PeteMcc's Second Game Giveaway! [closed, answers revealed, winners notified]

Ok, so I’m confused.
Let’s say it’s game 5 that I would like to enter for, do I just need to to PM the title of that one, or do I need to get them all and then enter for game 5?

I think just sending him a pm with the number and name of the game you want is enough :slight_smile: no need to guess the others (please correct me if I unintentionally spread misinformation here :smiley: )

so for example:

Game 5: name of the game

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What @Vandem said. Also if you figure out the other ones later and want to enter for them send me another PM

Aha, many thanks.

Keep the entries coming guys, I have about 8 entrants for each game so your chances of winning are high.

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Games 3 and 5 have new clues, so get cracking everyone :slight_smile:


haha that hint for game 5 evokes so many memories of my childhood :heart: Excellent dude! :smiley:


Added a clue for game 1 just for fun, plus I like the song, so if you haven’t figured that one out yet take a look.

Ohhhh, I love The Naked and Famous :heart:

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Yeah, they are great. Have you heard their newer song called Higher?

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Yes, I’m subscribed to their channel! :smile_cat:
So good, also the 360º version of it is really neat!

Aw man. I want to enter for Game 3, but my account isn’t old enough. I figured I’d check out the forums for the heck of it and now I regret not having done so sooner! Can I still PM you the game even if I won’t win? I also have had a streak since coin release if that means anything.

Well, the rules are rules so you shouldn’t be entered into the running for actually winning the game. However nothing stops you from sending a mail with your guess for the games. I myself guessed for 2 games that I applied for, and for 2 more, just to see whether I guessed right or not, without asking to be taken into account when he picks the winner, if I did guess right.

Even if you aren’t eligible you can PM me your guesses and I will tell you if you are right, but unfortunately I can’t enter you in the draw. Sorry.

1 day to go ladies and gents, solve those clues and get those entries in

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For Game #3, could you please explain further? Explain slowly and clearly? The clue you had was too vague and we need to take a while and talk it out, before we can work out what this is.


I mean I could but I am a busy man, don’t have those extra minutes to do that for you. Genuinely though that game is one that most people have got right, only 1,2 and occasionally 5 are the ones that people get wrong

Fair enough.

Then again, the company features an obvious reference on their logo. So I guess it’s hard to actually challenge most people (as in the ones who got it right).

Hence why I figured people might know whats going on, plus the Muse song should have helped a bit. I had a hard time figuring out a good clue for that one and I am not sure I succeeded, but it seems many people were on my wavelength.

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12 hrs left… the final stretch