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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



Nope…2 hours later still no games eligible in the games with achievements category…


Should reset in 61 minutes, fam. :blush:



i’m gonna test with a couple of games now to check, both if it works still (for me), and if it resets


I just idled a few games and after 30 minutes they were immediately placed into the tier 3 section with points to claim. But yeah still curious as to exactly what will happen with everything once day 2 starts.




tums up


uhm… did anybody else notice that there are a bunch of people with steam level 28000+?
I’m wondering what’s up with that but I assume it has something to do with the summer sale game, exploit or something.
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This is why levels mean nothing anymore…It’s ridiculous!!!


i saw couple of post with people that said the didn’t spend a dime but got tokens enough to get several additional lvls anyway
and that’s ofc not also taking into account “whales” that just got a retroactive 1$:100xp ratio too
^and that’s before even adding in any potential exploit or just regular Valve borkedness
but yea, Steam clearly messed something up/didn’t think ahead as per usual, -hence people complaining of wasted previous efforts or the “meaning” of lvls being invalidated by this event

steam leaderboards still says St4ack is on top with 4575 tho, so those +20k profiles might not be real/“cemented” levels, yet



0 pts… even though they claim I started with 4k… well fuck this event, then. :upside_down_face:

Anyone else having this problem?


A slightly different problem:



and now the event is down lol


I don’t have the exact problem, but I can’t access this mini game at all.


grand prix not loading for me atm, assuming flooded or valve took it down temporarily to fix some issues (didn’t reset, or just the exploit levels)
either way, probably don’t expect to get the same amount you had yesterday, but maybe just the free 100



if that is true, that would be horrible. The amount of money you would have to spend to get anything would be ridiculous. Pay 2 play :frowning:


which seems like on par for valve with these types of games, i also saw that mentioned before i even thought of it too
-“forcing” people to buy to get stuff they "want"
imagine if you had just spent 40$/gotten 4k meter from previous spent, that’s 4k tokens every day, imagine the amount of badges you could get, and easily clear out every item in the “shop”. Does that “generosity” really sound like the usual?
remember the gem auction, the ridiculous price for that background that only lasted a week or something?(and then later they got a badge tho lol)

i could see valve resetting it to the initial gained/last high constant so you’d always have “lots”, because yay…
but the cynic in me can 310% see the points made about Valve deliberately making this a p2w/pay to play event… i’ll cross fingers it’s not that, but the gnome in me really don’t dare hope for it… :confused:


I just wanted a discount thingy to buy ISLANDERS :cry:



edit: page loads now, and I still got 0 points. :broken_heart:


Yeah that is probably how it will work, but with my math you have to spend over $100 to get that $5 off coupon, no thank you lol.


yea that was always the case, 124€ for 5€ discount… same thing with lunar sale
the only place(s) were that was any good was if you already had bunch of tokens from previous spend, or happen to spend a ton during sales anyway…
but yea, it amounts to like a 4% discount, which is about as shit as it gets, since even 3rd party stores has regular if not even fixed “coupons” for more than a measly 4%
-hence my massive disappointment with Valve not even attempting the bare minimal to try and compete with Epic even remotely. Hell even humble has a constant 10% discount for only 12$ monthly lol :wink: :man_facepalming: