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imo pretty sweet because of the new weaponry it introduces :smile:, particular the gravity well, such a shame some of the dlc arsenal wasn’t added to the main game :blush:, great physics ragdoll fun. Other than that it’s more bioshock 2, “short and sweet”, okay’ish decent story and mission, and a nice extra view on parts of Rapture (if into the whole rapture thingy)


Don’t worry @YQMaoski Dead Cells daily is forgiving and it’s not like Spelunky or Gonner for instance. It’s more like speedrunning a new game everyday with the same mechanics. You have less than 5 mins on the clock, the map is the same for everyone and only it’s layout is revealed from the get go. You can replay it as many times as you want to get the higher score you can. It’s actually a grind to make the best possible route and grab the most synergetic gear in the best order so you can kill as fast as you can. It’s really pleasure to try the daily for 30-60 mins for me because it’s a lot less pressure compared to what I get in Spelunky :smiley: Btw It’s only 1 level so it takes like 2 to 3 tries to learn what gear there is and where it is. I kinda made it sound simple, but planning is huge part of it and than … when you have a route in your mind … you ofc make small mistakes get hit and slowed down and fail over and over until you get really angry and call it a day :smiley:


That sounds interesting… :slight_smile: I will let you know when I unlock the dailys… Perhaps I need to progress to a certain point in the main game… Just so that the daily challenges don’t become a spoiler for the main game.


It’s not far away from the start of the game and actually you are kinda pushed to start to play the daily from the get go which is pretty good compared to say like Spelunky… Dead Cells daily will introduce you faster to more enemies and gear you haven’t unlocked yet and will give you on purpose nice new blueprints which you will for sure need to progress in the game :slight_smile:


I played Zork(one of them can’t remember which) as a kid on a floppy disk, never finished it though. If I recall, I got stuck and frustratingly quit the game and never went back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reminding me of them, will have to purchase them one day. I do hope some more modern text adventures (with or without the first person gameplay preferably with) get released at some point.

I did buy SOMA, so it’s definitely on my todo list. It’s on my backlog somewhere…I really need to organize that one day.


Guys I’m LOVING Hollow Knight. :blush: It was exactly what I needed to drown my sorrows today and it’s simply gorgeous! :yellow_heart: I just defeated the first boss, and here’s a screenshot of my victory:

Zed's dead, baby

As a filthy causalist, I’m positively surprised I managed to kill it on my third try and a little over 2 hours in. I also killed a flying miniboss, which was actually harder to kill because life makes a heap of sense sometimes. :woman_shrugging:

And what is up with those big guys who guard doors and stuff? They are much harder to kill than the actual bosses. WTH, HK? :thinking:

Anyways, I’m seriously excited about this game and having so much fun! If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears – read: I am desperate.

Also I think that 200 coin (?) charm really saved my butt. It’s the one that makes you invincible for longer after taking a hit.

PS: can I just say I really need that dash and that double jump so I can do my fair bit of exploring? Please and thanks. :butterfly:


Don’t want to be giving out any generalised hints or tips in order to avoid spoiling anything. I think it’s safe to say you seem to have gotten the hang of things having beaten the first boss, congratulations. So just keep doing what you’re doing. Very happy to hear you’re enjoying yourself.

The big dudes… You’ve beaten a few of them by now so I’m sure you’ve figured out how to go about it, though if that was mostly by fluke. You have a lot of options for attacking things in mid air, explore those.


I… haven’t… I… ran away from them to get where I needed to be because I was tired of dying. I’ve got sincerely no clue as to how to kill them. Seems impossible to me at this point. I’m talking about the Husk Guards, btw.

Still, thanks for the support! I’m really enjoying it thus far and a friend of mine said the next region is one of the prettiest, so I can’t wait to get there. :blush:


the only 2 (perhaps) low spoiler’ish tips i can give is
get the freakin maps +gps asap! :scream: (if you haven’t already) lol that stuff is gonna make your life sooo much easier lol. feels like some areas are a nightmare to navigate the first couple of times/hours you’re in there, so grabbing the map from Cornifer(each time/per area), and the gps charm(+quill) from his wife up in town, definitely helps there
and nr2 don’t be too afraid of being “aggressive”/“brave”. sometimes being a little more attacking can be the right trick
Like those big Husk Guards for instance, annoying in the start because you don’t have any upgrades and they take a few hits, or don’t have a certain upgrade/skill acquired later. But if you are brave and perhaps quick enough to jump in at certain points for a single hit, maybe they can be sorta “duck and weave”-punched between their swings :blush: (you don’t “have” to kill them tho, you can just avoid them/wait until after you been to the next area and come back)
(oh, and don’t forget you can “attack downwards” too while jumping) :+1: :wink: this might come in more handy than you think sometimes

glad to see you are having fun with it, hope you keep at it, even the times when it might get tough later too :hugs:
coraline coraline coraline :checkered_flag:


OMG I diiiid! They are life savers! As soon as I could I got the map then I grinded a bit for the bench pins and the charm so I could finally go and face that big boss. Would be too insecure to do it otherwise hahah

Thanks! This is also a good tip. Will do. :+1:


Hehe thanks for the cheers! I’ll be back with more updates once I actually get to the next area :blush:


I am currently playing through Middle Earth Shadow of War…

I loved the prior game, so I obviously love the ‘updated’ gameplay of this.

