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I’ve been playing the crap out of Rogue Legacy on GOG.

Can’t get enough.

Oh, and Mini Metro, of course. :sunglasses:


Subnautica is friggin amazing, I’ve been playing that too in the past weeks and can confirm, it’s a creepy game at times. You’ve said it best, you never feel safe.
I love being at sea, half of my family is from a town near sea. But as my granny always said “sea offers no shelter”. Open waters can be beatiful and brutal. Subnautica really nailed that aspect along with the alien nature of the planet.


@harith has caused me to forsake existence…hold on one sec…just got to get back to Hollow Knight…


Hollow knight is such an amazing title. Waiting for the final content update in the works to be finished and then I’ll probably play it again. Lifeblood recently released, Gods and Glory announced not sure if that’s the last of it or if they’ll keep going.


y i keep hesitating; do i start playing it or do i wait till they finish adding content to it? Once I’ve played it i’m unlikely to go back to it later.


yeah Hollow Knight is excellent, I really need to go back and continue playing it. I am far from finishing it still.

The game we are really enjoying right now is For The King. Also an excellent game and such a chill game. Always end up dieing and having to start over, but it is one of those rare games where it does not piss us off when you have to start over. Didn’t pick it up until after it came out of EA, but having a blast so far with it :slight_smile:


Did you manage to beat Nightmare King Grimm? I’m pretty much happy that I’ve done everything else sensible but beat him, but frankly, I don’t think I have a hope of doing so…he’s just fiery death on two legs.


Well speaking of games I have to get back to…


No I was unable to beat the final encounter with him, also have not really managed to beat most of the ghost versions of the other bosses or the final arena fight. Those sort of combat challenges are not my cup of tea, luckily the game has a lot of other stuff on offer as well.



And with that I’m pretty much done. 107% complete, all endings finished. I’m not touching the speedrun stuff or the cannot die modes…and I’m going nowhere near the Path of Pain.


what about Gods and Glory?


When it comes I’ll be ready. You seriously need to get on Hollow Knight. It’s probably the best game I’ve played for several years.


Congrats on beating Nightmare King Grimm, don’t think I’d ever be able to myself. I gave up on even banishing the Grim Troupe entirely, which I noticed you had managed.

As I said these combat trials and boss fights are not really something I enjoy enough to put the effort into clearing out.


Thanks. NKG took me about 2 hours of endurance. To start with I lasted about 20 seconds. Then I reassessed my strategy and got him to around 25% health consistently…and at that point I just knew that with a little persistence I’d get there in the end. Although between this battle and the final trial in the Colosseum of Fools I’m not sure which was harder…I probably spent more time on the third trial which I thought I’d never do.
Out of everything I found the platforming in the White Palace the most irritating though.

And in reality I’m not actually that great a gamer. Some players have insane ability…I’m just persistent.


I might do that quite soon actually, i opened it yesterday and saw that u cant choose to play dlc in the menu, which i guess means it’s just built in into the game world? So maybe i can start playing it and that dlc should come out pretty soon anyway.


It’s all part of the game. And to be honest It doesn’t really add that much…a couple of bonus bosses and a few charms which you probably won’t use. All in all it’s more or less challenge content bar a couple of things.

I really want you to give it a go…would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.


i don’t know but from what i read here it might be a bit more than that, even a game system change with how charms work or something


Watching some people stream and see them going at something over and over and get better every time is something I just don’t get myself. After trying something for about 15-20 minutes I can just feel my synaptic response time get slower and slower and my brain stops being able to react to things fast enough.

I rather enjoyed the white palace though.


I know am late to the quote, but this makes me wanna dust my 2DS off…


Pony Island - Done!

SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics - Sonic The Hedgehog is actually a great deal less fun than I remembered. In fact…it’s just a bit frustrating. The key point of Sonic (going fast) is in fact his greatest flaw. And whilst I knew this already, going back to the game years later reminds me why I never stuck with it way back when on my Master System. Maybe I’ll just ditch this and play something else…although saying that I’ve ditched the Steam emulator and am using Kega Fusion with the Steam .bin files. No play time registered but much smoother.