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So I’ve been playing Neo Scavenger for a about 17h now since it was on sale. The game is utterly ridiculous, and will kill you without a moments notice. There’s no real ‘git gud’ goal to really strive towards either, there’s only so much that is within your control. But for some reason I find it very compelling.

So much in the game is based on luck, there are a couple of things you just have to find day 1 if you are to have even a chance to survive. You will straight up freeze to death first day if you don’t find enough clothes, you don’t even have all day 3-4 first turns you gotta find something.

Then if you don’t find a tin can or a pot or something to boil water in you’re as good as dead, you got to drink something and every drop of water is a gamble until you’re able to boil it. Wont kill you straight away though, no you’re just going to come down with a stomach bug and vomit and/or shit yourself to death a couple of days later.

If you don’t get swarmed by wild dogs first or some random raider takes your head off with a shotgun or sodding werewolf eviscerates you.

Yeah… I’ve had several runs now where I thought I’d stabilized, got enough stuff to at least survive the wilderness even managing to fend off the dogs without too much effort only to have some lunatic with a rifle end the whole thing in 2 rounds of combat or the game just throws pneumonia at you out of nowhere, what are you gonna do about it? huh? nothing! yeah thought so.

Well time for another run.


been humping and (unintentionally) suicide-bombing my way through Wasteland 2 a game i got here on Chrono and i’ve been having a blast ever since, going on about 50 hours or so about now
and i love it, it’s hilarious, it’s unforgiving and RNG bliss and hell at times, both hard and easy with wonderful callbacks, references and fun or cute little lore and stuff
not to mention you can kill goats to make them stop screaming, and boy did it feel so good to finally make that sound stop after taming a goat as companion
I highly recommend it if you’re into these post apocalyptic classic style RPG’s, it keeps me well satisfied and motivated to the point where i constantly forget any gripes i have with it (did i mention the goats?)
so if you missed it on Chrono’s sale do consider picking it up at the Steam Summer sale

you might just find it to be well worth it like i did (and if not, shoot a goat in the head and get a refund :joy_cat:)

Edit: just blew myself up for the umpteenth time… 3x in a row… :rolling_eyes:, i’m gonna have to start this over right?, right. Damn
(apparently you can be lucky enough to traverse through a minefield and not detonate anything, ONCE!) :ghost: :smile_cat:

Edit 2: got frustrated with my own inadequacies after getting blown up by being incompetent and a fool, my “cruch” team member left me stranded in the desert after being fed up with me, so went on a murder spree to let off some steam.
apparently people didn’t like that, so now both the good and the bad guys wont talk to me, truly lonely in the wasteland now :joy_cat:


Beat Hero of the Kingdom II, was one of those random games from a bygone Steam Summer Sale or somewhere else that has been collecting dust in my library for a fair bit of time. Not anymore! I dusted it off, started playing it and even though it was fairly simple point+click adventure, I ended up casually enjoying it while watching some LCS matches. Took 5 hours to 100%, so it was straightforward except for some Midas Golden Armor side quest thing that I went back and figured out after I won. Other than that, for those interested I recommend 5000 gold target once you unlock the lumber mill (and have upgraded it with workers to improve the efficiency) by using the wood->lumber->charcoal sold to blacksmith route. Mostly because other resource chains are annoying to work or take too long to unlock.


I’ve recently started playing Dark Souls. It’s the first of the souls games I’ve tried, so if, if You want, You can take wages on whether or not I can actually see it to the end. Maybe if I do it I’ll come back here and give my final thoughts. Loving it so far, though.


I just finished Darksiders 2.
It’s a thoroughly alright game. To be fair to it’s developers they pretty much achieved everything they set out to achieve, some of those things just doesn’t entirely satisfy me.

First off though if anyone else here has the game in their backlog still and end up playing it later on remember this: Play the DLC extra campaigns as they unlock, they are NOT end game content. They are never introduced in a seamless fashion into the original game world. You have to actually exit to menu and load them up separately.

This kind of made my own finish of the game a little anticlimactic as I after having beat the end boss got the option of starting New Game+ or go back to an older save to do the DLC. The DLC dungeons don’t really help themselves much in that they don’t have a hard end at all, once you beat what’s in them you end up left just hanging out with nothing to do but to quit to menu and load up the main campaign again. This did not make for a strong final experience of the game.

With that said, commence the griping!

This is going to be a pretty long one.
There’s a design philosophy at work in this game series that I am not particularly fond of and that’s the way most movement of the world is scripted. Not the plain walking bits but any time you’re going to jump or climb or vault across things it’s through the use of fully designed paths with objects that the character model will interact with in specific ways. Any ledge you can climb up over has a bit of scaffolding in it. You can wall run on most walls but it only matters where you’re supposed to do it and if the designers don’t want you to do it at some point there’s cracked walls or pillars in the way that clearly signposts that it’s not allowed. You get pegs on walls that helps you wall run further and eventually “hookshot” spots that serves the same purpose but limits you until you find the appropriate items.

