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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.





I was thinking of getting that Pig Emoticon but it looks least like pig but more like Pig’s Mask from Hotline Miami … ugly and creepy. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH A CUTE PIGGGLINGS,STEAM???


Thank you Gnuffi! Now I have one more question, if you do not mind. :sweat_smile: I see that several of my games are at various point levels. How do I get it to give me more points per game? Is that something you get by purchasing more games during the sale, or just by playing more?


games point level seemed to be mainly determined by achievement unlocked count
but a few of my games appear borked, like having 10 achievements for a game but the grand prix page only claiming i have 1.
“rarity” might also be in play, as seemingly there wasn’t a fixed score per achievement/divided by amount unlocked, not sure on that tho, but appeared so, at least initially
but yea, like mentioned previously, just grab and “run” the games you have most completion % in/most unlocked achievements in, and you should get a higher point count available than you are likely to be able to claim through the entire event
(unless you spend tons of $$ to increase your “max total” that is) :sweat_smile:


Okay, thanks again Gnuffi! I’ll keep trying to build up achievements, then. :grin:


if you select the achievement showcase (in case you don’t have a list or something) steam will show you which games you have achievements already in progress for,

that might spark a memory of which you have completed/“most in”, then you’ve got a decent clue which to idle for 30mins


I’ve got a few in the list, Dark Souls 3, GTA V, Starbound, Mordhau, Stardew etc, but they don’t seem to be registering and giving me points for most of them. I can only redeem for DS3 (just did it). It shows as 0 on the others despite having achievements in the others. I’m guessing its just really messed up. :laughing: I’m just gonna try and play some other games more and see if I can update the event list ahead of the next day in hopes of getting a not broken game.


no clue why they wouldn’t give a fair amount of points, specially if you have a bunch unlocked
only requirement (for me and Tencore at least) seemed to be just run for 30min+, wait for it to update, and claim when ready…
they could have changed something in the backend i suppose, since i “played” my last one last night… but the points are still ready for me to claim tho (just don’t have capacity to use it lol), and while games did get nerfed in point value by like 50%, stuff like borderlands and bioshock are all sitting around 18k, with the lower end being my dead cells of 4k pts for 24 achievements

ps, when i say “run for 30mins” make sure it actually minimum says (at least) “0.5 hours in past 2 week” when you go to your "recently played"tab in your games page


First off. I’m disappointed that the tortoise does NOT have a shell on its back. I don’t know where to get a gif to show, but I’m disappointed!

Next, nobody mentioned the wishlist problems so I’ll just make a mention.

The reward of a game (though very unlikely) is to the top 3 games on your wishlist. But I had the problem of not knowing how to rearrange the wishlist. So the secret is “Show: All Types” and set “Sort By: Your Ranked Order.” If you add a filter, it removes the ability to rearrange. Which includes "search"ing the game that you want to put on top. (sigh) So use ctrl+f to find the game you want to move to the top of your ranked order.

I know I will definitely not win a game. But it bugged me that it was such a hassle to figure out how to rearrange my wishlist.


You’re far from alone.

I hope this finally pushes Valve to improve their wishlist system, but I don’t think it will.


They updated the race today, you can get 2.000 easily, I doubt its going to be daily, im thinking its a one off.

When you click on the play a new game one they link you to the steam f2p lists, any of those games that you havent played work.


Yeah FREE points :smile:

Because of the Free 2k points I was able to get that 15k points discount promo as I was only 2k points short.

Now I can just shove all my remaining 500 points and the rest of the daily free 100 points I’d be getting up until the end of the sale period on that badge.


Steam seems to be paying attention to the criticism and have made a few improvements to the minigame, which is pretty cool. Seems like they rebalanced the teams a bit so Corgi isn’t completely dominating (but now they seem to be in dead last by a large margin).


You can use the historical price tracker on to get a sense of sale prices for a title.

This year’s sale doesn’t seem to be all that great. I don’t think anything on my Steam Wishlist has hit a new lowest price this time. I saw Stardew Valley was on sale for $12.99. It was $8.99 during last year’s sale. :expressionless: Prices almost always drop over time, though.


Whole thing doesnt even load up to me for the past hour…


i reviewed 3 and added 1 :man_facepalming:, there is not enough caffeine in the world to wake my brain up today :confounded:


Looking at the event page last night and realised I already had points, for playing my current games. Also, don’t see any in the recommended list I own or would ever want. >.>

I’m on team Cockatiel, just cause they’re cute. It was either that or turtle. @delenn13 So what I do with these points team mate? :sunny:


Lol i just love how steam makes writing a review for a game a mandatory step to increase your point cap and i get such gold reviews as " This is a game " and “Good game” on my activity feed… Reviews i wrote seems like a Pulitzer worthy stuff now.


I was wondering why so many people were writing reviews at first.

I wrote one of my shorter reviews too…

Though it still turned into a page of word vomit…


I just made a temp review and then removed it, added 3 games at random to my wishlist and then removed them. There’s nothing that requires these things to be permanent as far as I can tell.