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Reviewing games is fun for me, it’s a way for me to write about playing games, and seeing as you are here on this forum, I imagine you are pretty interested in that as well.

Creative writing was never my strong suit. I have always been a math and science guy and excelled in those subjects throughout my years of education. But I discovered the joys of writing in high school and want to keep up with it now, many years later.

One of the reasons I keep writing reviews on Steam is to keep my mind a bit flexible, as I have to do technical writing these days, often what feels like a novella length of the same repetitive lines on and on.

I have gone ahead and changed this initial post so that hopefully you would want to write more reviews and share some with us in the community as well. Before it was more aimed at sharing reviews from our curator page. I am glad that some people have taken the time to write more and to share more already.

So let’s keep it up!

My goal right now is to be able to write concise and informative reviews without using so many lines and words. If you look at the reviews I have done, you will see that writing at length isn’t an issue for me, and I am just naturally verbose. I tend to expound on ideas that are not necessarily needed in a review.

How much time does someone take to read through a review? I have no idea, but I imagine that for a lot of people it’s not very long. Especially skimming down a store page on Steam, you want to catch at a glance some useful information, and a review at the word limit (8K characters) might seem too tedious to even read through.

I read a lot of reviews and I write a good number. I am going to keep trying to cut down on the volume and excess words. Of course I am still going to be a bit on the longer side compared to most reviews on Steam. But hopefully I can continue improving in that aspect.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!

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As a lot of my Steam friends know (and almost all of my Steam friends are fellow Chronies), we are trying our best to keep a fresh stream of Indie titles reviewed for public consumption, with our Steam Curator page: IndieGems. Our group page and curator page will always welcome new members and followers, so join us on our adventures, should you like.

Of the games we have played and reviewed, there have been some good ones, some bad ones, and quite a few maybe-yes, maybe-no titles as well.

So far we have managed to review a good number of game, most of them Indie because a lot of them have trouble getting attention in this large market. AAA games have a billion players and two hundred million reviews upon release, so our voices usually do not matter quite as much.

In any case, after realizing that not everyone checks the Steam activity feeds regularly, or for some people who have a large number of friends on Steam, new feeds easily get pushed down by a lot of frantic activity. After a couple of individual requests from our fellow Chronies that we start a thread here to talk about what games we are currently playing, and what games we are planning to review, I have asked the powers that be, and obtained the nod to move forward.

We have three people shouldering most of the reviews, myself, @yoshirules, and @dkny. We all have varying interests in the games that we play, and we all have different strengths. DK has a VR setup as well, and he likes to post some beginning gameplay videos as well to help the viewer decide a little about the game for themselves.

Our current playing list often varies, and I will try to keep it updated as time moves on. In addition, you will see other random smaller reviews pop up from us on various other titles that have caught our interest, in one way or another. And if we really have a strong opinion about a game, we will add a longer review as well.

Anyway, I will keep our list updated, as I mentioned previously, I will try to add links to any of our reviews as they go live, so Chronies can stay afresh of what on earth we have been up to–on steam anyway. Feel free to give us some thoughts about what we are doing as well.

In addition, if you have your own reviews that you would like to throw here for others to stare at in awe, please add a link, I would love to read more and write better reviews myself.

Completed Review Links (As of starting this thread, I won’t add the old ones, unless someone asks for me to):
Update: Oct 6, 2018.

July 2018

The Painter’s Playground
Seeds of Resilience
The Quest for the BIG KEY
Beyond the Heavens
Meow Motors
GoPlay Editor
Dungeon Warfare II
Another Brick in the Mall
Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
Isoland 2: Ashes of Time
Cultist Simulator
The Tower of Beatrice
The Four Colour Theorem
Seven: The Days Long Gone
Dungeon Rankers
Jack B. Nimble
Ganbare! Super Strikers
Slasher’s Keep
Jolly Battle
Fish Catcher
Jewel Match Solitaire
Ball Grabbers
Radiant One
Hexa Turn
Wayward Souls

August 2018

Legion’s Crawl
Black Paradox
Moon Castle
Fugue in Void
Smart Cube
Castle Explorer
The Rabbit and The Owl
Circle Empires
TRIP: Steam Edition
Fantasy Raiders
Who’s in the Box?
Light Rider
The Fan
The Grand Museum VR
Ding Dong VR
Mind Over Mushroom
Mr. Sweet
Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark
Death Fungeon
Sword Legacy Omen
A Rite from the Stars
DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice
The Room Two
Pizza Titan Ultra
Low Magic Age
Tubular Rift
LOOP: A Tranquil Puzzle Game
Hero of the Kingdom III

Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury
tiny & Tall: Gleipnir Part One
Knights of Tartarus
Runestone Keeper
Golden Krone Hotel
Warsim: The Realm of Aslona
Help Me Escape! The Puzzle Maker’s Office
Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning
Guards of the Gate
Cat Quest
My Brother Rabbit
The Gardens Between
Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire
Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game
Kai Entity
Blood Card
Salary Man Escape
Depth of Extinction
Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing
Tactics Maiden Remastered
Tactics Rogue
Aliens Are Rude!
Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Deep Space Waifu: FANTASY
Shallow Swing
Defending Camelot
Marble Land
Battlerite Royale
Tower Hunter:Erza’s Trial
Lucy Got Problems
Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

Games that I plan to write reviews for one of these days, just off the top of my head right now

Hollow Knight
Dead Cells
Super Meat Boy
Enter the Gungeon

Himno Free on Steam

Really pleased you finally took the plunge and posted a topic here. Now there’s just the challenge of keeping yet something else updated!


I know, right?

Of course I plan to review Spelunky, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, etc, but these games I just don’t have enough progression yet. I guess I have enough for Spelunky, but not for the others yet… Though I do want to beat Spelunky once, just once, before I review it… :rofl:


I am somewhat curious how Horizon Zero Dawn is going to fit into your gaming time though! :smile:


Ugh! Give me 5 more simultaneous alternative lifetimes, and I can give you a timely answer…


Drop everything you are playing to play Horizon: Zero Dawn. It is worth it. :+1: Plus, I’d be interested in reading your review on it for sure.


I’m with @xist! Super glad you finally posted here. :clap:

For all those who haven’t yet read @YQMaoski’s and @yoshirules’s (and dk’s as well but I got no chronie link for him, so) reviews, they’re lit af :fire:

I’m eagerly awaiting for your Cultist Simulator review to pop up on my act feed, my dude.


That chronie link is @dkny, I don’t know if he wants to speak up, lol, I kind of put him on the spot here… He’s got an account here because of Yoshi and me dragging him in…

this is one heck of a difficult game… I have failed to gain any foothold on the game in my nth tries so far, but I really enjoy it. I am trying to find a way out of a constantly losing loop… lol… It will be a difficult review to write, that’s for sure… Hopefully I can make some headway. There is a discord channel and lots of people who are actually fanatics of this game putting their heads together, also there’s a good guide, but I don’t want to read anything, just want to progress on my own…

It’s my own downfall… lol…


I think you’re finally starting to understand what the game is about.


It’s not like I am hiding or anything :roll_eyes:

I may steal this advice. It has been sitting on my shelf for a while…


Welcome, @dkny. :heart_eyes:


Here’s the Seeds of Resilience review link:

I have removed one of the games from the list as well, I think that list is going to be fairly dynamic… Kind of Willy Nilly, perhaps…


Curating’s pretty tough when you have other responsibilities, and I remember falling behind almost the second I tried to start… so props to you for actually sticking with it.

When this RF Guerrilla review is done, there’s a lot of other things I really need to catch up with. :expressionless:


I just joined your group

Here’s my reviews


Good thing I don’t have a limited number of thumbs up to give in Steam…


Heh, I think I’ll take a look at Hardware Engineers some time soon.


I just reviewed Supesu, a fun little relaxing puzzler released today:

Here’s my review:


Spelunky is one of my favorite games of all time. I haven’t played it in a while now, but I’ve beaten it several times. Stick with it, You can do it! I’m interested to see your review :slight_smile:


Just played a simple little dungeon-exploration game without enemies, 8-bit retro style graphics and music.

Here’s my review:

Not sure when that will be, but I aim to do at least one run a day… most days it’s at least 2 to 3. If I can’t beat it by the year’s end, perhaps I will do a review regardless.

I will update the list above with some games that eventually will see me write a review… who knows when… lol!


Sorry been a bit busy the past few days. It’s summer and we are taking advantage of the fact…NO SNOW!!! :joy:

I have enjoyed reading @yoshirules, @dkny and your reviews in my Steam feed. I have added quite a few to my WL. Glad you are putting them here too…so that ppl who don’t read their activity feed(YOU REALLY SHOULD) get a chance to see the games you are reviewing.:+1:t2: