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Starting a thread for people to talk about any game they’ve bought here (or elsewhere) and finally got around to playing - tell us a bit about it, why you delayed playing it, whether you wish you’d played it sooner or it came at the perfect time, how long it took to beat, whether you were so addicted to it you went achievement hunting after/during main quest, etc.

For me, just played Soulless: Ray of Hope. 5 hours total (including food break), put it off because I’ve not been in the mood for a puzzle platformer lately. It came at the perfect time because I just had a really good friend die in a very public tragedy about a week ago, and the game storyline is very introspective as are a lot of indie games. As for quality, it was a bit frustrating because the controls feel sluggish, but easily beatable in a sitting even with that minor annoyance. I took the time to repeat final level twice more just to see all the endings, but other than that I’m not going after all the hidden rooms, collectibles, no-death, or other random achievements. All-in-all, a good break from reality, would recommend.


I’m continuing my playthrough of Fate/Extella The Umbral Star via my PS Vita.

The reason I said “continuing” because I just graduated from college/university last week and I really didn’t have the time to play the game because of all the pre-graduation requirements that needed to be taken care of.

I’m a huge fan of the Fate Series so when I was finally able to get a copy of the damn game, I was super stoke. I haven’t sadly platinum the game yet (considering that after graduation I still had some shit to do like finding a job, self-teaching some shit, finding a job, trying to relax and remember that I’m not a student anymore, finding a job).


I played the game that was on sale yesterday, Four Last Things. It was quite amusing but way too short, even for the $5 I spent on it.

I’m also playing through Darksiders 2 at the moment, it’s been sitting in my backlog for a few years now. I don’t even really remember when and how I purchased it but I’d suspect it was in a bundle at some point. I have way too many games in my steam library, most of them I’ll probably never play, but every time I finish a game I end up spending a month or so trying to dig something up that I fancy delving into. I suppose the announcement of Darksiders 3 brought the game to my attention and I was looking for a good ‘gamepad game’ to play from my new armchair, so this fit the bill.


Hi, my name is Tora. Hi Tora. I’m addicted to Portal Knights, but I can quit whenever I want. Whenever I want.


I just finished Clockwork, cute little puzzle-platformer
not the best puzzles or platforming, sorta mediocre average, with slightly clunky controls (tho that part makes sense cos of being a clanker), but i really liked the art style aesthetics and story, would have liked a sequel in fact, to see what happened, with some 2.5/3D platforming + exploration next time, alas.
Not a disappointing purchase this time around, yay.


Just beat A Virus Named TOM - 9 hours total over 3 days, was a uniquely challenging puzzle game that thankfully awards “skips” that you can use on the later zones otherwise it’d be insanely hard. The achievements are wide-ranging including a bunch of multiplayer and DLC achievements, and since I do not have friends that’s not happening. :stuck_out_tongue: Finished entire single player campaign though, and I can say I enjoyed the pain, plus especially the art and humor.


Just finished Deadlight (some of you might have heard of it :smile_cat:) which have been in my backlog for some years
Now, this is a game which i have a Love/Hate relationship with
i like the story, sorta usual zombie drama but hey the classics work, the art and aesthetics are wonderful imo, and the general feel of the game is great.
Exceeeeept for 2 major bugbears

1 the infuriatingly wonky controls at time. Every platformer should have Super Meat Boy style tight controls or not be allowed to reach the general public because it artificially increase inflation of new hardware/controllers

2 the pain in the arse aneurysm inducing Nightmare mode which is just the most cruel artificial gimmick made worse by point 1
(and they had the nerve to dare tie an achievement to it which is gonna spin my OCD out of control and blow my budget on new peripherals) :rage:

I freaking love the game!, but boy do i bloody hate it! :smile_cat:


Wow time flies…just checked my cheevos for it and see i completed it in march 2015!

Great game, and as for your bugbears, yeah the controls can be a bit wonky but i don’t think i had TOO much trouble with 'em (and most people if not everyone do complain about them, iirc from reading stuff online they didn’t fix it for the director’s cut) and regarding nightmare mode it could be a lot worse, they could make you restart the whole game! :grin:
Just replay the really difficult sections a few times via the normal mode and hopefully you won’t need more than 2 or 3 tries for the latter chapters.

I haven’t been playing games much for a while now and when i do it’s multi-player shooters but the last single-player game i finished is Call of Juarez Gunslinger. VERY VERY fun shooter between the gun play and the narration with arcade and duel modes that will probably have you goin’ back to increase your score even if you already passed with flying colors and got your achievements (and hehe boy did i get’em).

Do pick it up next time it’s on sale and give it a go if you fancy an fps where you can slow down time and throw and shoot your dynamite!


