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Steam Friends?


The one thing Steam never did it right, friend requests. How come you can’t leave a message with the request, like me for example, I use diverse names and I would like to specify that it’s me, x person from y place.


I agree and another thing…You should be able to SAVE certain PM’s. I lost a key because of it.(long story).
Oh, and while I am complaining about what Steam DOES NOT do…Why can’t I search for a game from my Activity page?


We could be here until new year if we follow this train of thought… how come I can’t sort my library by the tags the games already have?



Bwaaaahahahahaha! Fools! You all fell into my trap and added me on steam. Now I can send you all copies of Bad Rats!


I’m glad that steam lets you add a “nickname” to people on your friendslist. I’ve marked everyone up with their name if it’s too greatly dissimilar on steam.

Another thing I wish was easy to see is a history of people you’ve sent requests to and if those were denied or are left pending. Wouldn’t want to spam someone with requests if they’ve decided to not accept them.


Aha! Your devious scheme is foiled, -i already own Bad Rats! :face_with_monocle:



As far as I know, the pending requests remains in the client friend list, at the bottom. If the person doesn’t accept I usually cancel later.


@delenn13, your profile background is so much fun to stare at for no apparent reason.

Feel free to add me as well! : :butterfly:

EDIT, July 2019: I have stopped accepting friend requests due to personal issues.


Thanks. I just changed it…Not 10 minutes ago… I got it as my background when I crafted my cards for the first level. It’s fron …The World Is Grim Enough Let’s Just All Get Along in the voting section.



Cool avatar. :smiley:




@xist I’m not too sure, but it looks like you want NeuroVoider



That’s embarassing/humiliating :smiley:

I was doing the discovery queue quickly (I’m not a fan of such rigid discoveries) and the game looked interesting enough for me to want to remember. So I clicked Wishlist (because for some reason you can’t tag without wishlisting…)…nothing happened. So I clicked again and again and again etc…Then it worked. I had no idea that’s what actually happened…my clicks got queued!

NeuroVoider does look quite cool though although I’m not usually a fan of procedurally generated content. :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to add me:

But I remove friends who don’t talk to me every month.


Out of interest why is that? You must have hundreds of spare friend slots so it can’t be for fear of running out of room for new steam buddies.


Mostly because I want to keep my friend list tidy, and easy to find someone when I need to


It’s kind of amusing how I could move 10k EUR out of my bank account easier than I can trade a few sodding steam cards. Such a damn hassle.
Ah bummer, this was supposed to go in the Winter Sale thread


use the 1:1 trading bots and it’s no hassle at all (provided you have authenticator so no trade hold)
they trade automatically and very fast most of them, and there are always plenty supply during the summer/winter events
got traded all my dupes yday to make 4 additional badges in 1 go in a matter of seconds
-the only slight trouble comes if you are trading many dupes at ones, since if the card you “picked” gets traded by another in the meantime you get a trade error and have to refresh their inventory… but with singles or low quantity trades those errors almost never happen…


realized maybe i should have provided a link to said bots lol
or just hit “scan” when logged in on STM
trades can be done via STM, or you can just click their profile icon to get to their steam profile page, and some will have trade links on display on their profile to initiate trade there, (if not comfortable using/loggin in on STM)

lol just noticed

maybe @lonin, @dusty or @frst can move yours and my 2 reply posts in the Winter Sale thread? :thinking: