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This won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s played a Behemoth game before…

This game so far is… absolutely incredible. It’s accessible for the strategically inexperienced, has a bit of depth to it, and more importantly, Behemoth made it.

Aside from all the neat mechanics and optional permadeath, it’s an absolute riot. It has local co-op, too! I know this is a shorter post, but while I just started playing the game I wanted to quickly call it out so you can still [potentially] take advantage of the Steam sale.

I also just finished Darksiders 1, but that deserves a post of its own.


Any word about a release date?


I recently got into Battle Chasers. The game is beautiful and a nice throwback to older JRPGs if you enjoy those. One of the cool features is that various dungeons can be completed on a range of difficulties to increase loot quality. It does a nice job of incorporating more modern mechanics into the older game genre.


Apparently I’ve got this thing for forbidden knowledge of cosmic entities because I went back to Bloodborne, finally picked up Darkest Dungeon and now I have Amnesia collection to run through which may not have great old ones but you go insane at the slightest push at your senses from what I’ve seen so far.

So this:

in between this:

With this now looming on the horizon:

And if that wasn’t enough this has been sprinkled in too:


Horrifying. Who knows what lurks in the dark corners of the Earth?


One of my favorite games! I loved the graphics, the story was great (and easy to follow, despite using a gibberish language), and the unique mechanics made it so fun to play. :+1:


Most recently, I’ve been playing Overcooked!

This was a game I got with a bundle and didn’t even realize I had it on Steam. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in my library after someone else introduced it to me. But it seems like it’s been getting a bit of buzz lately, and I like it for the following reasons:

  1. It’s one of the most fun “party” games I’ve played.
    You can have up to 4 players, and it’s cooperative (which I generally prefer over competitive, although there is a “versus” mode as well). It requires working together to develop a strategy in order to be sufficiently efficient.
  2. It’s super easy.
    There are only 3 main buttons that you use, so new players are able to pick it up very quickly.
  3. It’s on multiple platforms.
    I first played it with family on the Switch, but now I mainly play on Steam (via SteamLink with PS3 controllers). It’s a pretty slick setup for when company comes over, and everyone we’ve played with so far has enjoyed it.
  4. It’s also fun to watch.
    Even if you’re not the one holding a controller, you’ll find yourself invested in the game, cheering, screaming, and laughing along with everyone else.
  5. It’s one of the few games my wife will play with me!
    We’ve been playing quite a bit, just the two of us in the campaign mode, and it makes for some quality bonding time :couple:

I’ll also put a plug in for Eon Altar.

If you’re into RPGs (especially if you’re the LARPing type, which I’m not), I personally think this game is brilliant. You can again have 4 players working cooperatively, and you control your character using your smartphone! The game is already inexpensive, and the smartphone app is free. Not only that, you only need one person to have a license for the game; the rest only need to be on the same WIFI network.

The other interesting mechanic is that the game gives you dialogue on your phone that you are meant to read out loud to the other players (presumably in the voice/personality associated with your character). It’s pretty wild, inventive, and unlike anything else I’ve ever played.


In between casually getting my butt handed to me in Duelyst (a free and excellent CCG+strategy game btw), I played Tiny Echo. Tiny Echo is one of those indie adventure games with no dialogue, simple interface, and an unclear storyline with an unclear message. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning hidden beneath the one-eyed postman delivering mail to this world’s odd creatures, but it wasn’t inspiring enough for me to attempt to decipher it. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend the game! It was nice and relaxing, the art style was great, and the game was short - maybe 2 hours?


Played/finished Doki Doki Literature Club today. Wow, that was an experience. I don’t even really like VN’s but I’m glad I gave this one a chance as it was certainly a new experience for me, and a clever one at that. Plus it’s FREE! How can it be free? Granted I’d never have played it if it wasn’t (because I don’t really play VN’s), but hats off to Dan Salvato for creating an experience like that.


I’ve been completely absorbed into Subnautica for the past 2 or so weeks now. It’s been quite an amazing experience. I’ve been waiting for some time for one of the myriad survival/crafting early access games to reach a finished state and Subnautica might very well be the best of the crop.

I think one of the biggest strengths of the game is that it takes place mainly under water and that fact alone helps it keep you in a perpetual state of anxiety and apprehension that few games can ever really manage. The open sea itself inspires fear for a great many reasons only the first being our inability to simply breath. Doesn’t much matter how alien a landscape or monster you design, we are land dwelling creatures so that is our domain. In water though we are ill equipped and even the well known creatures living in our own oceans are nightmare fuel enough.

Now you’re stranded on an alien planet with ocean as far as the eye can see in every direction. Even as you start to get to know your immediate surroundings and learn what’s safe and what isn’t the game keeps pushing you to explore further and deeper and for every step you brave the game reveals even further depth, greater threats and darker pits to keep you from ever feeling safe and to keep your anxieties going.

Now I have a fear of open water as is so of course this game is really doing a number on me, I don’t know if you’re someone who have no issue with swimming around deep unknown waters it might not have as high an impact.

I’m currently on the brink of what I suspect is the last quarter of the game, the progress to which I shan’t spoil but there’s a step ahead of me now that I am greatly uneasy about taking.

I would highly recommend the game and of course playing it as blind as possible. There are of course wikis full of all the information you need but I’d strongly recommend refraining from using them and let the game guide you on it’s own and to engage with it’s exploration aspects fully. There’s a lot of wondrous things to find out there and of course a lot of terror.


u mean that unplayable, bug-ridden game? must be April 1


it has like a 92% positive approval rating on steam, that would be pretty hard if that was the case :wink:
because of the glowing recommendations Subnautica has gotten, from other critics or streamers alike too, it’s become one of the very very few “open world/survival/craft” games i’ve actually put on my wishlist, +for serious consideration, and that’s rare since i mostly abhor the entire genre/type gameplay


hahaha, exactly what i used to argue, but someone used to strongly disagree, so it’s more like an inside-joke between me and that person, lol


The release version was not great from what I heard. I have only played since update 84 which seems to contain a lot of fixes. I had some issues with performance over the first few hours but weird as it might seem it’s runs pretty smoothly now. I guess my computer got used to it or something because no changes have been made. There is an issue with poppins still and I have now and then ended up running into things that were not there a second ago and once it seemed a chunk of the world just failed to load. Other than that it’s been pretty smooth sailing.


a serious case of the mary huh?




I put that on my wishlist this morning! :+1:t2:


I’m currently playing Rogue Legacy, a side-scrollin pixel game made by Cellar Door Games. It’s charming, fun, and I’m really having a good time. I like the randomly generated character options, and each character is different in very special ways. I’m not very good at it… But that’s beside the point hahaha. It’s still fun.

“You’re a fan of the man”

Some of the traits don’t seem to even affect the gameplay all that much, they’re just interesting.


It’s a great game, I’ve played it quite a lot myself. Still keep it installed and go on a run or two every once in a while. I think I’ve only managed to beat 2 or 3 bosses myself, things gets very hard in certain areas.


As one who is very not good at specific types of games (read: this type of game), I’m prone to dying quite a lot. I think I did find a boss though. It was bigger and badder than the rest hahaha. Lasted a whole 2 seconds before being smooshed between a rock and a wall. Ruff, man. Life’s ruff. XD But I continue to like the game so far. It’s great.


I got hit with a bout of insomnia last night (my own fault, I should know better than to drink anything remotely like a Full Throttle or Monster after 5 PM) so I decided to take a dive into Warframe, as I’d heard a lot of good things about it from several of the podcasts I listen to. Played for about an hour before I realized that I will likely need to either hook up my 360 controller or break out my Steam controller to play the thing, because my hand was cramping up on they keyboard. Other than that, I had a blast with it and will likely play more.

I’ve also been meaning to dive into Bayonetta, Vanquish, and NieR: Automata, since I picked up most of them in the last Steam sale and haven’t had the chance to play any of them yet. Looks like my near future is going to be filled with character action games.