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That’s why I mentioned in the review right away that there is a free version out there… I just want people to experience it, even if they don’t want to buy the retail Steam version. I think as long as you get used to a particular scheme, you will be fine. Both the keyboard and controller setups are pretty reasonable.


This game hasn’t been released yet, but I had to give it a thumbs down:

(of course I can’t post any reviews on Steam before game release, so I wrote it into the Youtube description instead.

Transcript of my review:

Youtube Videos apparently have a 5k character limit, and so I had to stop…


I hope I am not boring anyone with a small indie title this time. I think a lot of people will pass it over, but I think it works quite well, and it’s quite fun. Good for single-player modes (4 different modes) and 3 different competitive couch coop modes, all for a base price of $1.99. It hasn’t gotten much attention, but I think it’s pretty good.



Spelunky is one of those games that I feel that I should try, and would probably like, but equally due to the randomisation I’m very wary. I really like fixed and balanced levels in the games I play, and since Spelunky seems to be different every time you play (which is no bad thing) I worry that I’d be rapidly put off by deaths, and without that consistency and a sense of overcoming my environment and learning the way, rapidly lose interest.


Even though every level is randomly generated, there are certain expectations you can have with the individual levels. Like you always expect certain things in terms of enemies, or you see a pattern and you recognize it. You also notice that the enemies always move predictably. You can start to recognize patterns and intuition to do what is appropriate amid all of the entropy. You will definitely die a lot in the game, no doubt about it, but the runs are typically so short that it does not matter, at least in the beginning when you are working your way through learning the first few levels and getting past it.

Now I still die a lot, but mainly because I am trying to improve, because in this game, improvement in certain areas equals a lot of gold/points, and your total gold score at the end of your run is your final score, whether you die or not. And so the daily challenges is all about maximizing your greed while staying alive.

There is also a no-gold achievement, which I think is probably the more difficult of the achievements, and the speedrun achievement seems also improbable for me. But clearly enough people have done it. So these are possible.

Anyway, I do hope you try it, I think it’s going to take a very special game to dethrone this one as my favorite game on Steam.


The no gold achievement and the co-op achievement are the only two achievements I’ve not actually unlocked. I never had anyone else to play it with (not enough controllers either) and the gold one can be stupid hard.

@xist so within the Spelunky programming, there is basically certain ‘seeds’ that the game combines and picks from, within parameters to ensure that you can still progress. So while it is unique each time ( and admittedly sometimes easier to progress because of it) you can still recognize patterns. Enemy ai is always constant too, like Maoski said.


You don’t need another person to complete it… you can start player number 2 with the keyboard and grab him at the start… throw him to die and you can revive him at 4-3 even. I on the other hand had a lot of laughs using the second player as the ultimate weapon throughout this run.


This is a short but very cute game, it’s a lot of puzzle platforming but you get to deform and reshape the platforms/environment around you as you play.

My review link:


Very nice game we have reviewed

here is our review

For people that actually read our thread. I will give away 1 copy for this game. Just let me know if you want to enter this giveaway here.
This giveaway will run until Sunday 14 october. 18.00 Central European time
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  • Note:I will buy it at Steam, I think I can still sent it to all countries, if not I will have to reroll


I am not entering but thank you for being such a generous Dino!:hugs:


Sounds a lot like kingdom, how similar would you say they are to each other and what would be the major differences? I’d like to enter for it, thank you.


Biggest difference is that you have a lot more resources to manage, and your citizens need food. The game ends very early due to starvation, if you run out of food.

  1. The game only lasts for 13 nights, whereas Kingdom can go on and on and on.

  2. The enemies attack only from one side (both sides in Kingdom).

  3. Mining is a big resource here, you can find all kinds of goodies in the mines.

  4. Your people you can control and move (In Kingdom they are assigned to a side and they do what they want).

  5. Reassigning professions for your people as needed, this does cost resources. (Kingdom I believe that once they pick up a hammer/bow they stay that way until attacked by the enemies and they drop their single gold-for-service as well.)

  6. More enemy varieties here in this game, plus more ways to deal with them than just a firing barrage and kill.

  7. The controlling scheme, you are not just a crowned individual moving around on a horse, you are more of a omnipresent overlord.

I am probably forgetting a few others, but those come to mind right away.


Here’s a classic example of a direct mobile port from a developer, there are a lot things to do in this game, but nothing outstanding. It’s half-idling for the wrong reasons. The active parts feel like time-wasting too. Needless to say, my review wasn’t exactly positive:

review link:


There’s only one true Space Raider -


This is a really psychedelic indie game, perhaps not for everyone, but it’s cheap and quite fun. It’s nice to just hop in and go explore. It’s mostly a 3D platforming experience, each level has a distinct feel, quite well done.

My review:


I actually just added it to the ol’ Wishlist after reading your reviews! If nobody else wants it I would love to give it a shot. (but wait and see if anyone else reads it first).


giveaway has ended both won :slight_smile:


Been a while since an update:

Here’s a new review from me today for a deck-building card game that has no RNG card draws, seems odd, but it works, and it’s quite fun:

Review link:

Earlier this week I had posted a short review for a live wallpaper that I thought was pretty cool:


This next game is a light roguelite dungeon crawler, it’s cheap, but it’s repetitive. It’s good for its price, but not meant for long sittings:



That graphical style really puts me off for some reason…possibly because of the HUD components rather than the characters. And I think I understand what you mean because of what follows but the sentence “… each turn comprising of 1.0 turns” confused me a bit on first read. Now I understand that each action takes a proportion of your turn allowance, but the repetition of the word turn messed with my brain…


A bit older game I reviewed today:

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