if is identical for all, or unique to each person, but for me, juuust happens to be i own 0 of the 14 games available, -which could ofc just be fairly decent batch of poor luck, or more deliberate in terms of "entice to buy"strategy; curious which 14 games you guys see in that category
either way think i’ll “play” this like i did the last time, sign up, and just get my minimum entry, and let all the other excited steam customer have fun with this boosting :blush:


Same, I own 0/12 “participating games.”

Sounds like a plan… :smiley:

I tried to join Team pig, but am getting an error.


agreed, didn’t do a single thing last sale cause I won’t let Steam dictate wtf I’m supposed to play, that’s just work which is not what I’m looking for when I start up Steam.

Games I “have to play”:

Team Fortress 2
Path of Exile
World of Warships
Stardew Valley
Two Point Hospital
Deep Rock
Pit People
Total War Warhammer
Fear the Wolves
Football Manager 2019
Mud Runner
Divinity Original Sin
Kingdom Come
Space Hulk

Nice, I own like 3 of those and I play at best 1 of them. Thanks Steam.


Team hare let’s go! (just me on my friends list… lol)


"All redeemable rewards on this page are locked to your account and cannot be traded or sold "

I am rather disappointed at the current event. We will see what the actual sales bring when I look at them this evening. If it is the expected trend, it’s going to be rather lackluster.


… and all the rewards are total trash… :triumph:
just 1 pig?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dizzy_face:


I think the best one is the $5 off. Which looks oddly familiar in terms of “price”. And I expect it to be oddly similar in the process of being able to obtain it.