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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



I managed to not buy anything at all for once. Though the temptation was certainly there.


Thanks to my previous purchases from past non Steam specific events, like Paradox’s Cities Skylines sale when the recent Campus DLC came out. And the few coins I had left from the Lunar New Year event. And let’s not forget those free 2K coins they handed out as an apology for screwing up the Summer Sale race event, I was able to purchase at least one item off of my wishlist with a 5$ discount. Namely, Orwell - Ignorance is Strength. With that $5 discount I managed to nab the game for only 2$ :slight_smile:



  1. Baba is You
  2. Hotel Sowls
  3. Your Future Self
  4. Glass Masquerade - Halloween Puzzle Pack
  5. The Handsome Collection
  6. Tick Tock a Tale for Two

Was gifted:

  2. Little Inferno
  3. Unforseen Incidents
  4. Cosmic Express
  5. NAIRI: Tower of Shirin*


  1. Forgotton Anne

*Thank you beautiful Chronie, you know who you are! :yellow_heart:

A few thoughts:

Baba is You is amazing but way harder than I thought it would be, so may brain is effectively melting. 8 hours in and I’m not even close to beating it…

Hotel Sowls is adorable. It seriously is. Completely different from anything else I’ve played. I think it’s on EA because they want to add another ending.

Borderlands 2 is fun – with friends.

Tick Tock is a coop game that doesn’t require an internet connection to play. Very innovative. My SO loved it but the ending pissed me off.

ISLANDERS is more of a puzzle game than anything else. It’s relaxing and I quite like it.

Little Inferno is part of my very existance beautiful game best game ever amazing outstanding Nobel-Prize worthy game all hail 10/10. :fire:



Overcooked! 2, Wayward and Gato Roboto. Nothing too exciting, there wasn’t a lot of good sales tbh.


I’d be willing to join in on that. Maybe get @YQMaoski too?

@TR3NT definitely recommend Tales of Symphonia, Absolute Drift, and American Truck Simulator.

I got… Um. Had to look it up. Stronghold Crusader HD, Panoramical, Door Kickers, Terraria Soundtrack, and My Time at Portia. I just got a bunch of badge levels.

I also bought Donut County and Flower from GOG. Cuz they were on sale.


I actually don’t have too much time to play in the next couple of weeks, but definitely up for it after. I haven’t played any of the Borderlands games, is it reasonable to start on 2?


I don’t know if it matters too much.


Okay, if I can get my buddum let me install it on her new PC, I’ll get Borderlands 2. I’d rather play that than Pay Day 2 - frankly, it creeps me out so bad.

It’s not a clown I mind, it’s the painted on smile hiding dubious intent beneath. I also don’t like butterflies. At all. Bats, however, are adorable. :heart: Colour me weird. :stuck_out_tongue:




Okay. Return of insomnia. >.< No cookies for you, @Animosity


Legit first thought of this:

As I’ve mentioned, I actually don’t use any of those masks. I use Bulldog, Ogre, and some samurai one I forgot the name of.


only 2 purchases of mine that matter are Dungeons of Dredmor complete, and Hob :blush:.
The rest were just… uhm… well, idono, 90%+ off deals, filler, or even stupid token rounding purchases :confounded:

"the rest"
  • i got South Park the fractured but whole, because 90%, /shrug, figured it might get removed soon, lost license or something, mebe, -since it’s kinda rare these days Ubisoft games get that huge discounts.
  • Dark Souls remastered, because 90% off with pre-existing PTDE “voucher”. Paranoia setting in that Bandai might “fix” the discount when realizing it could be given out free on their next sale discount lowering (probably not tho, it was likely a calculated price move i’m told).
  • Grim Dawn Loyalist dlc 2, because would buy it anyway “later”, and “naow” i’d get tokens for it :man_shrugging:

Filler Games:

  • Redeemer, Unforgiving - a northern hymn, NecroVision lost company,
    • “took a chance” game, Rogue Islands, to see where this one ends up (apparently some dev/publisher issues during EA) -and supposedly the main character is a gnome :thinking:, figured that was worth a buck to see if they finish this :smile:
  • Kingdom Wars 2: Battles, because it’s getting removed, and they claim a separate “enhanced edition” is getting added for free to those that owned it before new release (will see if that rings true considering it was like 1.5€ on sale lol)
  • Gomo for 27cents because bundle shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:, and Alcatraz 1954 which was missing somehow from my daedalic package :thinking:
  • for whatever silly reason i got the remaining Payday 2 dlc, because saw it pop up in my feed for like 3bucks, which was way cheaper than it was last time it was offered to me, individual dlc (despite not being sold) being discounted this time, making the bundle discount stack to 96% or something crazy.

total: 51.63€, waaay more than “expected” from the "don’t plan to buy anything"initially :sweat_smile:, -buuut also miles below budget, so it’s fine i guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

absolutely, there are a couple of callbacks to the first, and ofc its overall timeline, but nothing really major/significant spoilerino missing that should make it not be enjoyable.
I haven’t played the “remaster” of BL1 yet, but from what i saw streamed it still appeared a bit inferior in some aspects. That said, being a direct sequel there would only be something to gain from playing that story first to get those extra tidbits out of BL2, but i wouldn’t say it’s mandatory.
I know people that never touched the first because of being too brown(seriously silliest palette trend among shooters back then :rofl:), and they enjoyed BL2 perfectly great without. :+1:


No don’t take my cookies away! I need them!


bad monster


so far i bought monster hunter world, borderland 2 Awesome jack collection (4$ instead of 200$) and way to many rocket league key