Now my problem with all this is that I don’t really feel particularly connected to the actions on screen, I pushed A and then I pushed A again and now I’m on the other side of an obstacle course that could have been a fair bit of fun to traverse, if I had the ability to move my character freely. A lot of people complained that the controls for Mirror’s Edge were too complicated and maybe they were but it gave you full control over the character and every cool stunt you pulled off was yours. The Darksiders games takes it to the other extreme.

Sure the complexity and number of obstacles in a row increases as the game progresses and once or twice there was a series long enough that I felt like I was actually doing something. Now and then they also involve a time constraint though which only adds frustration to the experience, because I do not get to fully control the character. The game interprets single key presses to mean very decisive actions that takes a lot of time or moves you far away and the game does not perfectly capture your inputs. Sometimes it just does nothing, sometimes it jumps you straight off a ledge, sometimes you’re too fast and input lag still thinks your thumbstick is pointing left when you clearly let it go before pressing A.

So most failures in time trial courses happens because the game takes you off course for several second from a single mistake or misinterpreted/ignored key press. Not allowing the player to quickly correct a mistake completely breaks sense of control and immersion. You’re just stuck sitting there watching Death pointlessly crawl up a wall for 4s before he drops down and you can try again, but at this point the lava or spikes or acid has risen too far and you might as well just restart. There are no real player skillchecks in this game, if you know the path you need to go it’s just a matter of pointing the character in the right direction and let him get on with it.

The game has an annoying habit of wrestling control away from the player in other areas too, most noticeably at the end of boss fights. As you beat a boss the game starts running a pre-coded animation sequence where your character flips, flies, pulls bits off of monsters and other honestly kinda neat looking stuff to finish the fight off. There are lesser versions of this behaviour in ordinary combat where you can occasionally get an ‘execute’ move which launches you into a several seconds long animation on the press of a button. Some of them are pretty cool looking, but once again this renders me a spectator, not a player and it’s something that I find a little annoying.

You can make a game with cool shit happening caused BY the player, that’s how you get amazing stories between friends about this cool trick you pulled off the other day.

Overall though, as I recognize that the systems in place are a choice the designers made and they mostly work as intended, it’s a good game.

What was good about it, though?
Eh, I dunno. It didn’t bore me? I’m way better at analyzing things that bothers me about a title than what I specifically enjoyed. I enjoy the brawling fighting style and solving the puzzles and finding the paths to move through the dungeons. Even though the paths are a little too well sign posted since that’s how the whole movement system is designed. I guess the game is a 3d puzzle platformer pretty much, with some brawling thrown in for good measure.

Well that’s my take on Darksiders, it applies to both games and I suspect the upcoming #3 will have the same issues in design choices. I’ll probably play that one too though, ~5 years after release.

But now I’m going to start one of the games I’ve been given here, probably poncho, thanks to @Gnuffi.


Big fan of the storyline in the Darksiders franchise, nephilim Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, angels, demons, etc. As for the design choices, 2 was so different from 1, and they both do boil down to being 3D puzzle platformers with some hack’n’slash. The original port for DS1 to the PC was terrible btw, but it’s what I played because that’s all I had. Replayed the Warmastered Edition when that came out, fixed nearly all the bugs and problems, so much better. Gave me faith in playing the PC port of DS2, Deathinitive Edition so huzzah for that!

Ultimately Darksiders 3 is going to be a disappointment I think, I want it to succeed but I think the new development team is biting off more than they can chew. And the hype train… :frowning: sigh :frowning: can someone please blow the hype train up? I’ll give the new devs A+ for effort, but they don’t have the money for a massive AAA title, nor do they have the original drive of the artists that created the world regardless of how much the new creators love it. “Please don’t suck” is my mantra, because I want 2 more unique games playing as Pestilence and Famine to finish the series!


Your analysis is on point, as I share the same sentiment about THQ Nordic. They’re not up to the task.
Also, I do believe that the fourth horseman is Strife, following the comic’s lore.


decided to take a break from Wasteland 2 :ghost:
and just done A Bird Story and To The Moon
though they aren’t exactly “games”, but more interactive (Moon more so than Bird) RPG-Maker-styled stories, which wont appeal to everyone equally,
but wow was the story and music well worth it to me despite my gripes with the “format”,
short and sweet so any “flaws” really didn’t matter much in the end and seemed quickly forgot
and OMG am i looking forward to the sequel so much right right now!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

really hoping for more interaction in the new installment, as long as both story, music and feels doesn’t get gimped the slightest as a result

thank you so much @m0n0 for reminding me this existed! :hugging:
(and shame on me for forgetting) :confounded:
(i actually first mistook To The Moon piano theme for this at first)

oh, and now 48 left to go @Fraggles :joy_cat:


Just finished Bioshock Remastered and Mars: War Logs. One was a decent shooter with an incredible story. The other was an incredible RPG with serious translation issues early on. I’d actually recommend that others pick up Mars WL along with Bound by Flame and The Technomancer (play them in that order), as Spiders’ RPGs feel like a roughly translated version of the great late-Xbox early-360 Bioware games before they completely fell apart. Nothing’s been the same since they peaked with Mass Effect/Dragon Age 1. The Technomancer is by far their best game and even the voice acting is pretty solid that time around.

