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Ya it does, final boss and everything


wow, didn’t know that at all, maybe one day i’ll have time to explore that great game again


so did u finish it with that crazy expansion?


No base game, tbh I don’t think I will buy or play the DLC. Did you play it before it actually had the darkest dungeon stages you could go to? If so that is why you saw no endgame.


nah didnt get the dlc (yet), might never get it if i never go back to the game in the first place, lol, but it’s a great game, no doubt about that

also didnt play enough fo sho to see end game; only got 14.5h in


I thought the DLC had it’s own endgame(s)


I have no idea as I don’t have them, I just remember at some point (can’t remember if it was in ealr access or something) that the Darkest Dungeon missions were not available but the missions from the other areas were.


So it seems I am getting on a game completion roll.

I just finished The Way which is a retro style action adventure game. I wanted to try it because it was influenced by Another World and Flashback and it is okay, it’s not as good as those other games. The platforming (which at points is heavily relied on) is a little clunky and some of the locations of checkpoints are downright frustrating, but I had a good time with it, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, especially if you go into it thinking it will be like the aforementioned games.

Also been playing Convoy which is fun and a great game but I don’t see myself getting anymore than a few hours out of it. It feels a bit like FTL in terms of combat, except that you are controlling multiple vehicles, but I just don’t see the longevity in gameplay that I got out of FTL.


Sooo… I’ve finished Prey. What a disappointing ending(s) for such an interesting game, I feel like I’ve wasted 30 hours. I cannot recommend this.


Aw, buddy! I feel for ya. I’m also now curious what the ending was because I wanted to play Prey. Any way to explain it without spoilers?


You can spoil the ending by yourself while in game, doing a certain optional quest… you’ll know which one.
Imagine the most cliche “clever” ending you can come up with. That’s the one.
Even more disappointing, you’ll get the same barely different ending no matter what you do during the game.

Spoiler below.

Image if Matrix ended before the pills scene and Neo was completely oblivious of anything. Credits rolls and you get a post credit scene with Morpheus showing the real world. The end. That would be a shitty movie imo.





alright, so i finally completed Hollow Knight, and wow, what an experience
can’t really say much more that likely wont just be repeated in other posts other than it’s absolutely phenomenal, and You, yes you, and everyone, should just get this game. Truly brilliant and amazing to play
58hours and 55minutes well spent :blush:, and i’m not “done” to a point where i even feel like uninstalling it yet :crazy_face:, oh no -bring on Steel Soul mode baby! :yum:
(oh and more content coming Aug23rd ? yes please ! :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:)


I’ve been wasting a lot of my time in Warframe again in the past 4 days, it’s a pretty alright game after you have a slight clue what you are doing hahahah.
Also recent story based games that i played were Ryse:Son of Rome and RUINER, both awesome games that i can recommend, Ryse is pretty repetitive of course but it can be fun for a while. And side note only play RUINER if you want a challenge, it can get pretty messy towards the end, but other than that i enjoyed it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have started sinking time back into Siralim 2, and it remains an engaging and fun RPG/Pokémon game, I am enjoying the game… perhaps too much. As of this edit, I have invested 54 hours and am probably about 1/5th the way through.

Also, I was playing through Middle Earth Shadow of War, which I like (but I played after the removal of microtransactions, and I think the recent change that removed the storefront made the online gameplay far more enjoyable). Shame it features a tremendous increase in processing individual things, but suffers a fairly large graphical downgrade on my computer… especially with prerendered cutscenes that look like the original game.


Great story


So I got a Rift yesterday as I stumbled upon a pretty good deal. Been messing around with some basic stuff like VRchat and whatnot.

Past me was apparently wrong, impulsive future me thought it was a good idea.

Anyway feel free to throw VR recommendations at me if you have any.




You knew what I wanted.:relieved: I’ll give it a look, thanks.


I think there’s an explicit version somewhere else, or is it a patch, I have no idea :smirk: