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New game released today: MOTHERGUNSHIP (a bullet-hell FPS with a really fun gun-crafting mechanic):

My review link:


Looks like it’s a day for new game releases for us, Mugsters also released today, only about 4 hours ago:

Here is my review link:

By the way, I may or may not have channeled a little bit of @Punkster on the style of this review after reading his review on Bit Blaster XL.

I am putting his review link here, because I really laughed out loud reading it…


oh noes, pls save us @YQMaoski


I’ve been ignoring GGGmanlives’s review for a while, just because I’ve seen this name everywhere. I suppose I really should take a look. :man_shrugging:


I am not familiar at all… Just looked him up on Google…


GGGmanlives, I mean. I realized post-… erm, post, that I shortened his name in a way that makes it unrecognizable.

He’s the textbook example of an Australian on Youtube.


Today we have reviewed this game
It’s an Escape-Room game with a lot of puzzles (for me it was not an easy game, but I like it a lot)
Here is the link to our review:


Hey, hold on a minute, that other guy’s review, the Bit Blaster XL one, isn’t even funny. You promised me comedy, damn it!

Did you link the wrong one?


Yours was decent though, which I read last night without knowing about this one. Good job @YQMaoski & @yoshirules on your commitment to Indie Gems with detailed reviews.


I’m working on a review for Book of Daemons but it’s a lot of game. I’ll post my progress eventually


Reviewed a simple puzzler this time around, almost didn’t post it here because it’s a simple game.

It’s called The Four Colour Theorem, and if that was the whole game by itself, it would have been really straight forward, but they added simple addition to really mess you up…

Here’s my review link:


We have reviewed two smaller games:
Puzlogic, very nice puzzle game (I think) and here is the review:
Mercs: a fun turnbased battle game: The review:


Well, I will post these here, DK reviewed a couple of games yesterday and today as well:

Review Link:


Review link:


It’s finally done. My review for Book of Demons.


I sent you a friend request…:+1:t2:


Nice! I sent you a friend request too! :slight_smile:


Today I reviewed: Jack B. Nimble, an endless runner that’s really well done and is quite fun

Here’s my review link:

Also reviews we have done last couple of days (only review links below):
E.Z (a short but reallly difficult platforming game)
Dungeon Rankers (one-player roguelike battle royale, minimalist, heavily pixelated)


Got one for Kingsway!