Super Soy Boy? The vegan friendly option for platfoming challenges.


already done, and done :smile_cat:


shhh we dont mention weird typos, never knew who done it, ima blame it on mods, because clearly i’m always best spelling


13/26 achievements on Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for myself, but I’m good. No OCD, enjoyed it last year, beat it, and don’t need to repeat it.


We’re playing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS like crazy around office, and i’m trying to make myself finish Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor before the sequel comes out. :confounded:


“make myself finish Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor”…? I feel like I need to buy a lottery ticket, found the one person that doesn’t like SoM!? :astonished: You’re allowed to not like it, but now I’m curious - is there anything in particular you don’t like about it?

I waited until the Game of the Year edition released before I bought and played it, one of two regrets in my gaming history was not buying SoM sooner. The other regret was pre-ordering Dungeon Siege III if anyone was curious, but it cured me of pre-ordering forever - so…$62.67 lesson learned? The receipt is laminated and framed to remind me to never pre-order, it’s disgustingly beautiful, in a tragic way. :grimacing:


I <3 SoM! :heart_eyes:

I just haven’t found a ton of time to play it lately between twerking on chrono and @lonin getting me killed carrying me in PUBG.


I totally get that, i love SoM too, yet haven’t found the time to sit down and completely finish the 2nd half lol

On a side note, just managed to to FINALLY do Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons can’t believe it took me this long to get to it, too great a backlog it would seem sometimes, though some games really don’t deserve spending years waiting to be played


Any game universally loved by ALL (and I’m not counting the 5% trolls that give negative reviews just to get attention) deserves to jump straight to the top of your backlog. The only good excuse for not playing Brothers sooner is “I only own a Mac” because sadly it’s not been ported to run natively on Apple’s hardware. Valid criticism towards Brothers includes: it was too short, sometimes buggy (yes, I ran into issues too), simplistic puzzles (it was no Myst/Riven), simplistic platforming, and maybe overhyped (because some gushed all over Brothers), but over half of the negative comments are directed at having to play with a controller when that is literally the core mechanical draw for the game. As for the other complaints, it’s still a great game if you look at it objectively, then go ahead and mention the flaws if you feel the need to point out it was short or whatever.

TL;DR - Save your negative reviews for true piles of garbage like Command and Conquer 4 which was a franchise-destroying self-sabotaging excuse of a game, or the Vikings DLC for Civ 6 which includes NO NEW CIVILIZATIONS for $5. Or the pinnacle of my mistakes: Dungeon Siege III, had to laminate and frame my pre-order receipt for $62.67 to remind myself to never pre-order a game again.


hehe, trust me, i have no good excuse or even remotely valid one for not having gotten to play it sooner
even if a “short” game, it just seemed whatever time there was got spend elsewhere

and i agree on the troll reviews, browsed through a bunch of them, i especially like the ones à la “game is broken, only works with controller”, which i find hilarious since there is a giant disclaimer right at the top stating that exact thing lol

i loved the gameplay even if “simple puzzles” and “ultra casual platforming”, even if the story was sorta non existing because it was all done through interactions and not traditional story "mode’ing"
but to me that was sorta what made it so special,
the gimmick of the interaction and mechanic,
you didn’t just go through a story like most other games, you proper acted it out.

The touch with the “language” just further heightened the sense of participation because you weren’t given a chore list or narration or exposition, it was just all about instilling the sense of interaction, playing out the “parts”, instead of just being the regular third party and sidekick most stories feel like

i wasn’t disappointed with the story, the low effort puzzles or platforming, i was only disappointed by the length, because i wanted more, so much more, really wanted to see where they could have taken the brother mechanic and what they could do/have done to further the gameplay with it had it been 2-3-4x the length
but at the same time it felt just right, not like loving a chocolate cake and gorging on an entire one until you get tired of it, but instead you get served a perfect “sliver” refined as a molten lava cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side

truly a wonderful game, and imo any negative review just mean that person doesn’t have half decent taste,
because even valid complaints seem to diminish by the entirety of the game, not something i feel often regarding games, it takes a lot to overshadow bad or overwhelming mediocrity, but Brothers truly managed to do just that and make it a completely great experience, at least for me


Brothers has been sitting in my steam library for quite a while now, bought it on Christmas sale -14. Have not yet gotten around to playing it. Mostly because I’m told it’s such a great game with so much emotional payoff I want to play it when I’m in a a receptive mood to enjoy such an experience.

Would seem a shame to waste the game on a day I’m just feeling bored or stressed with too many things on my mind. So it gets to sit around for a little while longer.


I bought Brothers on Xbox 360 when it was released. I bought it again on PC during a Steam sale this past year… and I still haven’t gotten around to playing it. I don’t know why, as this game is right up my alley. I suppose I have also been waiting for the right mood to fully appreciate it. Perhaps we should stop waiting for the opportune time, which may never come, and just play the damn game :smiley: