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Dude… 0 viewers.

Come on. I’m not really the streamer type anyway. I don’t play super popular games, i focus on indies and old stuff.

I mostly just like to extract the funny things that happen. There’s too many times where I’ve said “I wish I recorded that”

Here’s an example for your eye spheres. AUDIO ON!


lol, nah dude I’m just messing with u, hope u do get some viewers man, gl. The important thing is yr having fun, and if u do end up getting viewers and grow as a channel, then that’s extra, so y, just keep doing what yr doing :smiley:


Another long pause between updates:

First game is one I just couldn’t help myself to buy and play, it’s a faithful reproduction of the original game for PS2:

Review link:

Next is the newest update to the Insurgency lineup:

Review link:

This next one has received mixed opinions on Steam, though I personally find it very well done, in VR and flattened for desktops:

Review link:

This is a pretty neat city-building simulation/strategy game that is still in Early Access. It’s priced to draw players and is pretty unique in its own way. Space is limited though, so you don’t get the freedom to build as in other building games.

Review link:

Plus another thing that doesn’t play like a game, so I didn’t recommend it:

Anomalies: the Generative Art Game review


Took a pretty length hiatus from reviews, but it’s time to get back to it. My goal is 50-100 reviews in 2019, not the massive quantities that I had done in the previous year.

Review link:




50-100 is still between 1 and 2 games a week. I know you’re not as insane as I am in thinking that you need to finish a game before you review it, but still where does that leave console games and PC games that you actually want to play.


It might end up being a lot less, to be honest, I have had a great time lately just focused solely on getting better at Spelunky and doing my YouTube videos.

As for actual written reviews, I might only do the ones that make a very strong impression on me. I may end up doing some more of the blind 30 min to an hour gameplay videos and just leave my commentary with the video and letting people decide from what they see.

I am definitely going to focus on having fun first. I usually use some unexpected downtimes at work to write, and I am enjoying this progress to improve as a writer as well. If I ever thought it was a chore, I would probably stop. That’s why my reviews usually get posted during US business hours, because I can’t use that downtime to actually play.


ah yeah I had a couple of those in PUBG as well. Like a squad wipe with 1 grenade or having this awesome pistol vs pistol duel and both of us just missing so many bullets xD

There, I fixed it :mage:


This is a fairly new twin-stick shooter that is pretty fun and has some neat internal mechanics, but overall is very easy to learn and exciting to play.

Review Link:

I know, I know, I need to update the first post, I haven’t been good about keeping that updated, one of these days I will post the links in for all of the reviews to date.

You sneaky you… I tried the game a little, can’t make heads and tails of it yet, and of course, easily died several times in a row…


Here’s a new metroidvania with RPG elements. It’s pretty player friendly yet still challenging. There’s absolutely no penalty for dying, so even in death, there is progress (experience).

Review link:


As the game reminds me of a dreadnought I have to say thanks so much for this.

I am SOOOOOO pleased by this quote.


Here is a recently released short but cheap action/puzzle platformer that plays quite nicely, though still with flaws. It’s just a simple title that has refreshing artwork and still invokes the traditional NES/FC console experience.

Review Link:


I’ve been Steam friends with you, @YQMaoski since I joined this community, and it’s always great to check out an indie game I saw on YouTube or that got recommended by Steam and see your review about it. A great help for an indie lover like me, because it’s so hard to see the gems in the flood of indie games on Steam.

I never reviewed a game before, but I wanna give it a shot. So if I find one that none of you have tackled yet and that I find something qualified to say about, I’ll post it into the Indiegems Steam group, is that right? :slight_smile:


I am glad you are enjoying reading and want to write something yourself! I always encourage anyone to try their hand at writing a review.

The Steam review system is flawed in its own way, because you have two options, to recommend something or to not recommend something. So one thing I always think about is would I tell my friends about this game and is it worth their time, that usually forms the basis of the opinion.

The other embellishments are just that, I find that I enjoy reading reviews with a lot of detailed information, so that I have gravitated towards extensively describing my thoughts about a game.

I used to do more technical reviews, discussing a lot about the actual gameplay and mechanics, but I find that when I read someone’s review, I am looking for their personal opinions and their emotions and feelings after trying out or completing the game, so I have been gradually changing my style of writing to be more personal, more feelings rather than technical.

If you end up finding an indie title you thoroughly enjoy and wish to review, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to share it with the rest of the IndieGems group. In fact, I am thinking about starting a thread there for users of the group to share their reviews as well.


And post here too right? Or does it require the YQMaoski stamp of approval?


This is supposed to be a discussion forum. I have no monopoly on any of our business. Please feel free to post anything you would like to share with the community here. :slight_smile:

Rhetorical question: Do I come off as some kind of iron-fisted dictator or just a hard ass? For people to feel the need permission to write into open and public forums…


nah, quite the opposite :blush: :+1:


You are just the cutest thing…


Making games is hard…



Probably the only hold back I currently have is that my reviews for games aren’t always well fleshed out. I tend to write a bit better under a sort of template.

I think I have one that I actually spent time and effort into. That was because I had 2 hours left until I got 1000 hours and I wrote it to actively NOT play the game. (It’s for Star Conflict.)

But yeah, I have a few games (indie or otherwise) that I’ve played that I can write reviews for. So I’d welcome some suggestions/tips for review writing. I would rather give a well thought out review instead of something like my review for Planetside 2 (from 2012): “3-way Battles, tanks, planes, lots of weapons, and tactical options. What else is there to have?”