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so what’s next on the list of adventures? -how’s dead cells coming along?


Was considering Bioshock or A Boy and his Blob…or perhaps even ditching the PC for a while and going with the PS3 backlog and Uncharted 3 or Dark Souls.

Sadly I missed out on Dead Cells so that’s still a wishlister for the time being.


really?, would have sworn i saw a recent post about you getting it, :thinking:, must have been the “opposite” then, during the coinshop i event i suppose?.. my bad :grimacing:
not bad choices to select from(the 3 i know at least), hope you enjoy whichever game strikes your mood “first” :+1:


Looks like you’ve just been idling of late…any games on your to do list now you’ve finished Grim Dawn?

Steam Summer Sale 2018 - Salien Minigame

more Hollow Knight, then possibly some Dying Light or Monstrum/ horror-esque’ish or some management/“citybuilder” thingy maybe like Lethis path of progress if i buy it, since playing caesar 3 again recently has struck me in that mood slightly, tho maybe just a short temporary thing -might also decide to chuck a week away yet on finishing Wasteland 2 this summer :blush:,
choices choices :smile:


ps check your steam :hugs:


You are a bad gnome!

However, thank you, you really, really, really shouldn’t have. :relaxed:


I recently played two games.

Stories Untold

I want more text adventure games like this! The first episode actually scared me, my only negative point about it was that it was really short.


I finished a pacifist run, one of them anyway, I didn’t embrace anyone but I did feed on someone during a boss fight that kept me from getting the Not Even Once achievement and kept me from the “best ending”, that’s what I get for listening to everyone saying that killing him doesn’t affect the story. I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of this game, I even enjoyed the combat. I still have to finish my playthroughs, the one that I am killing everyone I can and the one where I kill the “bad” people. I also really enjoyed the music, especially in boss fights and certain areas of the game.

Edit: And now I have finished another pacifist playthrough and got the best ending and the Not Even Once achievement. I much prefer that one over the other one, now to get through my evil playthroughs.


I got this on Chrono’s daily deal, started playing about a week ago, already put in 46 hours. I don’t know how to get off this train now. It’s too good.

Speaking of trains…

I seem to have fallen off this train, but I been having the itch to play it again.

PSA, the whole Bioshock franchise including DLC is bundled for $14.99

This game scared the crap out of me. Gonna play more once I get the guts.


I was playing Wall Street Raider. I wish there was a more modern version of this game. Especially a better UI.


Oh dear, oh no, what happened here?


^ That’s brilliant. :laughing:

This represents what gaming is like for me perfectly.

…and it’s only getting worse. :scream:


How is Minerva’s Den?


Hiiiiiiiii :blush: :blush: :blush:

So. I never post here because I always have more than 50 games installed and I hop between them like crazy. My gaming habits are not very focused, but I’m trying to fix that during my winter break this year (yeah, it’s winter here, deal with it). So my backlog, for the first time since 2014, is actually organized and has an order to it.

So let’s get to it.

Of note, I recently played:

The Beginner’s Guide

My thoughts and positive review

My review is divided in two sections, one for those who want to buy/play it and don’t want spoilers while figuring out if they should, and the other is my impressions, ideally for those who already played or want to know a little bit more about it before doing so.

All in all, to me this was one of those “game changing” games. I now see games in a different light because of it and I’m so grateful I got to experience it. A friend of mine actually gifted it to me after reading my What Remains of Edith Finch review. Speaking of which…

What Remains of Edith Finch

My thoughts and positive review

First, a real story
When I was 7, I found out that two brothers killed each other inside my house for the money my father paid for it. It turns out that all those years before my father renovated the house, two families lived crammed in it, in the same space that now snugly holds three people, one dog and one turtle – and an unholy amount of books, but that’s a story for another time.

This is how my review starts. This is both my most liked (currently at 94 helpfuls, woah) and most hated review – for some actually good reasons such as something called ‘community guidelines’ which apparently actually exist. Who would have thought? /s

Jokes aside, What Remains of Edith Finch was personally a fantastic experience for me, and I can’t say it any better than I already said on my review, so hop onto the love/hate bandwagon and have some fun reading the comment rants.

AER Memories of Old

My thoughts and positive review

All in all, AER is a pretty face packed with creativity, but its world isn’t big enough to satiate exploration enthusiasts, its puzzles aren’t smart enough to pose a challenge and its story isn’t as well paced as the most well-read among us would like.

That being said, I recommend AER to gamers who are looking for a relaxed, laid back adventure with loads of quality flying and screenshot opportunities. However, don’t scrutinize it too hard, for AER is just one wing-beat away from being as striking as it had the potential to be.

You can read more here.

My backlog

  1. Wait for the Rumu devs to tell me they fixed the last two achievements to try and get them again.
  2. Play and maybe review Everything.
  3. Start Hollow Knight, much to the joy of folk at Chrono.
  4. Start Songbringer and discuss it with @YQMaoski.
  5. Replay and finally review the utterly brilliant and surreal Beckett.

I may change the order of this depending on a billion things but, here’s where I’m at, mostly. :blush:

On, and btw, @Elocin30, if you liked Stories Untold (I did too!), I’d recommend Zork for, imho, the best classic adventure out there – if you get it, get it on GOG. If you liked the horror tied with the story, I’d recommend SOMA – I started playing and it’s number 6 on my backlog, actually. So far I really like it but it’s super duper scary haha


I’m curious about Songbringer…looks like it could be a really good time, but I’m always wary of any game that has procedurally generated content.


This is procedurally generated in a very specific manner. You start the world by typing a random set of 6 letters as your “world seed” and so anyone using that same “world seed” generates the same world.

This allows for sharing of strats among friends who are trying to say speedrun the same scenario, etc.

I rather enjoy the mechanic… :slight_smile:

I also like that the dungeons increase in difficulty as the numbers go up, but you don’t have to do them in order.

@coralinecastell, I am also jumpy… I am trying to make sure I try the daily challenges in Spelunky and Painter’s Playground if I get time every day. If I ever get around to unlocking this in Dead Cells, that will be something else to do on a daily basis. I do hope to go back to Songbringer soon.


I just saw that you reviewed it! You get to play all the cool stuff!! :smile:

Will read that properly when I get home.


@YQMaoski That sounds a lot like the way The Long Journey Home handles its RNG, actually. You’ll get the same world based on a seed, but your other decisions (crew choice and what you do in-game) will cause further deviations.


Whaaaaat?? Seriously?? Oh my flip so it’s like Superflight, then! Cool. :blush:

I’m not sure if daily challenges will get added to Dead Cells, but I’m glad you’re enjoy the game! Also, I had no idea Spelunky had dailies as well :thinking:

Well that one is faaaar down my backlog but when I get to it, I’ll see…

edit: RIP daily limit of likes reached. :skull:


There are daily challenges already in Dead Cells, I see @onLooSe playing them all the time, I get envious because I haven’t progressed enough to unlock it yet… Though with my 10-minute runs due to my own incompetence, I will be sure to aim for that last place finish. :slight_smile:

I am going to look at Superflight at some point, I just keep waiting for it to show up on the next Humble bundle or monthly… lol… I have a feeling it’s going to be there at some point… For a small indie game, it sure got a lot of attention in the few months it’s been released.

@CptMold, that seems very similar, for sure. The world doesn’t really change in Songbringer, as far as I can tell. The game is meant to be shorter with lots of replayability and trying out new speedrun strats and skips, but I also enjoy the artwork and dialogue too.