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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


i’m guessing it’s because it would have been too complicated to account for all each individual users “old” streak standing into the new -while equally maintaining their precise reward lvl/step, (or doing so would have broken the site too or something lol)
so it’s easier/simpler to just “blank slate” it, and treat all as equal even if it means “some” few end up being a little luckier than others, or like you say, “new”/0days streakers get a reward anyway

but the main point is, no one “loses”/misses out on something they would have/or not have gotten,
so what you are “upset” about, is some perceived injustice about “others” getting “more” than earned/“deserved”-compared to “you/the rest”… which is just silly
if you got “nothing” and others got something, the disparity could be understandable, -but that’s not what’s happening here, we are all getting something/the same reward. And only some “lucky” people get a little extra because of “hey that’s life freak luck chance circumstances”,

no one is getting robbed, that’s the important part
so don’t be mad about your neighbour’s, maybe, slightly better fortunate circumstances. “they” didn’t take it from you…


Hey @Fraggles, thanks for the feedback on this. It does indeed dynamically change. The goal was to not jump to tablet as quickly but the added reward progress + needing to keep space in the middle open for the buy button is why we start to hide elements into the dropdown menu. I’ll take another look and see if we can keep community out longer as we obviously like having new people discover it! :slight_smile:

We’re aware of the coin/reward information not updating correctly (it should if you fully refresh the page) and we’ll be addressing that this weekend.

Appreciate the feedback! We had a lot of users who didn’t know that we had a past deals page or hadn’t explored other areas of the site so we’re hoping to create some more visibility around those pages. We’ll keep listening to feedback and modifying the site as we introduce new features.


Everyone! Slow down, take a deep breath and have some popcorn.:popcorn: In the past they have always taken care of problems in a timely manner. Give them a chance to let the dust settle.

/Sits on the sofa eating popcorn…


I’ve added a clarification in the OP about how the move from streaks to total spins works. Hopefully that clears up some confusion.

Also, we just confirmed that there’s a bug with getting coins when purchasing, we’re looking into that now.

Small bug (numbers not being consistent)

You’re still a winner to me. winner


u mean 72 total


Whoops, math is hard.


Please dont award purchases with coins

We dont need even bigger inflations as is, this isnt necessary or needed




We have some things in development that will help reduce inflation, stay tuned.


Nice! is advancing nicely and when i think what this site looked when it started it has been huge difference :smiley:



:crossed_fingers:(please let me purchase bling, please let me buy bling!) :crossed_fingers: :star_struck:


You are on day 29 today, just as @Adam1327 pointed out. You will get your lengendary chest tomorrow…

Wait… since the changeover, it will just be the next time you click it, be it tomorrow or the day after or next year…

@lonin, I approve of the change, there are going to be times when clicking on the site is just not possible in a 24 hr period, and now I don’t have to worry. So thank you and thanks to the rest of the team. My goal is still to get a spin every day without fail. :slight_smile:

I am not sure why everyone thinks the current counter will be reset, clearly everyone has seen that it has not been reset, everyone’s going about having the same number of spins as they would otherwise have during their active streak.



so am i right in thinking if you have 29 consecutive days with no break then it should add up to 29 not 12?


no, only if those 29 consecutive days are also your only 29 days total…

you can have a total of 72, while only 29 of them having been your actual consecutive streak before…
and the new system counts your total now, no longer the consecutive, thus putting you at an “active” 12 days, (2x30=60, ~“fresh reward count”~, +12 new spins, total: 72),
even if those past 29 might have been a straight 29 consecutive streak, of the combined total, you’d now be at 12days “streak” in that scenario(-don’t think of them as streaks anymore tho)

(but you get 2500coin compensation regardless, as if you might had gotten your 30day streak anyway, -but also putting you 12 days ahead now) (72being an example ofc)


ah, i see, thank you :slight_smile:


By the way, I am really enjoying the new main page look: with chest and a progress bar…



Bejeasus ,love a duck and call me Reginald ,sounds good i thinkish.


I got an unexpected legendary chest today and apparently I’ll get another one tomorrow? Not that I’m complaining mind you :slight_smile: but is that supposed to happen, or is this just how it catches up and it’ll stop doing that soon?
Edit: Now it says I’ll get an uncommon chest. The previous version of the page must’ve loaded from my cache. I’m still not sure why I got a legendary today though.
Edit2: Actually I think that’s just where I was repositioned upon recalculation, so never mind.


Damnit, @dusty! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: