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Us lifelong cultists won’t need the simulation of course… But I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to the real thing!


Most recent addiction has been Wizard of Legend. Though the new character in Slay the Spire is super awesome


I think I have to get on that Slay the Spire train, I am really liking the idea of that game, the Defect character seems like a more complicated character than the others though, is that correct @EMCL?


Recently played

And of course

Both great games I recomend


@Nateninja21, how was Error? :rofl: :joy: I hope I am not offending anyone by joking around!


I’ll never know what he recently played now :cry:


Ha Ha, my secrets are safe from @Twistedgerm and @YQMaoski. Now I can play it without you knowing, HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA







Super duper loved this, it only took a few hours to play thru, but the atmosphere and soundtrack were amazing.



Currently addicted to this.

Am a level 10 pig.

O I N K.




why do i keep seeing/reading that as “slay the :chipmunk:(squirrel)




OK…confirmed, Gnuffi has savant level “mad gaming skillz”. I’ve spent all day grinding out A SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT! Granted there was a fair amount of RNG at work in this one but boy, this is hard work…


I’m not sure if I should be proud of or embarrassed by the fact I spent 3 weeks grinding out the last achievement on Mini Metro. Auckland still haunts my nightmares.


click … click … click

click click click click click



Finally wrapped up Dishonored. Done, done and done…only put in about 40 more hours than Gnuffi but content that I got all of the achievements, even the nigh on impossibly difficult ones.


:thinking: doubtful…, since i’ve replayed it over 5x over the years :wink:
(me thinks steam not always counting so goods, maybe has gnomes on staff doing hour mafs) :smile: