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Fell Seal is more like Final Fantasy tactics
Sword legacy Omen is more like ehhh I would say XCOM (I mean the battlesystem, only this one gives you more freedom)
I think both are great
I prefer Sword Legacy Omen because I am better at those games :smile: . Fell Seal is in EA and is from what I have played longer (I mean offers more gameplay) and is more difficult (at least for me)
I think most people would prefer Fell Seal (reviews are also a lot better)
But I really would give both a 9/10 (price is also very important to me)


Fell Seal is a bit more user friendly, has more battle missions, and perhaps a bit more difficult. Order of turns are set and there is little wiggle room. You get to move once per turn. More gameplay out of this and you can save multiple slots. Easier for the slightly less hardcore gamer, but the game is still quite difficult, I think. (Still in EA, with plans for more content as well.)

Sword Legacy Omen has 1 save, and slightly less forgiving for beginners. Much more bloody in appearance, and the story is good. Your decisions need to be accompanied by a bit more thought and less trial and error (since trial and error leads you down the path of game reset if you need to change your mind.) Though I do like that at the end of each Quest you basically get a option to redo it. I like the battles in this one, you have a lot of fluid control. During your turn, you can move/attack/overwatch/move again as long as you have enough APs. You can also move one character, move another one, then decide how you want to attack. It’s a lot more team-based, rather than individual unit based.

I know I am not answering your question… lol…


Thank you both for informative replies! Probably more a FFT/Tactics Ogre sort of player myself…


I would check Fell Seal its the closest thing to those games
Here is a gameplay video I found
There was also another game like FF tactics, need to search (forgot the name). I have it and liked it, but reviews were a bit meh
I will get back to you on that game


found it:


A couple of games reviewed so far today (game links not provided due to the games perhaps not worth your time).

A Rite from the Stars is a mouse-only point and click puzzler with interesting gameplay, overshadowed by slow and unnecessary repetitive motions and lack of polish. It has other neat aspects that would shine if done well, but it didn’t. Just doesn’t look or feel like a $15 game. Some of the flaws makes it really not fun.

Here’s my (negative) review link:

Geneshift is a top-down shooter that looks and feels like CS2D. It has a few mechanical tweaks that makes it stand out a little bit more, but CS2D is a F2P game from 2004, so no real competition there. The biggest problem with Geneshift is its lack of player base and the MP games you are either playing single-player anyway unless you can coordinate with friends, or play against bots… For a game primarily depends on its MP nature to be fun, it’s really sad. They announced (last week or so) that they are thinking of expanding it into a Battle Royale type game and increasing the price even more. I just can’t get behind it. (Currently $10, they are looking to hike it to $15.)

Thus here’s my (also negative) review link:


Well, Geneshift developer got back to me and corrected my comment that it’s too similar to CS2D which is F2P by saying that the MP battle arena modes in Geneshift are also free. Completely available through the demo.

I had fun with the campaign, which is what you are paying for. I think that with this knowledge and the fact that they make a good chunk of the game free, while all you are paying for with the money is the campaign, I have changed my opinion of the review from a negative to a positive.

Link is here again:

I also added a couple more things about the game… :slight_smile:


If you like singleplayer board games this one is fun imo

Here is our review:


Well, @Fraggles pointed me to this game, and after I found out about it, I had to try it:

It’s really an excellent puzzler, and I think everyone should try it.

Here’s my review:


I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it.


Well, I just reviewed Animosity: (not our fellow Chronie!)

Review link is here:

Earlier, @yoshirules posted her review for The Room Two:

Review link here:

She absolutely loves this game, so I will let her tell you how wonderful it is. :slight_smile:


Another review is in:

this time it’s a game that @Endyo brought my attention to:

Review Link here:

I do think the game is over-priced, but it’s still a decent game. There’s just something satisfying about operating a mech and running all over the city destroying enemies and innocent vehicles/buildings, etc…

Again, what does this say about me? I have no idea…


We have reviewed a very nice, but not an easy tactical turn-based strategy game

Here is our review:

@YQMaoski has also created a topic where we give away 2 copies of this title


What luck (!), found yet another game I wouldn’t touch again with a 10-foot pole…

It’s called Tubular Rift.

Here’s my review:

Here’s my dastardly awful gameplay video:


We reviewed an older puzzle game

Here is our review:


This is an early access 3rd person bird flying simulator:

Review link:


One of the puzzle games I have spent a lot of time (30+ hours) in, is this one:

I still didn’t achieve 100% in it :slight_smile:
Here is our small review:


This game popped out of Early Access a couple of weeks ago and ended up being more fun than I expected:



Tried out Barbearian recently and because it looks like a misspelling I constantly spell it wrong by spelling it right.



It is finally there :wink:

And here is our review