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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



Ugh, why do you have to do this to me Steam? WHY?! :sweat_smile:


Team borb!


Have a look at this lovely gem. Have a game that you have a lot of achievements on (I had 359 on one), you get screwed royally.


I do not really get this sale event at all. I’ve joined Piglings racing team, used all my nitro on my pig car , pigs are still losing and that makes me very sad because pigs are really cool. Bought one DLC for Dead By Daylight and i think i’m done with this whole event. I got bunch of games i ‘have to play’ but i do not own any of them + most of them looks boring so yeah.


There’s nothing to get here.
It’s just a boring game with couple of extra spending incentives.

  • Spend money to get more BOOST CAPACITY! (the fact that gained boost capacity is not there forever but will be depleted as you use your boosts is not mentioned)
  • Buy THESE PARTICIPATING GAMES!! (we specifically selected ones you do not own)
  • Help your team by spending money! Your get a chance to get stuff from your wishlist! (too bad it’s only a few from probably millions participating)

Overall I did not have high expectations for this sale but this monegrabbing atmosphere’s really getting on my nerves


You have the same discount thing you had back on the chinese new years event but now its behind a coinwall, literally a downgrade event ._.


yea that one was pretty sneaky :sweat_smile:
“make people buy boost capacity, every day” :money_mouth_face:
(not that it’s likely to matter with everyone/“zillions” picking team corgi they can probably coast on the free 100capacity each day after)


I don’t think it helps that there’s a whole bunch of text and images, and a marquee scroll of eligible games, making the whole thing seem a lot more complicated than it actually is. This is the first Steam event I’m hard passing on…just going to ignore the whole thing.


For noobie bargain hunters (and pros in this quest) I’d strongly recommend using . Their list of deals with “deal-ratings” is ideal for those who just wanna browse the deals in hopes of finding the hidden gem ( for that types of bargain hunters I’ll leave this article )


if you/“someone” are interested slightly in their steam profile lvl/showcases etc all that fluff/nonsense: it’s not a bad way to level it up, (if planned buying games anyway), since you get 100xp per 1$ spent in the store via the race/pit stop token badge
-unless steam nerfs it; since there has been a bunch of complaints on the forum about this event “invalidating” previous lvling “efforts”/badge spending, by affording so many and easy levels to people now :sweat_smile:. (kinda doubt Valve is gonna backtrack the reward xp or lvl’s gained lol)


Yup, broke as anything atm with an eye on budgeting on everything. If the event requires me to play those free to play games that I can’t be bothered with AND/OR requires me to spend money I don’t have…well, hard pass on those neat badges it is…

As much as I hate losing out on easy XP…lose out I must.


you don’t have to play the f2p games tho, and tho it’s kinda “pennies” with the 100 free daily boost capacity, it’s still "something, if desired
all you do is idle a game you’ve previously gotten achievements in, wait for tier 3/“recently played” to update on the grand prix page (seems was a bit slow for me), and then you just claim the points and spend

-if not just actually playing a game, since it seems achievements give a ton of points,
i tested with a game i had already installed and seemed i got 500something points from just 1 achievement in A Hat in Time, "Unlimited Possibilities": Play a mod from the Steam Workshop! -tho that might have been a bug given how the entire system was wonky.
But i could claim 6000+ total points by the tier 3 “click” from that 1 game, which seems probably somewhat in the ball back with 14 total achievements

so you just have to idle 1 game per day (with achievements), claim the points when boost capacity reset each day, and get your 100tokens and grab a badge, -or the pig emote, go team bacon! :crazy_face:


Play Any Game With Steam Achievements (0 Available)
So I assume that If I run AdCap for a bit it’ll show up and let me get some points?

Otherwise how do I get the achievement idling games to pop up?


I knew the numbers I crunched yesterday were way too high.

Guess I’ll be waiting to purchase until the end. (for other reasons)


it’s just recently played games, so any game you play “now” will then after a little bit get updated to the tier 3 row for you to select
^unless they somehow changed it in the last couple of hours, tho mine still seem to pop with spoiler alert most recently
so just pick a game from your list you have achievements in, dishonored or something, idle it to get updated with fresh play time, wait for grand prix page to update, should appear in tier 3 after little while, think mine took like 30mins+ of “running”, and then some time to wait for it to update/apply, then claim points
(even tho i actually played A Hat in Time, that for some reason took longer to update on grand prix page, despite running GD longer, might vary, or depend on how busy their server were)

points don’t seem to carry over tho, so likely have to be 1 game/achievement per day/reset, or just 14 games “naow” and then click 1 game each day ofc (provided valve don’t reset the list each day like spring clean)


Thanks…lemme see if the unholy trio of AdCap, Skyrim and Dishonored can help me out.


Shows 66k just from Warframe. Anyhow got 400+ tokens. Lvl 4 badge


i see @KittiBear just took the lead on my friendlist with a lvl 150 badge :dizzy_face:, and in the same time grabbing like 20 steam lvls and also now making her higher profile lvl than me, and the highest lvl person on my friendlist swooping in from behind of many others :rofl:

dang so fast :clap:, what a rocket boost :sweat_smile:


Insanity LVL %^~|[] <>{} Error


After cleaning up my wishlist I feel like a mentally healthy person. I put every game I wanted for real into my basket and I’m at just under 60€, that’s less than a single new console game. :blush: