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Here’s a new and interesting game on Steam, I wish the base price is a bit lower, for a first-time indie developer trying to into the market, I think the price will have a lot of people holding back:

My review is here:


Short rundown on Cybarian? Looks ok?


It’s good. Old school as it can get, but it’s kinda short. I finished it in almost 1 sitting and it will take me tops of 5 hours combined to do even the absurd achievements (I guess). Kinda makes sense why they went like that when there’s no saves, but still you will be able to finish the game in less than 20-30 minutes when you learn the levels and enemy attacks - bosses mainly.

Hopefully they will add 1 or 2 more levels with the release or bit after.

Edit: it got patched yesterday… like 25 MB patch which is huge compared to the game’s size, so I need to check it out again and probably do the rest of the achievements.


Short game, only 4 levels… I haven’t made it past level 3, @onLooSe is the one who told me about the boss-rush level 4.

Some achievements seem really hard for me… there’s one that’s a hitless run… I haven’t managed to even get back level one hitless, much less all of them.

Great music/graphics/retro style.

Controls are good, ladder mechanics is driving everyone up the wall though, I hope they fix this.

A couple more levels would be good, but not much more, since the game has no saves at all.

On the other hand, the developers of Pony Island made another game, called The Hex, it’s just as strange and weird… I made 4 videos for the first 4 sections of the game, totally about 3 hours. I do think most people who might be interested should just play it instead of watching any videos…

Review here:


I threw this review together after playing some short runs of the game, I am enjoying it so much!

Review link here:


Guys and gals, found a newly released really cool puzzler, it’s got some really nice logical thinking behind 60 puzzles and it’s casual and fun:



Ugh… we added a menu to the game and it broke the netcode.

I don’t even know how. Hopefully soon.


oh no!!!

Hope you get it up and running soon!


New review on a new game, a non-traditional Point & Click adventure with beautiful artwork and hand-drawn animations, pretty fun too. Clearly this project took many man/woman-hours and a lot of effort, they even have it voice-acted in English and Polish:

Review Link:


Looks pretty good. Is that a blind play you recorded on your video or did you have an inkling of how to get past the first few puzzles before you started recording?


No, it’s not a blind play, my first attempt at recording failed… I was recording only sound, no video… That was an hour long. I had to go back and redo it… so a lot less fumbling… Otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue as to do some of the stuff I did…

(That’s why I said at the end of the video that it’s gameplay from the beginning. Because it’s a lot smoother than a blind video, which I usually try to do.)


We have reviewed quite a few games this past week or so:

The good:

Review: (I know that @Ravenousld3341 had a great time with this game as well, and I am enjoying it very much myself too)


Review (Good game, just way too short, fortunately it’s cheap):




Now the not so good games recently (just review links below):

Another Sight

卡哇伊女孩 ~ Kawaii Girls (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Cube Defender 2000


Wow, nice selection of games you got to review there…some gems by the look of it. :slight_smile:

(will like your reviews on Steam when I get home…)



I somehow missed the fact that The Room Three got released!!! Boy I love The Room games. Happy to read our dear Yoshi saying good things about it.

Had never heard of Lovecraft Quest! Wishlisted! :blush:

Thanks guys for the great reviews, as always. :butterfly:


Here’s a cute roguelite dungeon crawling action RPG with a retro look, feel, and a really awesome soundtrack. The game is newly released today! (Not casual, steep learning curve, only one difficulty and can be rather unforgiving at times.)

Review link:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s this really casual, fun but grindy game that is strangely addictive and satisfying to play. Really simple gameplay (mouse only) and no pressure at all. The first hour or two is learning the game to a point where you start to play more mindlessly, after that, it’s more of a time waster, though a pretty fun one.

Review link:


Awesome! I like your taste :slight_smile:


Here’s a really difficult and initially very frustrating game that got better once I overcame my own frustrations with it. The game released today on Steam. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to 100% if you can keep at it. It’s very mentally taxing and is definitely not casual. My initial impression was horrible, but I ended up playing through the game twice, as a challenge. :exploding_head:


This is a strange game indeed, it’s a puzzle platformer without running or jumping, the game is super difficult as well, and frustrating in a different way. My impression is good though.

Review here:

Here’s the best-looking game of the bunch, reviewed by DK:



aah all of them are on windows :_: (I only own a Mac for personal use)


Aye, we only have windows machines at the moment. I used to have a mac, a long time ago, when there were pretty much little to no games. It was a time when I needed to step away from games, and that was my motivation to stop playing games for a few years. But it didn’t last long, and I found myself playing on a friend’s computer too often. So I haven’t gotten back to a Mac since then, even after a lot of games became available for MacOS.


I’ve neglected to post a lot of reviews here so I guess I’ll give it the old what for.

Bad North. Didn’t like it much, here’s why:

Here’s Minit, short fun game, short video for it:

Click & Manage Tycoon, pretty much a disaster:

Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor, an ok game mode and a cool game mode;

Door Kickers: Action Squad, side scrolling action with an amazing soundtrack

There’s five of them, not sure the last one I posted but I have tons of them. I also have one for Starlink but that’s not a PC game so I’m not sure if anyone would care.