I also tried Bioshock 2 Remastered, also known as Escort Mission: Recrashtered, and for some reason I’m still trying to force myself to like Mass Effect 2 considering how great the first one was-- I just can’t do it. I’m feeling like I should just grit my teeth and put up with the crashing problems in Bio2 Remastered, it was such a massive leap over the first game in quality and the remaster looks/runs great when it isn’t freezing up in the middle of a battle. I’d rather be frustrated by a few crashes than put up with the bland GoW-wannabe combat and lobotomized skill tree of ME2.


i’m so happy i’ve always been pretty fortunate with my system “compatibility luck”, so for my games i very rarely had those severe issues that plagued others,
and there is no denying Bioshock 1/2 “remastered” was released in piss poor states and only glancing concern was afforded post release
which is such a terrible shame because they are both really good games (imo), look amazing and plays well (when it works)
sadly 2k has just gone down hill lately with their releases on PC, but really shouldn’t be surprised at this point by them the way daddy Take-Two Interactive has been going
inc desert themed shark cards for Red Dead Redemption 2! :joy_cat:


Bioshock is one of those series that have fallen by the wayside for me. The computer I had at the time of their release was not up to tackling them well enough and I always figured once I got around to buy new hardware I’d play them.

Never got around to it though. I do own them, both the originals and the remastered. I figured the release of the remasters was a good opportunity to play them, but then they turned out to run like arse so again I delay.

At this point I’m not sure if I’m better off playing the old versions over the remasters when I finally get around to it.


Actually, I’ve been defending Bioshock 1 Remastered for about a year now, and considering how Red Faction Guerilla wouldn’t even launch when I installed it around the same time, it could be Steam’s fault after all.

At the very least, BS1 Remastered ran without a single flaw. 100-140 FPS, 1440p 100Hz, FreeSync, improved graphics, better audio quality, and not a single crash. The only issue I ran into was with the mouse acceleration; this was a problem in the original as well, and it was fixed with a bug.

Did you try playing with Anisotropic 4x? The remasters seem to hate anything higher than that with texture streaming issues and low framerates. In the meantime, I’m reinstalling 2 Remastered as it’s amazing and I can’t stand the absolute borefest that is Mass Effect 2.

@Fraggles Don’t bother with the originals. 15 FPS physics without mods, OpenAL audio that’s extremely low quality and crashes every five minutes, absolutely no Windows 7/8/10 compatibility, and remnants of SecuROM/GFWL… not to mention the awful mouse acceleration that the remasters fixed.


change your picture holy poop


Alright, thanks for the heads up.
Both SecuROM and GFWL, geeze they really hate their customers don’t they?
I suspect that played a role in me not buying it earlier as well, even if I had forgotten about it by now.


honestly i can’t remember which settings i played on since it’s been like a year
but was likely on max since that usually works for older games/their remasters, so i’m guessing x16, but can’t state it as a fact
i just know i had 0 issues with either games and as such able to enjoy them fully, despite the forum for both games being full of people with bad issues, in both 1 and 2, and they coudn’t enjoy it the same because of it
but as mentioned, that seems to have been the luck i’ve had for quite some time with pc games
and don’t get me wrong i wasn’t bashing the games, i love them, they are among my favourites, and they worked perfectly for me, i was just able to recognize the ports had issues and bashed 2k as result, since seems everything they got their hands on in recent years have “issues”


Well, I think SecuROM was only in Bioshock 1 (patched out but with a few dormant files), while GFWL was in 2 (same thing, I think).

Of course, the remasters are clean. I got a 2K support response in two days and I physically can’t tolerate any more half-assed dialogue trees with Mass Effect 2, so I’m going back to Rapture soon enough. I was having a lot of fun with the remasters, the occasional F5 won’t hurt if necessary (I always rebind quicksave to that).


I’ve been trying out Project Highrise the past week and have enjoyed it a good bit. My interest is definitely fading now that I’ve unlocked the greater tiers but I haven’t given the scenarios a shot yet which might create some fun challenges.

It did a good job of quenching the nostalgia thirst I had going for sim tower. The mobile tower games just weren’t doing it for me :stuck_out_tongue:


The past few nights I’ve been playing Airheart - Tales of Broken Wings. I happened to stumble upon the trailer and found it intriguing enough to warrant a purchase.

Airheart, which appears to be very loosely based on Amelia Earhart, involves flying your airplane through randomized environments, fighting off enemy planes and catching skyfish - the currency used to upgrade your plane so that you can reach higher levels. It’s an action Rogue-like with a sense of progression similar to Rogue Legacy. The gameplay is fun and challenging. There are are dozens of weapons, parts, and blueprints to customize/upgrade your plane. The graphics are vibrant and beautiful. The music is also quite nice.

The game is in Early Access, but it already feels very polished and has a ton of potential. Below is the launch trailer for anyone who may be interested. It has received a number of significant updates since.




I’m not going to like your post, Ionin. You’re better than PUBG. :stuck_out_tongue: Try Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - blowing my mind right now.