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y it’s kinda funny how as kids we were like y sonic woohoo but now yr like wtf yr supposed to go fast but that also means u can’t possibly react to whatever comes next so u just run into shit all the time rofl


yea, but isn’t that the fun of it tho? -especially the “overshooting” something and having to go back a bit, because you think you missed something important or the “right turn” :smile:


personally i don’t see any fun in that, lol


I kinda agree with you on the first Sonic game. While the first level is pretty fun, since it’s fairly open with multiple branching paths, the second level is really slow, relying a lot on minor puzzles and waiting for moving platforms. The level design of the first game is kind of uninteresting and doesn’t really fit Sonic’s moveset in my opinion. While I don’t mind when Sonic moves slower, there aren’t really enough interesting level gimicks to keep thing fun.

I loved the second and third games though. The levels are more open and have more stuff to do, and there are very few obnoxious unavoidable traps.


The first Sonic relies on you to know the levels in advance so that you can be aware of that sudden fireball, or the spikes, or the spring trap or even a bottomless pit. Some of those hazards are introduced without any kind of warning or foreknowledge and they’re at complete odds with the speed Sonic should have. And the issue is that when Sonic is slow his inertia renders him totally incompetent at moving over even a gentle hill.

I’ve not played 2 or 3 but the addition of the Spin Dash definitely seems like it would remedy some of the problems the first game has. However, even as a Sega kid growing up, I think that it’s amazing that Sonic did so much for Sega against Mario. In reality Tom Kalinske and Sonic were the one two punch that raised Sega US out of the shadows and turned them into a major player. Once he left when Sega Japan took charge again, Sega’s demise became inevitable. It’s a shame really for a company with such an incredible history to meet an inglorious end, at least in hardware terms.

I’m going to stick with Sonic and finish it…refreshing old memories sometimes isn’t worth the pain though!


Those were certainly the days, when it was just okay to do whatever, and the players adapted to the game. I remember jumping and rolling through those levels, and those later levels were quite difficult. But if I were to play it again now, I am not sure how far I would get…


Currently playing Maple Story 2 in CBT (closed beta test). They have increased the XP gain rate by a pretty significant margin and they give you 1000 merits (cash shop currency) each day so you can try/test things out. So far I’m liking it as a sequel to Maple Story. Plenty of stuff to do so far I’m noticing as long as you don’t no-life it. Fishing, gathering, mining, house decorating, dailies, world bosses, pvp, raids, dungeons, guilds, play music, minigames (solo or vs), etc.

I just hope that on release that the cash shop won’t be p2w feeling. Right now, it’s a mix of convenience and also some things are just locked behind merits, like some house assistants and I’m not sure what else yet. I have a group that is interested in the game and has been playing it in CBT, but we’re hoping they don’t mess it up :slight_smile:




We can dream, right? :sweat_smile:


*coughplaying a little grim dawn again*cough :rofl:

unleash the Kraken!

:thinking: that’s it ? ? :man_shrugging: you go in and come out 3 seconds later from fighting a lvl 107 Boss :face_with_raised_eyebrow: pff, what a wuss, weak sauce squi…
:hushed: oh… oohhh :open_mouth: -was only playing on “Normal” :grimacing:… well lets try Ultima… *bonk -“ouch…”,
*pow-slam-thunk! -“ow, ow, ow!!!”
… mebe i should read the patch notes… :cold_sweat:

*reads patch notes

-cries :sob:

RiP my tin can… :cry: F


GF and I have been hitting Mercenary Kings and Broforce when we get the opportunity.


Finished Sonic…well, in a way I’m glad I did it, although Scrap Brain Zone was awful. In fact I think people only think kindly of the first game because Green Hill Zone is awesome, and then each successive stage just gets worse…


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition is still really fun. i’m still working through through the campaign.


Because of a severe personality flaw I am currently just about to start Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials in earnest in an attempt to get all the achievements. Now I can usually ignore achievements but unfortunately I noticed that @Gnuffi has all 80 of them and now I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop until I also have all of them. Like I said…I have issues… :confounded:


:thinking: i do ?,
was about to say i couldn’t even recall playing much of the dlc, and that i didn’t think i finished it (except the story one), :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging: who knew… :thinking:, :blush: (well apprently you did) :smile:


I’ve been playing Hollow Knight.

I bought it on HB’s spring sale because people here were praising it in another post. I had no idea this would be one of my favorite things I’ve played recently. I am in love with this game.

The music and the sound effects are just beautiful… Just stunning in every way. I’ve been playing this with headphones from the start. I had to when I started because I didn’t want to disturb my roommate in the middle of the night, and it blew me away, so I haven’t played without them. Headphones highly recommended for this game.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ll stop gushing now.


You’ve got to be some kind of gaming genius not to remember doing it! Take a look at the reviews on the Steam page…I’m really worried that I’m not up to the challenge, and imagine that this is going to be very difficult. For you not to remember…:grimacing:


:rofl: -more like, i don’t even remember what i played over a year ago :joy:
(srs, i had to go up in this very thread just to see what i played prior to Wasteland :smile:) :blush:


alright, so here is my latest “post Grim Dawn” conquest;
oh boy… :grimacing:
this is one of those, “not quite thumbs down, but not thumbs up either”-games
the thing is, it appears like it’s going to be a neat little experience, and in part it is.
The “steam punk” dystopian “almost City of Ember like” feel, sorta gives you the impression there could be something great at work here.
And even if basic, the fundamentals are fun enough, “HL gravity gun’lite” to move things (mainly boxes) around as your tool to sort things out, be it small puzzles, minor “combat” or helping you get from a-b
but that’s also it…
Sadly it just feels empty,
-like, it could have been so so much more, and at least should have been a bit more

I spent like 6-7 hours on my first playthrough (yes is said first, because “achievements” :triumph:), because i ran everywhere, looked at everything clicked everything all people, thought i could/should do X or Y, but unfortunately it was just all “placeholders”/set dressing. You can do “a bit”, like there are some tiny bit of collectibles and a side “mission” or two, but not really much
in fact you can easily run the game through in just an hour apparently, if you just beeline the story from a-b without looking for other stuff (because it’s not there after all)

and it’s such a darn shame, because it’s really neat, and feels like such squandered potential
it’s not “bad”, it’s just not “good”, and even at 3bucks, honestly post 100%ing, it felt a little like a bit steep price for the offer,
but most of all just felt like such a shame, because constantly has that sense of “wow, this could be great, -if only x/y/z…”,
sadly wasted opportunity of decent (familiar) story, neat art, and overall concept
it’s fair enough to play “once”, but probably not something you should “rush” to consider or get above (the usual) 3$ discount or if lucky and getting bundled


I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for this game to unlock, so I can post my review of it…

It’s a fun little arcade game… I am of course also waiting for the unlock price to see if I need to modify my review.

It’s really short arena-survival bullet-hell. It’s small, fun and addictive… No story, just head in and try to kill enemies and stay alive.

Anyway, thought I would share.

On the other hand:

Cultist Simulator has been kicking my butt, really confusing, but involves a lot of good writing, diverse play, and requires a vivid imagination. I need to really wrap my mind around this one…


That’s the Perpetual edition disclaimer… of course most people will just wait for it to get a better sale or bundle. I thought I would share that too, since it ends really soon.