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All right… 3 reviews today from us…

(note: so apparently this game is not unlocked for EU region and some others, who knows why, we have put out an email to the developers to ask about it. Maybe it’s a mistake.)

This first one is a very early access game, and still has a long way to go, but it’s cute and challenging, here’s the review link:

Next game is Pinkman, a 100-level platformer with many similarities to N++ (though smaller, fewer levels) but it has a funny farting action…

Review link is here:

And the last one is a game all 3 of us played last week, but was just released about an hour ago. Review was previously written, only posting when the Steam store is unlocked. A mature-themed point&click with a good story. Gameplay only about 1.5-2 hours. Stands alone, but is an story sequel to Little Kite.

Review Link:

This is one of those things I never use… the elevator I mean, I always start from floor 1 because you can pick up more upgrades/money/etc if you start from the beginning. And it gives you enough of a progressive warmup as you move to the later floors.


Well… Once i get better I’m sure this will be the case for me, but I usually start the next floor with health missing or something, I’ve scored that item for mastering the first floor many times, so it’s usually not a challenge so I figured starting on a lower floor with full health would help me out quite a bit.

Also, been playing some Rise to Ruin. It’s also not a genre I’ve been interested in, but it’s been pretty fun so far.


A new game was just released, and it has been super fun to play:

It’s a bullet-hell, arena-survival game and has a decent amount of replay value.

Here’s my review link:

Also MEANDERS is a cheap first-person puzzle platformer that has a surprising amount of content and replayability too!

My review link is here:

You can definitely try out the elevator shortcut, but I find it’s easier on later floors with an accumulation of guns and addition health starting from the first. It ultimately sets you up for having something in addition that might help. You can try it out and let me know. By the way, did you know the elevator costs Intergalactic currency to operate? (Unless they changed this for some reason). Although that currency is a lot easier to come by now than ever before.

Great game! Has a free DLC too if I remember correctly. I am glad you are having fun.


And their other game looks cool too!



I just bought it, will give it a try some time…


I just reviewed Who’s in the Box? (Steam store page link here.)

It’s a single-room HOG with a few witty lines, super easy to 100%, but no replay value, not worth its price tag for sure.

Here’s my review (I even wrote a 100% achievements guide at the end of it, :rofl:):


I just reviewed an Early Access version of this game:

It is a top down racer with “spectrum shift” mechanic that allows you to change between essentially two different tracks on each race at the tracks’ intersecting points.

But more importantly, it is a game that is “Powered by Autism”:

Light Rider is made by adults on the autism spectrum at the nonPareil Institute. At nonPareil, autistic adults gain digital technology skills in various domains and work toward building games and items for the digital marketplace. While doing so, our members also acquire social and vocational skills preparing them for success in higher-education and employment settings.

Review Link:

Please consider supporting this game and its makers. :slight_smile:


I want to help support it, but I cannot play these games. So if anyone wants to play this game, I can gift it to a person who really wants to play it. If you do reply and tell us why you want to play it :slight_smile:


The gameplay video on the steam page looks vomit/headache inducing… :frowning:


Oh I just looked at the video… that’s not a very good trailer, is it? The game is not nauseating if you play it. I played for almost 2 hours straight without any issues.


That is my most recent review, for The Fan, a very visually and mentally disturbing point-n-click adventure that is definitely not for everyone. Made with real photos for realism and spooky nature. Plus it is too short. I played through all five possible pathways in 1.5 hours, and there are only two real endings…


Guys. I loving Graveyard Keeper right now. I’ve got a long way to go before i’ll be able to write a review. There’s still a few things I’m deeply confused about in this game.


I have been a bit lazy lately…

Here are some of our reviews this week (Review Links provided):


The Grand Museum VR

Ding Dong VR

And new reviews from today:

Mind Over Mushroom


Mr. Sweet


Also added:

Whirlygig, a not very fun tetris variant.

I will be updating the list above soon.

Here are all of the Store links:


Do you miss games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem? I do :slight_smile:
We found a great game which comes very close to those tactic games

Here is our review:


Here’s a really nice, but really difficult puzzle platformer with retro 16-bit graphics and is a lot of fun… No combat, but still high-adrenaline rush at times…

My review link is:


This game is out 2 days, not even 3 full days yet, and it’s already in a bundle:

Here’s my review:


We have reviewed a game that I really loved (didnt finish it yet about 60%)

Here is our review:


I was looking forward to this! Thanks so much for reviewing it, my dear Yoshi.

PS: will you enable comments on your reviews? :blush:


That looks amazing! Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favourite games of all time, and there’s been very little to challenge it so I’m always on the look out for a contender.

Better or worse than Fell Seal? (which also looks great).


Done sorry I always forget to click it since Steam did change it.
And you are welcome ofc (still playing it, I want to finish it)