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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



And then this came up. Not only it’s one word ’ good ’ it’s also worst and most inaccurate review ever … Metal Gear Survive - Good?



I prefer this website’s UI:

Pulitzer gang rise up! :trophy:


hey guys I just wanted to share my finds in the sale, I’m already late I know but Im always late to parties haha.

I’m on a budget all the time, even when Im not, so I thought Id share my low price picks in the sale, they’re mostly over 50% reduced and under 5 pounds sterling.

thank you for reading and I hope someone finds a gem :smiley: happy sales whhoooooooooooooooo

also ignore the DLC there I mean its cheap yeah but I already have the base game.


looking at that devil daggers purchase i couldn’t help but remember the ongoing fanatical bundle for like 1.5€ :grimacing:
50cents savings man! :no_mouth:


haha I actually took that off so I could buy something on ps4 but might put that price on ISTAD haha xD

I wanted to get them all but just saw the bioshock collection is like 80% off and thats a damn good price >.<

actually edit: changing minds again: I saw this game on PS store for 9 pound, I go to steam and check it out and its 7:50!



hehe yea, “pays” to shop around :sweat_smile:


My dude don’t quote me on this but I might have a Skyhill key.

Im at a bar now but if you can wait until tomorrow to buy that one I can check and get back to you.



I was LITERALLY about to buy them, stopped to see if honey had a code for steam, and noticed this notification, the sales on for a wee bit so yeah, I can :smiley: thanks a lot! I’ll see if I have something you want in return :3 I have a few keys building up here or there.


so apparently Steam is now encouraging people to leave reviews—please consider leaving one on Nepenthe, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


Will do… im planing on starting a play through tomorrow and im exited to finally play it.


enjoy :smile:


Dungeon of the Endless is a steal for the price they’re offering it, it’s a wonderful mix of tower defense, dungeon crawler, and strategy with glorious pixel art.

That said, I don’t know why you would buy the Crystal Edition upgrade. Correct me if I’m wrong (as I have the Pixel Edition), but the Crystal Edition just adds a game mode and character that you unlock quite easily anyway.


ah well I’ve bought it now xD

I mean I can’t unlock anything in that game so it would at least do something.

its only a quid no harm no foul, I saw it on my wishlist so figured I wanted it.


Kingdom Come is 40% off now, should I get it if I like open world RPGs? Anyone here played it, is it a nice game? Would it be a solid addition to the library even without the discount? Yeah, I know there’s the review section, but it doesn’t always work for me, while pieces of wisdom from Chrono do

I’d love to, as soon as I decide whether it’s fine to kill a pig in this universe. As it turns out, Nepenthe is a game with moral choices!
Hope this will happen before the summer sale ends xD Thanks for creating a cool game!


I own it on GOG, played it twice over now despite being absolutely terrible at the combat mechanics. I really like it because the story and acting (and music) is incredible, plus there’s a huge world you can explore and tons of stuff you can do in it, so I think for 40% off it is well worth it. The game at full price is well worth it too, in my opinion, but if its on sale, definitely do not pass it up if you like open world games where you can shape it with your decisions.


That sounds exactly like what i’m looking for; I’m fine with clunky battle mechanics as long as there’s an explorable world with good writing that reacts on the player’s decisions! Many of the Elder Scrolls games had questionable battle mechanics with lots of exploits and weird parts, but they are still fun, and there’s much to replayability because of the many options to choose from.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll go get it now!


Oh…oh no…what have we done.

The steam is going to be broken. Everything is going to be broken. Discounts and leveling up on the cheap.


Badges obtained through exploits have already been removed.

Also I don’t see how he managed to USE all those points, because that’s always been the limiter for me. I have tens of thousands of points from old games but I’ve never been able to use more than 3k points a day and that was only the first day. Boosts were always limited to 3x1000 for me, was there a time when boosts were unlimited?


and they made a really smooth attempt to get people off team corgi haha.


Lol! That’s great.

Checking the youtuber’s profile, looks like the levels are still honored.

Oh well. I guess early exploiter gets the worm.