PeteMcc's Second Game Giveaway! [closed, answers revealed, winners notified]

hahaha np, till next giveaway, im going to be more active in the forum then, good luck to all!!

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I would but I don’t believe I have PM privileges. On a brighter note apparently I got the emoji badge. :thumbsup:


Pretty fun giveaway and great idea! Had a blast to figure out the games.
Good luck to all the participants and I bet they will have fun as well.


I’m not interested in any of these games, but I still thank you, this giveaway is pure gold :clap:

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Some people have said the questions are easy, some have said they are challenging enough and others have said its hard, please let me know your thoughts as this is the first time I have done something like this.

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I already have some answers

i don’t consider myself all that intelligent, some will claim i do have an average mind and isn’t as stupid as i let on, and i initially figured i’d never be able to solve it
but i will say this, using just the clues given, i could google my way to every answer i didn’t immediately know, all about which words and what way to google some of it ofc

so for a clever man (or dedicated gamer) i imagine them to be quite easy, for an average person maybe too, or at least able to pose a challenge
with an added language barrier they might just become hard tho, but googling most of it in english should eventually yield results that can then be translated, if finding the way to reconstruct the key words to google ofc

so for me i like it, not just because of the whimsyness, but the challenge level was nicely adequate without me ripping out precious remaining strands of hair :smile_cat:


Too easy man, I expect a full ARG for the next one. If Reddit doesn’t make a subredit dedicated to your giveaway and 12k people spend 6 months to solve it it’s not good enough!

On the other hand it was a fun little diversion and a novel concept, well done. I certainly appreciated it.


Very cool idea with these Game giveaways. Thanks for the generosity PeteMcc. I think the level of difficulty is okay. It is fun and intriguing.


Ok update time.
So far 13 people have entered with correct answers (and a bunch of other people have guessed them but not wanted to enter)

We have:
5 entrants for game 1
6 entrants for game 2
5 entrants for game 3
4 entrants for game 4
3 entrants for game 5

Let me know in the comments here which ones you are finding hard or which ones you think I need to put more hints on (not saying that I will necessarily but just seeing what people think)

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I guessed game 5, the other ones I’ve got no idea.

Number 4 is very easy. Number 2 is actually easy too, though I had no idea at first.

They’re all easy you scrubs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

JK JK of course. Most people don’t look at ridiculous amounts of games released like i do (or, well, used to) so idk how it is for a normal person.

Now I feel dumb for still not knowing what game 1 and 2 are :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I do wait a week or a full month to check all the new releases on Steam, because you know, stuff (and I wish I could uncheck all the VR ones, could not care less for those, thanks Steam filtering for not being so helpful /ventOFF). But I could not figure the first one though. :pig:

Had a bunch of new entries, keep them coming guys. Just so everyone knows i’ll be a little slower in replying to the PMs but be assured that I will get to them when I can

Also, you can rename the “Summary”, just replace the [details=Summary] to [details=Game 1:] for example. :3

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I know but eh

I thought I had already “liked” this thread…Not entering…But great idea. I have had one of my headaches this week plus we are doing a yard sale at the church for missions. We made over $2,400.00 this Saturday. So I am claiming, i am not responsible for my actions…or the case may be…inaction. :smirk:


All great games :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone interested and many thanks to @PeteMcc

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