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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



I idled a game today for a few hours. I’ve got 1132 points out of it, but it looks like I can now only spend 100 of those points a day so that ought to last me the sale through.

Oh and I just got 9k points from dead cells apparently.

Or not… apparently they let me now claim more points than last I checked, but claiming points from the 9k I got from dead cells removed them all and only gave me 2k to use to boost.

I don’t know how this ‘game’ works, it seems to do something different every time I load the damn page.


@all, steam added bonus points to all/“most” sorta as apology for the cockups etc, so you should see some more points available for you to claim, then spend now
and the speedometer has been changed a bit now, you can now always see what you have claimed, out of your total max

basically as long as the left and right side values of the / “match up”, then you have used all you can for the day. If not you got some more to claim then spend

that was always the case, it “consumes” all points for a given game you claim, while only applying the amount you can actually fill/have available
as long as you have/had enough games availble for 1 game per day to match you’ll be set for the event daily check-ins (provided each game ofc has enough achievements done to match your points needed)



yea they made a neat little blogpost

-still didn’t see the revised/“better explained drivers manual” tho :sweat_smile:


At this point I’m confident it’s confusing on purpose.

Cheers! Saw it a couple of hours ago and was happier than I like to admit. TURTLE EMOJI IS GO!!! :turtle:


From @TR3NT’s Kotaku article:

Yitz, developer of Nepenthe and To The Dark Tower, told Kotaku that being on Steam right now has become a net loss for some developers.

“Most indies (who are talking about it at least) are losing more money from Steam’s cut than they’re taking in from visibility,” he said in a Twitter DM. “I, and many other devs, are currently losing money from being hosted on Steam.”

I’m Team @yitzilitt on this year’s Summer Sale.


this has unfortunately been a sad truth for a while now
it’s part of why so many indie devs were happy to jump on a port for switch, because low library size meant greater chance of exposure making the cost of porting/going nintendo worth it
likewise i’ve seen several games get update announcements where they were sry for the state of the pc port, but it was just a money sink, so they’d focus their efforts on console port instead, and then work back to pc after that

and it’s really no surprise, not just with steam’s ultra ridiculous flooded library of 50zillion games, "allow all"mentality with 0 gate keeping whatsoever resulting in multiple dupe games etc. But also with a system that’s abusable to hell,
think the latest trend was to “re-release” your (unreleased) game over and over again, so you kept being bumped on the “upcoming” page… super neat trick to do when you’re already spamming the shelf with asset flips or ultra low effort games just meant for card recycling… -which doesn’t hurt fledgling devs/studios/titles releasing real games, at all…
i can’t imagine the hell it must be to get some remote discoverability on steam. We see actual games be desperate enough to slash their prices to rock bottom or get in cheap bundles within a matter of few months now because they are barely even making cents on the store…
i take my hat off to anyone able to endure that stress @_@


Yea, I know someone who had 100 achievements across 2 legit games (Insurgency and EUIV), redeemed and leveled up 13 levels from it. It was crazy.


@yitzilitt please don’t ask how but I managed to get you a brand new hat.

Please enjoy:



I appreciate the hat—I shall wear it well. :upside_down_face:


Does anyone know if all of these sales will return for the Winter Sale? Some of the sales are for games I’ve never seen on sale before, at least so steep. Endless Space 2, Raft, and Dark Souls II/Remastered and 7 Days to Die. I really hope so, Endless Space 2 looks really good.

Meanwhile I’ve collected nearly 12k in those point things. :sweat_smile:


I think they usually return to at least an extent.


Just quick question about the silly boost/points/capacity business. Is there a way to gain more capacity to use more points without making purchases outside of the whatever amount you are given (refreshes) daily?


Not guaranteed, but nearly always once it is on sale for a certain low it doubtless will be again.


Thats the catch, you can play games to complete quests to regain the boost number or claim it from achievementes you have in games but to boost the overall quantity = buy games during the sale. Otherwise it increases 100 per day during the whole sale, up to the 9th I believe.

edit/ even if you buy games once you use those boost numbers, say you buy X games and got 3.000 points, once you boost those 3.000 it goes down to 0 and from then on its 100 per day or buy more games, and to then fill those 100 you do quests from the games.


nope, “pay to play”, (or at least pay to increase beyond the daily free 100 :wink:)
-unless they change it/add something later in the event

also seems you don’t get “attacks” unless you pay. Since you need to wait to boost until you have 1000 to get a chance of getting an attack drop unlocked. But you also need to participate each day/“help your team”, where you only get the free 100, not enough for full boost/attack unlock drop chance… :man_facepalming:
dang this event just oozes the poorest thought out money grubbing… :confounded:


Despite the effort that they appear to have put into this one, the obvious ties to pay to win has sapped all my interest from this event. Not sure I can be bothered making much of an effort…poor badge count and Steam XP…

Out of interest can you play the same game with achievements each day or do you need to play different ones?


I’ve been just playing Rocket League every day, just cuz that’s what I would be playing otherwise, and i’ve been getting points on a daily basis, so i assume so, yeah


I’m rather unclear on what there really is to win or how paying anything influences it. There’s the national lottery level diminutive chance of getting a free game but it seems to me the chances are greater if you’re not on the winning team. So spending money to add more boost seems both pointless and even if it did do something you’d have to spend insane amounts of money to have a noticeable impact on the race standings.

I suppose just maybe there’s a notable difference in tokens you can gain by making purchases, but I’m rather unclear on how that stuff works too. I’ve certainly not gotten tokens equal to boost points I’ve put in so I don’t know how much your spent money matters in that area either.

I’ve played cultist sim, as I do, and gained a fair bit of points from it. It seems like you get some points for time spent in a game and a lot more points for unlocking achievements, this appears to be awarded retroactively too. I’ve idled a game I never played and thus had no achievements for and got a paltry number of points out of it. Today I idled an old game I have a 70% unlock rate for and got 10k points in 30 minutes. So you can probably just go through your library and idle a new old game every day for more points than you could ever use.


Could someone explain this event to me? How do I earn points? I’ve been playing Starbound, earning achievements and playing for a while, and haven’t gotten a single point. The same for No Many’s Sky. Tons of achievements and hours into it, no points. The only points I got was at the start of the event for Dark Souls 3.

Am I misunderstanding something here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


you need to “claim” your points first
scroll to the bottom, and you should see third row of available games

Play Any Game With Steam Achievements
Recently Played Games
Play any game for 30 minutes or more during the Grand Prix event to earn points for your achievements.

then you select your game, and click the claim button (doesn’t display the claim button in pic because i just used mine)

PS, key being “recently played”, so must fire it up and “play”/played it for at least 30mins close to or during this event