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We have reviewed a small turn-based tactical RPG roguelike
The price now on sale is a good price, the full price is a bit too high in our opinion.

Here is our review:


It’s a game that clearly was inspired by the 16-bit and arcade beat-em-up games of those days. It has some fun parts and some repetitive parts. The gameplay is reasonable, so I did recommend it. Though there were some mechanics that didn’t feel as fluid or enjoyable as the old time classics.


Ugh… I’ve been slacking.

Damn tree fell in my yard, almost died from the poison ivy after cutting the tree up, been working on my own game for a bit.

Been busy.

It looks like this development thing is getting serious, just added someone to help. I’ll be looking to you guys (@yoshirules @YQMaoski) for feed back if you’re interested.


That would be lovely, I am glad you are moving ahead with your project. :smile:


Just re-processed your profile blurb - “I am a pretty casual gamer for the most part. I have a very demanding work schedule and that does not allow for too much immersive gaming.”

Wow, with the amount of reviews you put out, and the number of games you play, I have no idea when you get time to breathe! It makes me feel ashamed that I get so little gaming done in comparison…


This definitely still holds true…

The number of hours I can actually dedicate to playing fluctuates from day to day, and there are plenty of days when I come home from work and the only things on my mind are eat and sleep… :rofl:

What I do usually is spend some/whatever time I have to play in my free time, then type chunks of reviews during my work hours, when I am taking little breaks here and there from work. So some days I can type 2-3 reviews for games I have previously played, while other days I am lucky to squeeze a paragraph in. (My lunch time I am pretty much constantly typing, for work or for reviewing…) But of course writing can be like that sometimes, trying to find the proper wording to describe something may take an instant or a couple of hours before the thought pops up.

My reviews are typed in notepad and copied into the Steam review box so that they are not cleared out by page refreshes or accidental clicks, and that I can have time to reread/edit/etc. But of course this leads to a lot of times in the past when my reviews would go over the Steam standard 8000 character review limit, and I had to pare down significantly. Although nowadays my work has been busier, and you may have noticed a fewer shorter reviews… They look shorter to me, but they are probably still longer than 99% of Steam reviews, so I am okay with curtailing some game descriptions and only focusing on my own thoughts and experiences.


Just reviewed Shudder, a “high speed, twin-stick shooter with one stick and no shooting,” according to the Steam store page:

Review link:


Good Game here. Reminds me a lot of top down racers from the NES.


I like these kinds of games. :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

By the way, I saw it in this bundle that had been released today, may or may not have purchased it… :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:


We have played and I did finish this cute P&C game

and here is our review


this cute P&C game

I have been summoned. Thanks :yellow_heart:


Forgot to update here when I reviewed a text-based game earlier…

Here’s my review link:

There’s been a few other recent reviews as well, including a couple of roguelike dungeon crawlers:

Golden Krone Hotel review link
Runestone Keeper review link

And also a GBA style game:

Knights of Tartarus review link


We played through this fun and challenge text-messaging based escape-room adventure:

Here’s my review link:

We also played this game: a 2D pixelated RPG that is developed by a single person and the game is absolutely huge…

review link here:

As for the other game we reviewed earlier, it’s not exactly worth mentioning, so I won’t link anything here. Not a great game…


So I finally reviewed this game:

Or should I say, finished my review, I had originally written a lot of it as a first impressions after playing for a while when Chrono had the deal up, but I have since completed the game and completed my review. I was just lazy for a while and didn’t finish my writing.

Here’s my review link:


New review is up for RAZED–a continuous sprinting 3D platformer:

Another recent review (yesterday) was Guards of the Gate: (So the steam description reads “roguelike RPG,” but it’s not too much of a roguelike, and the RPG is questionable. It’s just a TBS game on hex grid.



I am so in love with this adorable game…

Review here:


It looks great…then again, cats are great so it makes sense.


This is a newer casual puzzler that really stands out. It reminded me a lot of Monument Valley the whole time I played this game.

Here’s my review:

Of course yesterday there was also the review of the newest Artifex Mundi game:

Review link:


The garden between looks very interesting, thanks for bringing that one to my attention.


We have had a busy day reviewing
Salary Man Escape a physics-based puzzle game

here is the links to the review:

And a board game, you probably all remember

Here is our review:

Oh and I really like this game, a roguelike turn-based card game

And here is our review: