Steam Friends?

#1 The red headed avatar from Ontario, Canada(There are 3 other delenn13’s.)

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I was thinking of creating a thread like this, after getting a friend request from a fellow Chrono member. There are so many awesome people in this small community.

I just got my gaming PC this year and don’t have many friends on Steam, as all of my friends irl play on consoles. So please, feel free to add me:


Done and done. Feel free to add me too nebula with an avatar that shows a white cat sleeping on a red blanket.


Thank you…Here’s an old song but another goodie…we NEED to play this song from the rafters…with the shape the world is in now…

Night, night all. I hope I have more pressies in the morn…


As I was talking to @Gnuffi in the PMs recently, I have my Steam ID set in the profile, but unfortunatelly it doesn’t show in the posts drop down profile and it doesn’t link properly ( I guess I could drop the pudding website and use the steam profile link, FeelsBadMan).
It’s-a me!

I believe I have only Madway and Gnuffi from Chrono.


I sent you all a friends request. The name is only slightly different and the icon should make it clear who I am.

I have been posting a few threads on this forum trying to find people to play specific games with to no avail what so ever thus far. Maybe we can find something at some point though.


I sent y’all a friend request. Feel free to add me as well:

Edit: Hate how my “Hello” looks here in onebox form, may have to get rid of that just so it looks nicer here. :confused:


In for a penny, in for a pound!


Yea! Nice. :sparkling_heart:

:ribbon:I was hesitant to start this thread but I was in a funky mood…Started downloading YouTube videos and casting them to my TV and it was all “friend and touchy, feel good music” so I thought WTH and just did it.

Glad. I. Did.


I have 1 or 2 added from the site but yeah feel free to add me.


@Truly we’ve still not gotten around to playing 100% Orange juice.


Oh yeah sorry about that. I think I might play later tonight, I’ll ask you if you’re on at the time.:+1:t3:


I hope you have used all the 807 pokes names at one point otherwise I’m disappointed.

Also, should leave this here just in case:


Heh I only did that to clean away whatever old names I used.


Ya, why not.

@Truly What better way to do so than using all 800+ pokes?



It is so cool watching everyone “friend” each other.I would post a screen shot but not sure if that would be proper.

This is a very nice community. :heart_eyes:


It’s just struck me…in the deep dark recesses of my memory I remember your username from The Avatar Trilogy…


Im so happy to have more friends feel free to ask me to play anything I have anytime!


The one thing Steam never did it right, friend requests. How come you can’t leave a message with the request, like me for example, I use diverse names and I would like to specify that it’s me, x person from y place.