BUUUT: The change in graphical engine caused my graphics settings to downgrade (I can’t run on highest quality), BUT whenever I enter a cutscene the prerendered graphics (which are extremely similar to the general graphics from the first game) show up, and I feel sad… Cause the only thing that changed is the number of simultaneous elements on the screen.

That being said, there is a ton of stuff going on at any one time… But unfortunately I can’t explain in a short paragraph… I love that I can just chill out with my converted orks… the loot system is not terrible but also I like consistency in character appearance and with loot it goes right out the window.


I finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice… I cannot believe that I actually finished that game. It was really challenging, especially one boss that I spent 2-2.5 hours on because I only waited for my focus to refill before striking… :woman_facepalming: Next time I know to hit him to refill focus faster and maybe it won’t take as long next time.

I really enjoyed this game, even if I am greatly confused by the ending. Not sure how I feel about the auto difficulty…sometimes it seemed like the game would take it easy on me, other times…they sent beaucoup enemies after me causing me to become greatly overwhelmed.

It took me way too long to realize that I could use focus to slow down time and the fact that I can get up before I’m killed if I get knocked down, so my playthrough to get all the stories of the north will perhaps be a bit easier now that I know.

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game, even when it seemed like it was throwing more enemies than I could handle at one time. I also really enjoyed some of the music and wish that there was a soundtrack.


I’m glad you enjoyed Hellblade - I also played through with 98% achievements, not going back just to collect a few story tidbits for that last 1 though.

As for me, I’ve been playing Anna’s Quest and considering 13 of my Chrono buddies own it, and 8 of those 13 have played it, I’d expect more than just idling for cards on a story-driven game! I’m disappointed, only 1 person (an IRL friend no less that used to be my childhood neighbor) has actually touched the game so I thought I’d dump here my personal gripes and love for the game so far:

It is a story about a constipated kleptomaniac, Anna, tripping on drugs and refusing to obey her elders. This causes much chaos and controversy around her. When a kind old lady takes Anna in for treatment to help her, Anna assumes the worst and projects her own dark thoughts on the this woman, treating her like a witch. Anna continues to experiment with drugs and objects throughout her story, stealing everything that is not nailed down, and defying expectations while weaving a tale of self-important heroism for herself.

Ultimately, as you come to realize what the story is really about you have very little patience left for this mental patient, Anna. She doesn’t tug heartstrings, she tugs ropes. And strings. And cords. And lines. And levers. And handles. It’s yet another point & click from Daedalic with no open ended solutions so there are many many hurdles in the game that when you leap over them after trying 50 different things you just want to scream, “how does that make more sense than xyz that I already tried?!” :roll_eyes: But hey, why make a great game when you can make more of these?

5/7 - Perfect


5/7 - Perfect

Reddit has ruined this for me :rofl:


Playing Doom right now and had to look up the OST, cause I can’t have enough of that.

There’s some funny stuff down in the comment section :stuck_out_tongue:


My God, this game is fun! Haven’t finished the campaign yet, but I can already tell you that it is worth it. Really cool level design, campy story, frantic action and the perfetct score to go with it.
If you’re late to the Doom party as I am, just jump in and have fun.

Bonus - While searching the OST, I’ve stumbled upon the infamous Polygon gameplay…

The pinned comment hit right in the feels. Snarky Biscuit :slight_smile:


Bonus 2 - Damned printers! XD


I’ve recently been playing Clone Drone In the Danger Zone,
(Crap, I don’t think the link worked the way I wanted it too :expressionless:)
It’s a great game, that I’ve had my eye on since it came out. I love playing it because I can see how far it’s come since the first time I saw it :blush:
A great game that has good combat, and strategy. It goes for comedy and really nails it with all the jokes it makes.
My only complaint is that the game looks a little flat, or textureless, but at that point I’m just nitpicking.
I’ve been playing it for a couple hours, and see that the game is pretty short, but it’s still early access, there still working on the story and all kinds of other stuff to it.
I recommend this game, but only when it goes on sale, I’d say that the game is to short to be worth 15$, you can probably squeeze 50 hours out of it. But that’s only if you play endless mode for like 20 of those hours :confused:. But it’s worth 10$.



Hands down, the greatest use of text to speech I’ve seen in my lifetime. The commentatron is AMAZING.


I bought Slay The Spire on the daily deal during the E3 event, played it for 2-3 hours, enjoyed it and thought
"well, that is indeed a good game, but I don’t really see myself sinking that much time into it".
So the last few days I booted it up again and I must admit, I am HOOKED!
Still only at 17h but it I can’t stop, highly recommended for all those still hesitating!


I just finally beat Darkest Dungeon. It was a great game, good variety in classes to choose from, nice synergies in teams you make up and great gameplay overall. It’s a punishing game and I feel the end game suffers a little for it as RNG can set you a fair way back in your progress but overall a great experience.


that game has an ending???