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That Blood Card looks a lot like Slay the Spire


yes it has some similarities, but it also has some new stuff (and the price is really good imo)


Continuing my woeful neglect of this thread, there’s been some more reviews lately from us:

This is a musical/rhythm puzzler. The music/rhythm is secondary as a result of the puzzle itself. Puzzles are in the format of Sokoban puzzles. (Can be stressful or casual depending how you approach it and how many stars you want to get.)


I know I posted this elsewhere, because the developer was giving away keys, but it should be here too:


This is a first person drone racing simulation software, not so much of a game, but a fairly good simulator. I think if you want to try this and you have a RC remote that you can attach to the computer or you have another simulator software with the appropriate controller, that would be ideal. The Gamepad doesn’t work too well.


This game was originally released for tablet, and now there is a Steam remastered version:


This is a new Dino theme park tycoon game (bright artwork Jurassic Park) that shows quite a bit of potential, and is in Early Access. Unfortunately there is no regional pricing, so it’s 20 Euros and 20 USD.


This is a one trick pony, casual arcade style game but is meant to be purely as a time waster. If you are like me and have not enough time to play the games you want to, this is probably a no-go zone. If you are twiddling your thumb a lot because you have nothing to do, it might be good. Not as addictive as random casual match-3 games like Bejeweled, Zuma, etc. There’s really no thinking involved, just wiggle a mouse around.


This is a roguelite dungeon crawler in Early Access with some fun gameplay. Can’t say I care too much for the music, and the game could use some more work, both content and QoL, but pretty good as is right now:


If you have read this far, thanks for taking your time. The final game I have to mention today is some strange thing I happened across on Steam. Never would I have picked this up or tried or if it didn’t get offered to our curator page, but it’s a newly released Early Access mashup of strange parts that is very interesting, odd, exciting, yet nerve wracking like those every flavored jelly beans in Harry Potter. At the end of the day, the more I think about this game, plus the price tag is really reasonable, I think the dev just wants a unique and fun game. (Warning, no full-screen mode at this time, and I think it can only be played with a controller at the moment)


If any of these peak your interest, and you want more information, just let me know. You can also tell me that my reviews are too long, sometimes I just ramble on and on and on…


Man… Making games is hard.

We should have some VERY VERY VERY VERY alpha stuff ready if you were still interested @YQMaoski and @yoshirules

It’s basically a test of the co-op network features with some of the music and art I’ve made.


I can imagine. I don’t know how long it takes to get the basics of a game done or make it presentable. I would love to look at anything you have got and to give you any feedback, if you wish.


A couple more reviews, this first one really doesn’t need an intro, other than it’s NSFW:

My review:

Next up is Haque, the glitchy Roguelike that’s really really good… And really really hard…

My Review Link:


Sounds great. Once me and the other dev run it a bit, I’ll send you a code to access the build. Grab a friend though, it’ll be a boring empty map all by yourself.


You are making a couch coop game? That sounds awesome. :slight_smile:


Hi, it’s me. The friend.


It’s network play in this build, but I’m sure we can get couch co-op working. We are focused on the network portion currently, because that’s tougher to work out.


cool… :slight_smile: just give me a heads up whenever and I will check it out whenever I have some free time.



Starting another post with a NSFW game, this is a visual novel with branching plot, my favorite is the humor in the game. The dev pseudonym is Flat Chest Dev, but there is a lot of bouncing chest animation instances in this one:

My review is here:

Yesterday I played and reviewd this game, it’s a roguelite metroidvania very similar, perhaps too similar to Dead Cells. It’s in Early Access, and I heavily encouraged the dev to change some of the outward appearances so that they don’t get into trouble for plagiarism. This is very early in EA and needs a lot of work.

My review here:

A lot of people know and play Battlerite, the premium upgrade is here:

Review link here:

Next is Marble Land, a very pretty VR build of a puzzler that is also fully functional without VR. I played without it and had a blast:

review here:

Defending Camelot is a new game in the style of Plants vs Zombies, it’s pretty good, though there are some flaws

Review here:

Here’s a frustration game for the most patient of gamers, get ready to fail a lot before you succeed. It’s a minimalist puzzler with combination vector based momentum movements. It’s fun but perhaps the asking price is a little high, so I recommend people look at it on sale. It is clearly not for everyone:

Review here:


6 reviews???:clap:t2:

You know…I was just glancing through the "Steam Friends " thread…and Look what I found:

Hmmm. Months??? Look what we have done to you…:exploding_head::sunglasses:


Well, 4 of those are mine, one’s from Yoshi, and last one from someone else (who is not a chronie).

I know, right, I know, I have been spending way too much time playing, and not enough time doing anything else lately… lol…


*Cough@coralinecastell*Cough :wink:



You know who I was thinking of for sure!

Anyway, just wrote one more for this strange but interesting game, not perfect and not for everyone, but it’s cute and its many simple elements put together to form a reasonably complex game:


I think I am done writing this weekend, I am too tired, going to play something and not worry about reviews now… hehe… Thanks for reading everyone! (And feel free to critique my reviews in any way, I would love to improve continually.)


Well, most of you here know that I love this game, and I finally wrote my review for it, I could go on all day about it, but I won’t…

@Vindace, you had said this is one of your favorite games too. :slight_smile:

And a lot of thanks to @onLooSe to encouraging me to play this game and making sure I was still motivated to play past the initial levels after dying over and over again…


Hey good review! And I totally agree. It’s been a long time since I’ve played it now, so I think I might be a bit rusty. I’m curious, did you play with a keyboard or a controller?

Your talk of it being a being a battle of attrition against your own ever-evolving skills is spot on.


Thanks! I use a controller typically. I tried using the keyboard and couldn’t get used to it, I think primarily because I am so accustomed to using a controller for 2D platforming games. How about you?


I didn’t have a controller for the longest time, so I spent my time learning on that. I actually played the original Spelunky for a while as I didn’t have the money for the new one at the time, so that was keyboard as well.