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Step 1: find and kill Farmer Maggot’s dogs.
Step 2: Farmer Maggot finds you.
Step 3: run from Farmer Maggot because named elites will wreck your face almost always
Step 4: go read JRR Tolkein to figure out who Farmer Maggot was.
Step 5: get lost in The Silmarillion and various other Tolkein books for weeks and miss Chrono deals.
Step 6: Chrono buddies start a search and rescue mission to find our long lost friend @YQMaoski
Step 7: slowly peel away the LotR addiction


I know I am skewing our numbers even more… lol…

I just reviewed Black Paradox, a side-scrolling shmup with a retro look and feel. It’s great fun…

Review Link:


YQMaoski is now confirmed as an obvious corporate shill. :male_detective:


@Shalandir, after reading your thoughts on review ratios, I checked the statistics for my – so far – 55 reviews.

Only 6 of them are negative.

While I also agree with @YQMaoski that he – like I – produces reviews focusing on making their content insightful and descriptive rather than orienting himself by Steam’s stupid “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system, I also think that, for several reasons, I have refrained from giving negative reviews to games I played and didn’t like.

All this to say that with the amount of typing work I’ve been doing this past week – I work as a translator – I don’t feel like reviewing a single thing for at least a while, but I’m certainly going to put some more hours in Everything and then give it the negative review I think it deserves.

That game got me on my nerves so hard I just uninstalled it one day and said “no more!” and never looked back. But I should tell people why I think it sucks ass big time, so that maybe they have more things to take into account when making their purchase.

So thanks for making me reflect on that. It’s appreciated. :blush: :+1:


I can’t wait to get this. You can bet your asses I’m gonna review this.


Here’s a rather negative review of Moon Castle, I will not link the store page over, because it’s really not worth your time. Only my review link is here:

@Shalandir, this was a review several days in the making, it’s funny that you mentioned us not doing nany negative reviews after all 3 of us had our discussion about this game on August 1… Coincidences… by the way, that Youtube video was uploaded on August 1… DK went and checked out the game and recorded a video for me so we could show it.

@Ravenousld3341, that game is on so many of our wishlists… :slight_smile: I do hope you let us know what you think of it!


Been a few busy days, hope to get back on track with the updates.

I just reviewed Castle Explorer:

Review link is here:

Other recent reviews (links only to reviews–not the best of games out there):

Smart Cube

Fugue in Void


Just put up a review of a puzzle platformer that can be played single-player or same-screen coop:

Review Link:


I’m working on Heroes of Hammerwatch. The grind is pretty good.


Fun game we have reviewed :slight_smile:
A casual RTS game

review is here:


By the way, anyone seen/heard of this TRIP Steam Edition game?

Here’s my quick negative review:

Well, first of all, it’s not really a game, it’s a walking simulator, it’s really very small…

It’s marked on the Steam store page at $199.99 (There are extra nines in there, so this cannot be a pricing error).

You don’t really need the actual game/program linked here, so I am copying over a screenshot of the the one box that would have been:


It looks like cancer, and a little barf.


@delenn13 commented on my Steam review, and I added an edit to it. It’s a lot of game-industry malpractice is what I think it is…

@Ravenousld3341, it’s a lot of cancer… just bad juju…


Wait, what?
Did you actually pay the $200 to get hold of this game or was it $4-something in early access or what?


It was bundled a few times, so I got it from before. I did not pay $200, I would have to be under some brainwashing/magical spell to do that.

I saw the price randomly browsing through my games, and thought I had to try something that’s marked up to this point…


Ok so I did the thing on Enter the Gungeon


Very nice first impressions review!

I keep meaning to review this game, but now it’s on my backlog because of the new update. This is definitely one of my favorite games! I am glad you took the time to dive into it. Now I have to at least put a decent amount of time into the updated game before I write my review, but that’s okay, I will get to it eventually…



It is really fun, but man it’s tough. I keep wanting to dive in over and over and over.


Learning, dying, improving and then buying your unlocks run after run is what really makes this game great. You will get there, eventually you will beat the game! There is so much versatility in this game. I hope you stick with it!


I intend to, now that I’ve finally figured out how the gameplay loop works I’ll be able to get through it

Gotta earn that first elevator shortcut though.