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Was toying with dropping this review, but ended up writing it anyway. Beyond the Heavens is a simple Shmup with some progression components as well. The problem is that it does not really offer too much additional and exciting aspects of gameplay in a fairly well-established genre. Too many sections are fairly bland. It’s a cheap game and developed by one person I think, so I always feel bad writing a negative review for a single-person project. But I try to be honest about it, because I really didn’t have too much fun with it.

Link to my review:


It’s good, and that review was several patches ago. ALL of my concerns have been fixed since then.


This is an Early Access Mario Kart inspired title that has its own charm. My biggest gripe with it is the lack of online multiplayer, which could draw a much bigger player base. Couch split-screen is the only MP option at this time.

Here’s my review:


Today, the review is not of a game, but of a software program. GoPlay Editor is a video recording and editing software package that is easy to use and good for the lay person. There are some reports of crashes and data loss, but I did not encounter this. No streaming option available. There is a free demo available, and the devs give out temp 3-month long keys for the full version. I wish they would give out permanent keys, but they want business…

Here’s my review:


Today we have reviewed a very good Tower Defense game Dungeon Warfare II and here is a link to our review


I generally really dislike tower defense as a genre, but that aside, graphically that game looks really appealing.


I don’t really like TDs either too much, this is one of the few exceptions…


Another review up today, for this game:

Here’s my review link:

(Pardon me for the double post, I will be surely be banned in a different thread as a result… :rofl:)


And we have reviewed
It’s a game from the creators of Quest for Glory (Sierra)
I loved that serie back in the day.
Here is our review:
DK added the first 40 minutes of gameplay:


But is he using GoPlay Editor to create his videos?? :wink:


ehhh I dont know tbh. I dont know much about videos etc


I believe he uses Open Broadcaster Software


Missed marketing opportunity there, buddy.


Yeah, especially considering how OBS can be a total space hog.

68 GB of Red Faction Guerrilla footage o_o

it was totally worth it though


Next up is RPGolf:

Seriously though, how on Earth do you say this name? I just can’t find a suitable pronunciation that satisfies me.

Here’s the link to my review:

I hope you aren’t on limited bandwith…

That video was 68 GB? :exploding_head:

I am not trying to market for them, I would rather offer up honest opinions about paid programs and mention free alternatives and let consumers decide what they think is the best for them at that particular juncture in time and space. Though it is peculiar that GoPlay dropped its price without any announcement to $40. I think they can make money even at $10, and it would probably actually sell a lot more.


I was joking. Glad that’s your stand, it’s one of the main reasons I like your curator page so much.


Well, it’s just recordings. No internet bandwidth required, thankfully-- I don’t have the kind of GPU for streaming at any decent quality. I ran a few test streams trying to show a friend MvC: Infinite, and it ran at 2 FPS the moment I tried to get past “two tetris blocks making jabs at each other while purple and orange blocks appear around them.”

And… no. The combined video footage from that was probably 60MB at most altogether. I was talking about in general-- I’ve had about 90GB of recorded footage total across 19 hours of playing, and about 32GB of that footage is corrupted due to running out of space during recording (I’ve expanded my partition to prevent this from happening again).


Next up: Isoland: This is a cheap point & click puzzler with some interesting puzzles. Quite fun, haven’t figured out everything yet:

Steam review link:

Working on Isoland 2: Ashes of Time now:

Isoland 2 review is up!


Wow, our forums have been so active lately, I take a one day break, and this already got pushed off the front page, which is rather remarkable.

In any case, Cultist Simulator is finally done!

Here’s the review link:


Watch out…Either something…something 48 hours…or a spongebob will appear in this thread too …if not careful!:exploding_head: