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Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.



ye I spent nothing afaik and I got like 150 tokens and zero capacity every day lol

I mean, given these programming skills by Valve, I’m not sure anybody would want whatever HL3 would look like then lmao


Its working now i think, i just received my free 100 capacity for today.


yup 100 here too, such a sad event lol


Thought the game was kinda cool at first, bit I still have no idea how it works and the grand prix quests don’t seem to be working. Also it seems like picking literally any team other than corgi is just shooting yourself in the foot. Also pretty neat that all that capacity I got from picking up a couple games yesterday just reset and now I’m back to 100 today :roll_eyes:.

Best course of action at this point is just claim my free daily boost and pray to Gaben that I get lucky enough to win a free game when team birb places (which is probably incredibly unlikely) and claim the gold I earn to get the $5 discount.


Oh no! I already picked tortoise. Is Corgi going to be the winner constantly? Is the community going to join a certain team? Can I change it to Corgi tomorrow?

And I see the list of participating games but can’t seem to play them. I’ll go through games I’ve played then. But I really wanted to try Wargroove.


corgi is likely to win races due to most players -unless steam changes something (which is unlikely)
but you should have a higher chance of reward on one of the other teams that places 2nd or 3rd due to lower pool to draw from
can’t switch teams, sry.
So far the chrono community is a bit here and there,
i picked pig because, and coraline picked turtle because, some thought the parrot looked cool, etc etc etc. aaand a bunch are ofc just onboard the doge meme train :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ahaha lol i completely forgot to even arrange my wishlist with some semblance of victory in mind :sweat_smile:, completely rectified that now -on the far faaaaar off chance of winning :grin:


If you pick up Xbox PC game pass that is one of the many awesome games on there right now

I picked cockatiel .because deleen13 and another friend where on it, no one else had picked a team yet at that point in time. Yeah one of the first things I did was rearrange my wishlist, probably won’t buy Cyberpunk unless/until it has co-op but I’ll sure take it for free lol


Still have 0 games with achievements available…oh well…


still 0 hours recently tho
maybe… :thinking: try going “online” a moment, no clue if they for some weird reason have connected some calls/online status with the changes in the chat status function, and needs it to “update”, kinda doubt it, but just on an off shoot, since i do ping forth and back by being “online”
-or your idler isn’t actually running them proper to get the continued duration


If that’s true then that means the 2nd and 3rd place are more likely to get you a game since Corgi is so crazy huge.
Not that it helps me.


thats really strange, think yours is broken :frowning: Although I have some available, there is absolutely nothing to do with them unless I spend much more. Really do not get why they would make an event that doesn’t keep people on the platform, previous events people would stay on there for quite some time everyday making sure to do their tasks, discovery queue etc… which can lead to more sales since you are constantly bombarded by games on sale, with this event you click 1 button and go on with your day off their platform.


Crud, the damn thing only lets you redeem 100 points per day for free now. So how am I going to get the 2k I still need to reach 15k coins wothout spending real money :frowning:

Yeah this event really sucks. Bring back Trading Cards God damn it :frowning:

Or at least you could’ve reused past events like those neat mouse destroyer clicker mini games :frowning:


Dudes, the more you talk about the event here, the more I’m happy to ignore it. I hit the landing page, read stuff then scrolled down, there was even MORE stuff to read. Exit stage right.


I am just “Dazed and Confused” :crazy_face:


I did some maths.
Using the current numbers of Nitro plus attacks (total Nitro gained) and an assumed 100 million active users (a bit more than last reported active monthly users)

Hare has 12.2% users
Turtle has 21.5%
Bird has 21.3%
Pig has 8.5%
Corgi has 36.5%

Assuming day one results are consistent
A Corgi has a 0.00082% Chance of a free game per day
A turtle has a 0.00093% Chance
A bird has a 0.00047% chance


Even if I do get 100 points per day up 'til the end of the Summer Sale on July 9, I’ll still be 800 points short of 15k, so yeah total waste of time and effort.

If you’re gonna suggest just use my coins up now and level up the badge to get my Steam Level up, then don’t bother as I’d stopped caring for my Steam Rank when I hit level 30.

Also this event is tempting me to fire up SAMPicker so I can just lock and unlock several Steam Achievements for the Tier 3 Category. But SAMPicker is just plain ol’ evil which is why I wanna avoud firing it up.


Higher steam rank means higher chance of booster packs. I forgot the stepping.


pff, get the sweet sweet :pig: emotes fam :blush:
i got myself a mushroom today… pig, mushroom, aeh? aeh AEH!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: -yea, truffle pig might be a future HL3 thing :thinking:


Yeah I know about higher booster pack chances, except I no longer care seeing as, A. You don’t earn much on Boosters or cards anyway, and B. Booster Pack chances can get wasted by games whose cards are no longer available for sale on the Market. Valve/Steam SHOULD disable card generation for removed games like this as randomly getting useless boosters renders Booster chances pointless.


I’ve just read through all this, and the steam page (I’m team corgi, joined before it was the behemoth it is now, yay us) and I still have no idea what’s going on or what I’m supposed to do. Supposedly I have like 4 games of the eligible ones? I’m really lost here with what I’m supposed to do.