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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



I went from like level 18 to 40 during this event.


I used the soda trick and my badge doesn’t seem to have changed(only lvl100 tho). Not that I’d consider that an exploit.


Seems like not everyone got tht offer. Im turtle and I got prompted to change teams. My friend, who’s TEAM CORGI didn’t get the option.

He and I laughed out loud because we secretly believe Valve actually wants to put everyone on team corgi so that they don’t have to deal with this game anymore :joy:


Considering it’s been a dumpster fire, I wouldn’t mind the event going away either. Not like I’m going to win anything, and I’m only getting steam levels really.


Switched team, was time limited, got extra badge +100xp, why not rly, no chance about “win a free game" anyhow whatever team


i still don’t get why people do that, and not just (legit) claim a bunch from already completed games (presuming people don’t have completed game or just don’t idle to refresh?), -not to mention the not so legit/“less than kosher” way of getting the achievements in a second. Instead of buying a game, installing a mod, using a clicker for what seemed a good while…
(also slight note, seemed this sale has put Starbound on the nr1 spot for “top selling games” this sale so far :smile:, so gz to Chucklefish for that steam promotion :clap::grin:)

wasn’t limited for me either, wonder if others have that limit or your steam/ui bugged out somehow (or for the rest of us :sweat_smile:), or if valve changed that “now” :thinking:

random drop, because like usual Valve can’t be bothered to actually balance/use effort/proper code but rely on random community/goodwill to fix their broken mess, per valve standard operating policy :wink:

new badges up to level 2000 counts (yup that’s 200k xp), glitched badges/xp get slowly removed, rest/legit badges above 2000 just wont count/reward xp, unless obtained legit before this update

overall, i’ve been trying to think, and i can’t really seem to land on a steam event that was more messed up/borked and poorly handled than this royal sht show :rofl:

(look at that meme doge go :rocket: :joy:)


I used it because I didn’t have access to claiming points from games the first day, nothing showed up there despite having played some. I did do that afterwards.
Also I didn’t buy Starbound now, I love the game and had already overplayed it to death. Nor did I do it the way he did it, I just used commands and didn’t bother with a clicker.


i still don’t get why people do that, and not just (legit) claim a bunch from already completed games (presuming people don’t have completed game or just don’t idle to refresh?), -not to mention the not so legit/“less than kosher” way of getting the achievements in a second. Instead of buying a game, installing a mod, using a clicker for what seemed a good while…

I can’t defend exploiting behavior. We can guess it is to brag. To look cool. Or to have fun breaking a little part of steam.

Thankfully steam levels don’t do anything important.


didn’t really mean it as “don’t get it” cos of “exploit” (i don’t consider the star bound tactic an exploit since you still needed to pay to increase your point to spend, unlike what the actual exploiters did), -more in case of “i don’t get it as it seems slow(er)”, than claiming points from recently played games
but as @Truly put it, their recent played list wasn’t really as helpful for all people. And i 100% don’t fault people for for keeping it kosher/then going with starbound, unlike using stuff like SAM to insta fill points etc.

… except increasing your profile fluff/customization, increasing your friendlist, increasing the frequency of free cents/boosters, and other weird personal/social “cred” :man_shrugging: :wink:
but for the rest and millions of people this silly oversight didn’t ruin anything :sweat_smile:


i’m done now, i swear… probably… maybe:crossed_fingers:
idono, i just suddenly got in the mood to grab Hob a couple of days ago, even if the discount was sorta non-existent. But i’m also sorta hoping i don’t find anything else in the final days,
i’ve already gotten more than i expected, then again when you’re not planning to buy “anything”, anything is more than expected :sweat_smile:


I keep telling myself I have good games already, plenty of them and despite how shiny and interesting all these OTHER games look I have enough to play for so long already.

Still really want to pick up a couple of titles though…


I picked up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey now because I’m loving the hell out of Origins; rly happy with how the series evolved after having quit playing after Black Flag; i had played every single one up to that point but then i was like it’s stale (ofc Black Flag was one of the better ones, but III was more or less a turd), im out. So i was hoping this more RPG-style (not RPG, mind u, just a slightly more RPG-stylish system) would work out great for this series and it does, and the world has greatly improved too, way better side quests and characters etc. so cant wait to play more of it and then later discover Greece in the last one, and looking forward to what the future brings too


Speaking of Steam Sales and such…
I’m about to recycle my Steam Sale list (it’s a .txt file) that I have into something a bit more useful. I’m going out on a limb to see if anyone is interested in it.

I highly expect the response to be “It’s called ITAD brah.” Figured I would put it out there before I mulch it anyway.

It’s functions as a recommended list and a seen price record, as some games change price, etc.

What it looks like

Notable Steam Sales:

Format: Title - % off - USD price - short description if I have one. [thought on

.hack//G.U. Last Recode - 70% - 14.99USD

6180 the moon - 61% - 1.55USD - platformer thingy where the top of the screen
wraps to the bottom. [fairish]

80 Days - 70% - 2.99USD - travel around the world in 80 days by making decisions
of where to go. [good]{Humble}

A Hat in Time - 50% - 14.99USD

A Story about My Uncle - 80% - 2.59USD - short first person platformer where you
are searching for your uncle. [decent]

AaAaAA!!! : A Reckless Disregard for Gravity - 75/81% - 2.49/1.89USD - kind of
like base jumping, except there are floating buildings and you score points by
getting close to them. [good]


there is also Steamdb and enhanced steam ofc (or even ggdeals) :wink:

i’ll definitely thumbs up A Hat in Time on that list :+1:, it’s wonderful and enjoyable, maaaybe a bit cute too :blush:


So, the sale is almost up. What did y’all get? Do?

I saved up and spent most of my points on the $5 voucher. I managed to snag a few lvl ups and then the emot of the pine trees though, which I really liked. :yum: I was thinking about getting Endless Space 2 and Don’t Starve Together,


I got a couple games some i didn’t even think i would get. But i got, Doom (2016), Absolute Drift, Tales of Symphonia,Special Transport DLC for American Trucks Simulator, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II & III ( So i could get my free copy of final cut edition), & Shooting Stars!. And i might pick something else up before it ends but not to sure.

With the coins i mostly just leveled up and got a background and some emotes.


Well, I don’t want any of the background or emoticons, so guess my tokens are just going to go to waste?

I’ve picked 4 games each either $0.50 or under $1. May get them before midnight. All in all, waiting for October. :heart:


I bought Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal, Risk of Rain, Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors cut, Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition, Infinifactory, Slay the Spire and Dead Cells. Didnt win a game during the event but hey, didnt expect to, the chances were not there. Im ok with what I bought, the event itself was meh but the sale prices were ok. Would have loved to get the kingdom rush series but the discounts were not that great so its a pass for now.


Picked up ATOMINE, I Am Overburdened, and Oxygen Not Included. I somehow already have 21 hours on Oxygen Not Included (oops).


Just a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to play for years now.