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Dead Cells is amazing

Well i just played episode 1 and I have to say its a real return to form of the original season with better graphics and features. The characters were so well done that i was comparing them to people i really know. Episode 1 is one of the best episodes I’ve played in the series since season 1 and that episode 1 ending all i can say is God Damn!


y dude, incredible episode, graphics are awesome, story is intense AF, couldn’t feel the time pass at all. I never bought an episode before, always watched playthroughs of them, cuz u know, it’s almost like watching a show or movie anyways, and then yesterday, while starting the playthrough, i was like, hm, this is the last season, and sometimes i get annoyed by the choices of the player, so let me get if myself, and what a ride man, the ending was like WTF, and i think one of the characters actually went “WTF,” and i was sitting there with my wife, and i turned to her and said: “y WTF,” rofl

(and i actually dont talk like that at all ever irl, rofl, i just write WTF now and then cuz i dont know, i feel writing 3 letters isnt like saying the actual saying anyways lol, to me it’s more the expression of a feeling rather than actually cussing)


66 dollarydoos? :thinking::thinking:


Got my first victory in Spelunky last night when I couldn’t sleep. It sure took a long time!


Recently I’ve been playing Rocket Leauge, and just a couple weeks ago I got over my fears and played ranked. The reason I didn’t play ranked in my past 150 hours, I thought I wasn’t good enough for it I thought I’d just drag my team down :disappointed:
But turns out I belong in gold 3 and haven’t royally screwed up my teammates, in a while so I think I belong in gold 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a huge fan of vr (no certain brand though😕) I’ve seen a lot of games, so here’s the games I recommend
Job simulator
Rick and Morty virtual rick-laity
And Superhot vr
Those are all the ones I can think of off of the top of my head

Also I don’t have a vr soooooo take these recommendations lightly, it’s all based on what I’ve seen of them, not from experience :upside_down_face:


I just finished Mr. Shifty, and wow, was it fun! Surprised no one has mentioned playing it before, because the trailer always captivated me, and it was just as much fun as I expected it to be.

One minute you feel like Neo from Matrix, next you feel like Captain America, all while racing through levels to some sweet tunes. The soundtrack was amazing, the mechanics and gimmick simple but fun, level design was perfect for the style, and the enemy variety was just enough.

Not to say it was perfect but my final recommendation? 9/10, would definitely play a sequel.


Just finished Pocket Kingdom, y’all! Once again, thanks to Chrono for making it available in the coin shop and to a fellow chronie for gifting it to me!

Had a blast after such a long week at work. It was exactly what I needed to chill!

Here’s my review for the curious.

(…) All things considered, despite the many puzzle games I’ve played, Pocket Kingdom is a title that left an impression on me due to the way it juggles with interesting lore, cute Easter eggs, fun achievements (seriously, totally unexpectedly awesome) and gorgeous pixel art.

I recommend Pocket Kingdom to anyone interesting in cracking a few puzzles, exploring an interesting floating island and stumbling upon a few really fun secrets.


I don’t have a lot of space so I wouldn’t be able to use the first two very well. Superhot would be fun to try though, I might pick it up when it’s cheaper.


I got Mr.Shifty free on twitch I almost beat it but halfway through the LAST level I had to get off, and since the game resets you to the beginning of the fregin level. I just quit :triumph:
And the level was so hard it took me a half hour to get to that point, and I was not about to do that again

Even with the lack of checkpoints when you get off the game it was still really fun and enjoyable, I’m half tempted to just restart the whole game because I was playing it with a keyboard and mouse, but now I have a controller I can use.


Yeah, @Nateninja21 I had the same issue: on the last stage I diligently fought my way to the boss and got a hard crash to desktop my first time when I got to the final goon room. Had to refight entire stage, I think I took a screenshot with 58 deaths and ~38 minutes second time through? I mentioned it in my review.

Also, I had a controller available but didn’t feel I needed it, just powered through with keyboard and mouse no issues (control-wise). With or without a controller I won’t be achievement hunting on Mr Shifty however; the ones I didn’t get are insane, like deathless run of entire game, beat entire game in under 79minutes, silly things like that. I mean, I’m good enough to pull off “kill 6 enemies during slo-mo” which I think had a 3% completion rate, but those others are a nightmare. Thank God I don’t have achievement OCD!


Universal Paperclips are universally loved!


Just beat and acquired every chievo from “Orwell” a few hours ago. And man did I love that game :smiley:

Also grinding on “Bit Heroes”.


Oh hell naw.

Lost 3 days to that :frowning:


My dad and I got addicted to that game for like two whole days. Had a super fun time.

Recommend you try out SPACEPLAN if you haven’t e already. Also a clicker with a story, and a damn good one at that. Plus, it’s super cheap!

@CRV2017 never got around to getting all the achievements! How long did it take you?


It looks pretty neat, and I still got a 1$ from a gift card I got a while ago from gnuffi, so if it goes on sale I might pick it up.


[quote=“coralinecastell, post:338, topic:4634, full:true”]@CRV2017 never got around to getting all the achievements! How long did it take you?

Took me two days to unlock 'em all.

Actually I played on and off for maybe an hour per session.

A fair few of the chievos are sorta tied with one or two others, and a few are “alternates” to an ending of a chapter. So yeah I had to finish one full playthrough and when I unlocked the chapter selection menu, I just went back to a chapter to get a new chievo :slight_smile:


I finally gathered the courage and wits to complete Momodora’s Pacifist and Insane difficulty achievements in one go. Only two years later since my last playthrough, oof

It’s one of my favorite games and it had to be done, 100% achievements! :smiley: Insane difficulty means that if you are hit, you are dead, healing items and etc doesn’t even matter. On the other hand, Pacifist means you cannot kill any of the monsters, only the bosses. So they get along very well.

Imperishable achievement in the middle of them with last play date.


Me right now:

Next step is probably maybe possibly, Salt and Sanctuary or Hollow Knight for the first time. :upside_down_face:


I’ve been playing the Resident Evil 2 remake. I can honestly say, as someone who played the original RE2 release, that this remake is amazing, and completely worth your time.

Finally got around to playing Grim Dawn. Liking it so far.

RE7 is really interesting.

Deep Rock Galactic is good.

The Long Dark however… I dunno. It’s my first real survival game, and I’m dying on the first story “mission”. So I haven’t really made a good assessment of that.


I recently picked up the long dark as well and also had some issues with the start of the story. Don’t linger around, just push on through the first several areas. Don’t worry about picking up anything but the clothes, the special choice items from the crash site and whatever is directly in your path.