PeteMcc's Second Game Giveaway! [closed, answers revealed, winners notified]

Hey guys so I have got a few games from the last few giveaways and I have some keys lying round so I thought its time to do

PeteMcc’s Second Game Giveaway!

Hold your applause please

So I have 5 different games up for grabs but I am not just gonna mention what they are, you are gonna have to figure the titles out which will make things a little more difficult.


  • PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR GUESSES OR THE ANSWERS TO THE GAME TITLES IN THIS FORUM (just be nice please i did put a small amount of effort into this so please don’t wreck my or others fun)
  • Only enter for games you will play, I want someone to get enjoyment from them, If you want to gloat to me that you know the answers feel free to PM them to me and just let me know that you dont want to win
  • Your account must be more than 2 weeks old
  • You must PM me the answers, the subject of the PM must be “Game giveaway” and the message must contain the game number from the list as well as the title of the game
    *Max one correct entry per game
  • You can enter for multiple games but if you win one you will not be entered in for the rest
  • Incorrect entries will not be counted in the draws and please don’t spam me with a bunch of answers
    *You have till Saturday 24/6/2017 12:00am PST to enter it will take some time to sort out the winners after that so please be patient with me
  • Winners for each game will be chosen using a RNG
  • You may ask for clarifications but please don’t ask for hints, I will give them out as I see fit

Okay on to the games, click on the summary under each game number to get the clue

Game 1:


A game where you can deliver pizza to fake ninja turtles and have a girlfriend named Adrian, a game about using your brain but has the subject matter of brawn.

Side note: I am Australian, and if you like indie electronic music there is a great group from New Zealand called Naked and Famous and one of their songs might give you a hint to this game’s title. Have a look here.

I would like to tell you more about this but like Tyler Durden’s group the first rule is I can’t talk about it.


Punch Club


for the first clue I thought I might just talk about some of the side details of the game with the fake ninja turtles and Adrian, but I was hoping a girlfriend named Adrian would maybe make you think of the movie Rocky (his girlfriend is also named Adrian) and the boxing theme would lead you down the right path. Also the brain brawn thing is pretty self explanatory (management game about fighting).

Added the Tyler Durden clue next, which is a reference to the book and movie “Fight Club” which again I thought might trigger some memory of the title.

I saw that a lot of people were guessing Ninja Pizza Girl (which is understandable), so I added the Punching in a Dream song to help lead to the title.

Game 2:

this is a link To my Former train route, for this route “adelaide railway station” could be described as this gameS title.


The Final Station


Pretty simple one in terms of clues. Adelaide is the final station on the line and if you look at the clue you will see the strategically placed captials spell out TFS, the initials of the game.

Many people guessed Mini Metro for this one, but I felt I didn’t want to add any more clues

Game 3:


If the guy who gets grabbed by a giant crab at the start of this game had the Delorean from Back to the Future maybe the game he is in would possibly give him what he needs to make the title of this game redundant.

I wish I had longer to think of clues but…Wink


No Time to Explain


Had a hard time thinking of a clue for this one. Thought the BTTF reference may help people think of time travel and if he could go back in time then he would have time to explain making the title redundant (though the whole premise of the game is that he has gone back in time).

The crab part is in the first few seconds of the game so if you knew this game you would likely have known about that. Also the guy in the crab claw is the developers Tiny Build logo (all of these games are from Tiny Build which a few people caught on to), so that might have helped some as well.

Used the Muse song to emphasis the time theme and the lack of time.

Game 4:


This movie title

plus one of the words from this movie title

mushed together make the title of this game




Probably the easiest clues here. The first pic is from the movie Speed and the second is from The Maze Runner.

Game 5:


In this game you’re a killer on the loose and he wants to take out everyone at various festivities by any sneaky means possible, you can use shortcuts to escape cops, but once you use a shortcut Mario comes and plugs it up.


Party Hard


I just really described the game and added the little tidbit about Mario appearing in the game.

I Hoped the word festivities might make you think of the word party. Then I added the Bill and Ted gif to help people see the party link.


hmm the hidden summaries dont seem to be working for me oh well

just need to make breaks and spaces between what came before/after what you want “hidden”/summarized


like so (basically hit enter so there is a clear/blank “line” before the sum part)

so would be:
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Sorry dude I don’t understand

How would I know what is the name of the girflfriend if I didn’t play the game?

hmm research might be the answer but I figure if you know the game you might know this little tidbit. Haven’t done this type of thing before so if it gets too hard i’ll give some easier clues.


I will wait for new clues then :slight_smile:

EDIT. (i’m not entering people, so go for it! i just really appreciate what PeteMcc is doing here :thumbsup:)
i do not have nowhere near enough brain capacity or power to ever be able to decipher these clues (wait does that mean one of the games is Clue/Cluedo? :thinking: )

as always, i greatly appreciate giveaway generosity, (even more appreciate the quirkyness and hoop jumping attached to it)
and best of luck to all who enter!


There we go, fixed, thanks @Gnuffi

This is a really cool way to do a giveaway, I’m not even participating but still want to work out all the answers.


@Gnuffi @nebula7 Don’t wanna brag (lies, totally do (actually that was the lie)) but i solved it all. Not claiming anything tho so stay on point peeps. :thumbsup:

A few people have already @ZeeX zeex inclding @Gnuffi


Hi man, its the first time i post here, can u tell me how i can PM u?? thx

Hi there you can PM me by clicking on your name icon and then clicking the little letter icon


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you need to have “Basic” user privileges in order to PM i believe
(honestly can’t rem how you advance from “new user” to “Basic”, maybe read community guidelines, fill out/read/check your profile info and settings)
can also left click/tap the icon of the user you want to message then

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well i have the account since surgeon simulator, but i never post in the forum, so it stills a new user account??

unfortunately i cant prove that you have been here longer so yes unfortunately you wont be eligible. I made this rule to ensure people don’t make multiple accounts as has been tried in the past. Feel free to guess though and send you answers to me


Chrono community “Profile” is somehow separate from the Chrono store
i had the same surprised when i “Joined” last year, but learned i hadn’t joined the forum until april this year when i actually made my first post, how or why this is i don’t know,
but that’s why your profile wont show your “true” join date, since the community section specifically only counts/displays when you “officially” signed up to the community part by either logging in or posting, or however it works/starts counting (it’s all a bit weird :joy_cat:)

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Unfortunately I haven’t logged in to the community side of chrono until now, thopugh I have creeped the forums. But, that’s okay.

That’s definitely a fun way of doing a giveaway. :slight_smile: I may not be able to enter, but I am happy that I was still able to solve all of them.


Feel free to PM me the answers if you want to make sure you are right