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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



Crud, the damn thing only lets you redeem 100 points per day for free now. So how am I going to get the 2k I still need to reach 15k coins wothout spending real money :frowning:

Yeah this event really sucks. Bring back Trading Cards God damn it :frowning:

Or at least you could’ve reused past events like those neat mouse destroyer clicker mini games :frowning:


Dudes, the more you talk about the event here, the more I’m happy to ignore it. I hit the landing page, read stuff then scrolled down, there was even MORE stuff to read. Exit stage right.


I am just “Dazed and Confused” :crazy_face:


I did some maths.
Using the current numbers of Nitro plus attacks (total Nitro gained) and an assumed 100 million active users (a bit more than last reported active monthly users)

Hare has 12.2% users
Turtle has 21.5%
Bird has 21.3%
Pig has 8.5%
Corgi has 36.5%

Assuming day one results are consistent
A Corgi has a 0.00082% Chance of a free game per day
A turtle has a 0.00093% Chance
A bird has a 0.00047% chance


Even if I do get 100 points per day up 'til the end of the Summer Sale on July 9, I’ll still be 800 points short of 15k, so yeah total waste of time and effort.

If you’re gonna suggest just use my coins up now and level up the badge to get my Steam Level up, then don’t bother as I’d stopped caring for my Steam Rank when I hit level 30.

Also this event is tempting me to fire up SAMPicker so I can just lock and unlock several Steam Achievements for the Tier 3 Category. But SAMPicker is just plain ol’ evil which is why I wanna avoud firing it up.


Higher steam rank means higher chance of booster packs. I forgot the stepping.


pff, get the sweet sweet :pig: emotes fam :blush:
i got myself a mushroom today… pig, mushroom, aeh? aeh AEH!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: -yea, truffle pig might be a future HL3 thing :thinking:


Yeah I know about higher booster pack chances, except I no longer care seeing as, A. You don’t earn much on Boosters or cards anyway, and B. Booster Pack chances can get wasted by games whose cards are no longer available for sale on the Market. Valve/Steam SHOULD disable card generation for removed games like this as randomly getting useless boosters renders Booster chances pointless.


I’ve just read through all this, and the steam page (I’m team corgi, joined before it was the behemoth it is now, yay us) and I still have no idea what’s going on or what I’m supposed to do. Supposedly I have like 4 games of the eligible ones? I’m really lost here with what I’m supposed to do.


you need capacity to hold boost points, and you need boost points to spend
you get 100 free boost capacity per day, some on day 1 from previous purchases, and you get 121 boost Capacity for each 1€ spent in the store
you then need to gather points to fill your capacity, easiest way is to run/idle a game which already has achievements done, since you get points from achievements or doing tasks in tier 1/tier 2 row games
then when you’ve claimed your points, you use the “boost” button, which adds a bit of “nitro” to your race team(nitro increase "speed"bonus of your team)
and you get some “attacks” once in a while, you can use on other teams to slow them down a bit
but, most importantly, after you used boost points, the points then get converted to tokens, that you can use in the Pit Stop, to buy fluff, background/emotes, a (very) costly discount, or badge for more profile lvl
however, boost is permanently consumed, so whatever capacity+points you’ve used is gone, and have to get more if you want more “fluff” -and you (so far) only get the 100 free each day (which is the equivalent of 1x 100xp badge, or a single emoji each day :man_shrugging:), anything beyond that and you need to bring out your wallet for father GabeN to get the rest of the fluff stuff


Thanks, that makes more sense. And what’s this about giveaways and free games from Steam I keep seeing?

Edit: I figured it out.


I haven’t though. What’s up?


So top three teams at the end of each day, some lucky people on each team are given the number one item on their wishlist. And I think at the end there will be people from the winning team who get the top 3 items on their wishlist. I’m pretty sure it’s all randomly chosen


Correct. And the chances of “winning” are abysmally small. Not quite lottery small, but small nevertheless.


Guys do you use any tools to semi idle elligible games, or do you just launch ones and leave 'em running in the background? I have a lot of games whose chievos I’ve previously unlocked but no longer have access to unless I reinstall them.


yeah I just use Idle master on PC but you can also use Idle Daddy if you would rather use a phone/tablet app.


Idle Master only works on games that has card drops and not on games without. I do know SAM Picker can be used like Idle Master somewhat, but it could be a bit risky. How long must you stay logged in on an elligible game anyway for it to register?


You idle the game for 30 minutes for it to count. Here I did a little guide on how to idle any game with Idle Master

Blah that isn’t showing up correctly but if you just click on that link it goes to the actual guide :slight_smile:


A bit overly complicated but I got the gist of it. So I guess I’ll just use SAMPIcker then. The way it’ll work is you fire up SAMPicker, select a game you want to idle and it’ll open another window with the selected game on there. Now seeing as we’re NOT going to use SAMPicker to fiddle with achievements, as I said using this tool in this way “might” be a bit risky, WE DO NOT SELECT ANY OPTION\S ON THE NEWLY OPENED WINDOW. We just leave that opened window for thirty minutes and we’re done! As such we can have a few games opened\idled at the same time this way similar to how Tencore suggested doing it with IdleMaster but without the need to copy\paste and fiddle with appids and such.

However, idling multiple games this way is utterly useless seeing as we only get 100 capacity points for free per day unless we fork out the moolah to get more, so yeah kinda pointless IMHO :frowning:


you can idle up to 32games in the steam api at one time i believe
set it to idle 12 or something(how many days left??) that you have achievements for, then in 30mins, you are set for the rest of the event, 0 hassle :man_shrugging: