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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



How do you even go about redeeming anything? I didn’t look carefully enough, I was too put off by the site that I closed it…


not exactly sure what you mean with that
5bucks seems like nice discount indeed, but appears an expensive purchase
15000 tokens… not sure if 1point = 1token (going by lunar sale similar conversion) if not less, then 1€=121pts/tokens, 15000/121 = 123€ for 5€ discount -which is the same spend amount you also needed during lunar sale to get the discount so not even a bonus 5%…
the point to token conversion seem like it need to be pretty high to make that discount worth to aim for, -unless automatically just getting it from previous or default spending regardless



I will just go ahead and redeem the Grand Prix badge, it’s 100 tokens per level… pretty good deal for me I think.


That was the reference.


@Gnuffi, I redeemed my tokens for 50 levels of the badge, boosted my Steam level from 66 to 73… Now I can rest easy… haha… No idea why I had those tokens, but I am happy to use them…


hehe yea i got that from the similar part, but wasn’t so sure what you meant with “best” :wink:
(since imo 4% expensive bought discount seems sorta less worth it than profile xp or or stupid emotes :smile:)


A combination of left over lunar coins, and initial starting amount based on purchase history.

In terms of quality, regardless of value. Value wise depends on how many tokens you can get for what price.


couldn’t buy anything, says i got 4500 from “previous spend”, but got 0 tokens in my balance :confused: :man_shrugging:


Did you boost your team? That is how you get the coins for the Pit stop shop.


nah haven’t boosted anything yet, because i haven’t played any of the games/0boost points to use, but it says on the pitstop page i should have 4500tokens “naow” because “prior purchase”
(assume that’s also how maoski got his to purchase the badge and that he didn’t just get 136 achievements for points to boost in an instant -might be wrong tho)

edit, and reading on the steam forum, seems i’m far from the only one with this issue
and seems boost meter increase also doesn’t match supposed tokens already gained lol, so lots of stuff being messed up, overlapping/left overs from lunar code lol


I keep getting black screens just trying to load up the store. Refreshing works but not for long.

At least I got to join Team Cockatiel :eagle:


The Event seems too convoluted for me and I’m sleepy. >.< A lot of my Wishlist is actually on sale, but nothing I’m in a terrible hurry to get at current prices. There are a few at around 0.50c etc that I may get, if at all, but yup, not excited about this sale. It’s all good… lots more I’m feeling hyped about today.

On an up note, Bloodstained has gotten a bit more of a discount at Fanatical, for anyone who had it in mind.


I used up all of my boosts for my team, that’s how i got the tokens on the pitstop page.



yea, it seems steam messed up, so prior spend didn’t actually give tokens as initially listed, but boost meter capacity (they changed the writing now)
so you likely started off with bunch of boost meter capacity, and then free boost points from your recently played games (guessing you didn’t actually do tier 1 or 2 quests that fast :wink:), earning you the points “instantly” that way all the same
unfortunately, because of my idling lately, all my recently played games are non of my actually completed games :confounded:, so no free/already cleared achievements for points in my tier 3 category :disappointed:, meaning i actually have to play to enter lol :unamused:


I was able to complete the Spring Cleaning Sale requirements without installing the free play games by using Idle Master Extended. Once you login to your Steam account through its GUI interface it will save your credentials locally. Then running steam-idler.exe -appid from the command line will tell Steam you’re playing the game until you close out the prompt. :sunglasses:


yea i used !play commands during that event too, who can bother to download/install such mass lol :sweat_smile:
but this is different, this is actually activity based, like some of their earlier sales’ games, so can’t just bypass that as easily for free points it seems
well suppose could for tier 3,
but both t1 and t2 seem specific activity/trigger based, not exactly what calls or where one would “fake” them to get credit correctly (and not like i would advocate trying/doing it, i’d expect steam to have taken it into account/monitor such misdeeds or something) so seems this time actually have to do something to participate/get some points in for a badge/emote
-really kinda disappointed i hadn’t fired up an actual session recently, think Grim Dawn would have netted me a decent chunk at least… :confused:

edit lol, tier3 was just real slow to update for me, super easy to get free points by just loading some old/already achievement cleared games and just wait for tier 3 to update then claim a bunch :smile:



Only 2,036 coins more and I could’ve gotten that FREE $5 Discount! :frowning:


I have 100 games on my wishlist, so I decided to do an aggregate value. 1 point for same as my lowest recorded price and games with no price. 2 points for a new low in my records. and 0 points for not on sale or higher than low price.

The final score is 75/100.


I know one thing im getting,