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I try to keep up with my activity feed and read everything, but apparently I missed 2/5 of them… :+1:


Activity feed is a mess most of the time. I’ll lose stuff posted a day before because it’s a mile down.


This is a bit delayed, but because the developer @yitzilitt recently joined the Chrono ranks, it seemed appropriate:

Review link:


I’m honored :3


Two more reviews today from me:

First up is a minimalist twin-stick shooter/bullet hell game that has a rhythm component… think simplified versions of Necrodancer + Gungeon… Simply the graphics to a minimum and toss in some mind-numbing backgrounds to give you a few moments of optical illusions as you play (unintentional of course) and you get this:

Review Link:

Next is a visual novel that is pretty neat with really nice artwork, though the game is really short and only chapter 1 out of 3 planned are currently complete:

Review Link:

And I think I might be done for the day… a lot of playing and a lot of writing… (No wonder I am putting on weight and losing my exercise tolerance!)


Played this horrible game that prompted me to start a new thread earlier, asking for titles that I should never play or have on my WL:

review link:


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but i think it is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I would really appreciate if anyone could subscribe to this curator page, it is a collective between me and other 3 steam friends and we are trying to review art and weird vidya, so if anyone is interested you are welcome! Thank you all for your time!!! :blush::blush:


A couple more updates from our channel today:

Review Link:

The following game is one of my favorite indie titles to be released this calendar year, and possibly the top pick for me. Even though it’s in Early Access, it has so much to offer. (I know that Dead Cells came out earlier this year too, but it’s been around a bit longer, so I am not including it in this mental list.)

Review Link:


Book of Demons was really fun. I should go back and run more characters through.


I’ll be giving away a copy of Sheltered again soon.

No one entered my last giveaway. lol


Probably b/c you piggybacked it off a thread a lot of people don’t watch… They want to see a new thread titled. [H]Steam Key [W]Nothing. Then all of steamgifts will be barging through your door.


A few more reviews: