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That’s one I’m hoping to get around to when I have a bit less that I wanna play first. Gonna add it to the wishlist for now!


What if I told you, that’s just the tip of the iceberg? @Fraggles @Cyanidealist


There are upgraded versions of the bosses that you can unlock where you are challenged to complete with a certain class, equipment/runes and conditions.

I only managed to get two of them down.


For the past couple of weeks I have been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance and I love it so far. Somehow I have managed to spent over 100 hours in it already and yet I have barely done any main quests and I have only encountered a small handful of bugs (except before 1.4.1 my game crashed at least once every 3 hours).

Minor Spoilers For An Optional Activity

No idea why but I had a good laugh over this floating chest and traffic cone i found when doing an activity.


I have been playing they are billions
Thats why I havent been that active here
Its a brutal this game and so addictive and I love it
Normally I dont like RTS games


I am now playing JYDGE. I was a huge Neon Chrome fan, as well as Crimsionland (all by the same studio), I am liking the game, and they are super fun for couch co-op. Super excited to see it in a humble bundle.

Oh, my gosh, and I have been watch my computer play Domina, quite a fun game, something about watching NPC’s fight to the death in a gladiatorial arena makes me happy, GO LIONS!


I just picked up Celeste and probably have ~10 hrs into it? Really enjoying the movement of it. Reminds me a lot of Ori.

(Their site is neato too!)


It’s been on my wishlist! I will hopefully get to it one day!


It makes sense that the chest was left out of place.

The traffic cone was there because it was meant to mark the edge of the world in early builds of the game. A few of them were just missed while they were cleaning up.


Wow. I actually didn’t know about this I just thought that cone I found was an Easter egg of some kind along side the chest (which now looking it up it usually doesn’t float). Strangely when i found this there was a ladder up to the tower alongside a poacher who got instantly angry at me when i was walking through the forest.


Finally…finally, frickin’ killed Aeronite…dag nammit that was more annoying than I anticipated. (5 stars…:stuck_out_tongue: )


Still working through JYDGE with a friend, but now I am also clearing the backlog of Prototype 2, and although the art style of cut scenes bothers me, I am enjoying my time being a huge jerk to the people of New York city… In the cut-scenes I am some noble hero, but then it jumps right back to me leaping down from buildings picking up random dudes wearing their skin and throwing the witnesses hundreds of feet into the military facility where they are immediately shot for trespassing. Then I just walk up take the nearest soldiers form and start framing them for murder, larceny and jaywalking.


Isn’t that the only way to play Prototype or Infamous franchise games? lol :smiling_imp:


So, I finally finished Lightning Returns and the FFXIII trilogy…my gaming OCD demanded that I do everything, even though I doubt I’ll replay it any time soon. No idea why I’m compelled to waste my time doing that other than the knowledge that I was able to do everything. Of the three games the second was definitely the weakest. Games like this make me wish I could play more than one game at a time.

And I’ve just played half an hour of Hollow Knight (thanks buddy)…got to go to bed soon but I know that all day at work tomorrow I’m going to be thinking about trying to cram in some more play time in the evening. Looking forward to my adventures!


I just finished the core game of Rusty Lake:Roots, it was a good morbid puzzle game. There were a few puzzles that weren’t really “fair” (some of that adventure game logic), but there were others that were super cool. Overall story was good (with some clever bits of linked missions) and despite the few hiccups where I had to check a walkthrough I had a good time.


atm I’m playing Rocket League, Brigador, Radical Heights, and Guacamelee, lol.


Rocket Leauge foe life :sunglasses:


The Crew, I’ve Finished the story and maxed leveled and lately been achievement hunting to get free stuff for The Crew 2 when it comes out. & I been playing Ring of Elysium (ROE) off and on lately too.




^ Love that guy.


After about a month or two of not playing, I’ve recently started playing Persona 5 again. No real reason why I stopped playing, I guess I got distracted by some other shiny new title. Now that I’ve started playing it again, it’s got me hooked.

I’ve also been achievement hunting in a few games, like Celeste, and Cuphead, but since I have the attention span of a hummingbird on cocaine I usually only play those games for 10-20 minutes before the difficulty makes me switch to another game.