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Steam Friends?


I have overclocked with my old CPU before, but only to play games that utilise only one core, like Supreme Commander. Overclocking from 2.8 Ghz to 3.6 Ghz can make a hell of a difference in those situations.


Jayztwocents did a video about what OCing is and is it safe.


Bringing this back up to the top…In case…Any new friends want to add to the mix? We don’t bite…If we do, we have had our shots!


… of vodka, you mean, surely?

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So I am usually a single player game kind of person and I could go months without playing any games. So while I have read this thread up to now, I had not decided to join. But I suppose, why not?

Same name as here, so I am pretty easy to recognize… :slight_smile:

Steam Reviews

I am pretty quiet there too. So no worries from me!

Just figured it would be easier to gift or see wishlists and games owned…etc.




I’m pretty much the same these days (mostly single player, long stretches without playing), but it’s always nice to have some friends… just in case.

Agreed. Being able to view wishlists, etc. is very handy. I’ve already unloaded a couple of spare keys to some of my new Chrono friends. I’ve also discovered some new games to add to my own wishlist.


Sure here you go, might as well at this point. It doesn’t hurt, does it? :grinning:


Some interesting names you’ve played under @HouGuard :rofl:


:joy: Yeah, “That one” is from once where i left my pc on while still logged into steam, and my one little brother just went and changed it.
It took me like two days until i noticed, totally forgot he did that, thanks for a good chuckle


Hello future friends (:thinking:), I am :desktop_computer::blue_heart:


Hi. I am quiet on Steam most the time but I will chat if spoke to…

Like your avatar too. It’s cute. :ribbon:


Coming from someone that took forever to post his first comment on here i can understand that. I figure even if we never say a word to each other maybe you might get me to try a game/genre i never would have by seeing it on your wishlist/playing it.


You can hear crickets chirping usually on Steam. I have already been recommended by multiple games that I plan to look into by other folks from those who added me in the last 3 days since I decided to comment on here too. :slight_smile: Now I just feel like I have too many games on the queue and not enough time!


Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?


Well, when I was younger, I spent all of my time playing one game… Now, I spend all of my time looking at the games I have and start pulling out my hair in trying to decide which one(s) to play for the day…

Or did you mean the friends recommending games part? :wink:


Both! :smile:


I have basically that same problem @YQMaoski I start off booting up a new game playing for like a hour or two and being like, “that was alright” to “i NEED to play this later”, but i just end up wrestling with my own mind on whether or not i should get back to the game i liked or an entirely new game, just because it’s new.

it’s a by-daily struggle of mine, and i simply don’t know what to do. I guess i’ll just keep on persevering :persevere: